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Introducing Learner Following: How the Neo Series is Helping Parents Stay on Top of Their Child’s Education

As a parent, it can be difficult to stay on top of your child’s education and ensure they are making progress in their learning journey. Fortunately, the Neo Series has introduced a new feature... Read more

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Introducing Learner Following: How the Neo Series is Helping Parents Stay on Top of Their Child’s Education

As a parent, it can be difficult to stay on top of your child’s education and ensure they are making progress in their learning journey. Fortun... Read more

Pressure makes diamonds – our covid Further Studies class

Foreward The Further Studies Programme results were released by the IEB on the 16th of January 2023 – a date that we, together with our lear... Read more

When can/should I write my NBTs

The National Benchmark test project recommends that you write your test when you are ready. The best way to determine when to write your NBTs is to l... Read more

Mathematics low-tech & high-tech: using manipulatives to further understanding

“In mathematics education, a manipulative is an object which is designed so that a learner can perceive some mathematical concept by m... Read more

23 for 2023! 50% off Maths Online Grade 8-12

If you know us, you’ll know we don’t do big deals very often but every now and then, the occasion calls for it. And Black Friday happens ... Read more

Neo Series Learning Principles

The Neo Series is a flexible, blended learning solution that enables active learning inside and outside the classroom through outcomes-based design, ... Read more

5 Reasons to take Further Studies Programmes

The university landscape, both locally and internationally, is incredibly competitive. Because of this, learners and parents often look to alternativ... Read more

Tips for successful exam prep 

Here you would find some handy advice for parents and learners to get through the stress of exam time. How learners can best prepare for the e... Read more

How to choose the right subjects for you!

In grade 9, learners have to choose subjects for Grade 9. But this can be incredibly difficult for learners who are still in the earlier stages of t... Read more

Teaching Senior Phase geometry: Don’t miss this turn to make a difference!

We’re excited to have held another Educator Session powered by Neo Series. The purpose of these sessions is to give educators an opportunity to ... Read more

4 Tips to help you prepare for the last half of the year.

We all know how challenging it can be to prepare for your exams for the last half of the year. Trying to stay calm and not get anxious over revising ... Read more

Which language should I write my NBT in?

The National Benchmark Test or NBT can be written in a number of languages. It is written when applying to universities, bursaries or jobs that requi... Read more

Invest in your child’s future with maths education

Investing in your child’s education is not just about saving money to get them through school and into tertiary education. Investing in your child’s ... Read more

Learning online – Top 5 questions parents ask

e-Learning (or online learning) is not new.In fact, people have been learning online for decades. The Open University in Britain began delivering... Read more

Maths is everywhere – and digital resources are the way to upskill

“Without Mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is Mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.”Shakuntala Devi &... Read more

Can I move my NBT test date?

Are you wondering if you can move your NBT test dates? Well, the answer is yes! However, there’s a catch. The National Benchmark Tests projects al... Read more

Are you prepared for the NBTs? There’s an app for that!

We’ve already got a number of ways you can prepare for your NBTs and now we’ve created one more freely available resource just for you. ... Read more

Turnaround your school’s Maths performance

We’re excited to have held our first Educator Session powered by Neo Series. The purpose of these sessions is to give educators an opportunity ... Read more

Making the right career choice with career guidance

The question of our future career paths is one of the most daunting dilemmas of our age. You can probably remember telling your parents and educat... Read more

How NBT Preparation helped Dr Botha

With NBT season finally here, we thought you could use a bit of motivation as you journey towards getting into your preferred degree programme. We go... Read more

Matric Rewrite: All you need to know

Didn’t get the Maths and Science results you wanted? You can always rewrite. So you didn’t get the Mathematics or Physical Science mark tha... Read more

The ultimate guide to navigating the NBTs

Have you been hearing the word NBTs way too much that you’re starting to feel like you should probably worry about it? Or maybe you just want to get ... Read more

STEM: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

According to the United Nations, only 33% of researchers are women, on top of this, women are awarded less funding for research compared to men and a... Read more

Class of 2021 Advanced Programme results

Final matric results have been out for a while now and its time for me to do our annual round-up on the results our Matric class of 2021 achieved in ... Read more

Changes to the IEB Advanced Programmes: Introducing Further Studies.

Just recently the Independent Examination Board announced the launch of their newest qualification – the IEB International Secondary Certificat... Read more

We have launched our own digital campus

Introducing our campus Over 24 months ago we had the crazy idea of building our own digital learning platform – from scratch! This idea beca... Read more

Advantage Learn’s Class of 2020 IEB AP Maths results

Is it 2021 already?  Yes, and it’s already the end of the first term!  It feels like 2020 and 2021 have merged into one another like ... Read more

AP Maths: journey to achieving my Masters in Pure Maths.

Sjoe, what a journey!  I finished my Masters’ degree in Pure Maths last year, but how did I decide to embark on that crazy adventure and what... Read more

How it feels to be “the class of 2020” and how parents can help

The entire world has come to a standstill in the wake of COVID-19 but in the midst of this, we forget how the little things are being taken away ... Read more

We’ve just launched an IGCSE path in Maths Online!

Advantage Learn’s Cambridge IGCSE mathematics path on Maths Online gives you the benefits of an international curriculum. Learners who are looking fo... Read more

How to stay healthy and social in the right way

We’ve all been cooped up for what seems like an entire year and we’ve missed spending time with our friends and family! This isn’t a surprising fact ... Read more

School closures in South Africa

Dates of school closures in South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa on the 23rd of July 2020 announced that school closures will take place for ano... Read more

Learning to appreciate the impact of change

During times of change, we tend to get bogged down by our thoughts and focus on the negative. In doing this, we miss out on important lessons and are... Read more

How to stop procrastinating and start improving your time management for school

I used to be the kind of person who procrastinated (and I mean really badly) in school. It was a problem that I had experienced for a long time. As s... Read more

The key to successful note-taking

Discovering your learning style You may have heard about the importance of discovering your learning style quite often. Understanding your learnin... Read more

Reducing anxiety and performing at your best

We are all different but one thing we have in common is that when we experience stress, we are likely to experience bouts of anxiety. This is a compl... Read more

The art of working from home when no one is looking

We are living in unique times and companies across the globe are having to move from their usual office spaces to set up their offices at home. Unles... Read more

Are you too old to keep learning?

Keep expanding your mind Just because your school days are over doesn’t mean your learning has to stop. No matter what age you are, it’s so benefi... Read more

How to limit kids’ screen time during lockdown

How to limit kids’ screen time during lockdown, AND equip parents adjusting to two new ‘battlegrounds’ – homeschooling and di... Read more

School from home: staying productive

Not all of us are naturally cut out for working from home, but in this day and age, we’re all learning to be more flexible. As lockdowns contin... Read more

We’ve had an outfit change

As time goes on, fashion changes, people’s behaviours change and so sometimes you need to change or get left behind! We like to keep things ... Read more

Lungi’s NBT journey

In 2016, Lungi Mkhize from Maris Stella High School Durban found herself in the same situation as most learners who are applying for university... Read more

Who are you?

Who are you? Sorry, let me be clearer. Who are YOU? It’s ok if you can’t answer it right now in a few sentences. We will emerge a little different... Read more

How we are helping teachers during this time

To all schools and educators out there who are feeling the stress of having to close schools and are losing valuable face-time with your learners, we... Read more

COVID-19: Learn Maths Online for FREE

The world has been shaken by the mass spread of COVID-19 and this virus has made its way across our nation. We are impressed at our Government’... Read more

How to be more confident

We’ve all been there. You’ve just started at a new school or university and you’re 12% excited and 88% nervous… seriously nervous. It’s making you fe... Read more

How I used Maths Online for university

Mathematics at university. This single subject has the ability to encapsulate all types of feelings that can range from moments of brilliance and ... Read more

How to conquer your fear of public speaking

Let’s start at the beginning – what is the fear of public speaking? Fact: if asked what your fears were, the average person would list their... Read more

Advanced programme mathematics webinar 2020

Advanced programme mathematics has the power to give you a significant lead in your mathematics both in high school and at a tertiary level. We hoste... Read more

How you influence your child’s identity: the role you play in shaping who they are.

You’ve probably heard people speaking about identity before but what exactly is it and how does our identity define who we are? Our identity is the w... Read more

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