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We’ve had an outfit change

As time goes on, fashion changes, people’s behaviours change and so sometimes you need to change or get left behind! We like to keep things fresh for our learners and make sure that everythi... Read more

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We’ve had an outfit change

As time goes on, fashion changes, people’s behaviours change and so sometimes you need to change or get left behind! We like to keep things ... Read more

Lungi’s NBT journey

In 2016, Lungi Mkhize from Maris Stella High School Durban found herself in the same situation as most learners who are applying for university... Read more

Who are you?

Who are you? Sorry, let me be clearer. Who are YOU? It’s ok if you can’t answer it right now in a few sentences. We will emerge a little different... Read more

How we are helping teachers during this time

To all schools and educators out there who are feeling the stress of having to close schools and are losing valuable face-time with your learners, we... Read more

COVID-19: Learn Maths Online for FREE

The world has been shaken by the mass spread of COVID-19 and this virus has made its way across our nation. We are impressed at our Government’... Read more

How to be more confident

We’ve all been there. You’ve just started at a new school or university and you’re 12% excited and 88% nervous… seriously nervous. It’s making you fe... Read more

How I used Maths Online for university

Mathematics at university. This single subject has the ability to encapsulate all types of feelings that can range from moments of brilliance and ... Read more

How to conquer your fear of public speaking

Let’s start at the beginning – what is the fear of public speaking? Fact: if asked what your fears were, the average person would list their... Read more

Advanced programme mathematics webinar 2020

Advanced programme mathematics has the power to give you a significant lead in your mathematics both in high school and at a tertiary level. We hoste... Read more

How you influence your child’s identity: the role you play in shaping who they are.

You’ve probably heard people speaking about identity before but what exactly is it and how does our identity define who we are? Our identity is the w... Read more

Overcoming identity blocks in 2020: the good, the bad and the untruthful.

Crafting your identity You’ve probably heard people speaking about identity, but what exactly is it and how does our identity define who we are? O... Read more

How to cover a school book – life hacks

It’s back to school time and you’re frantically trying to organise your workbooks! We’ve all been there, parents and learners alike. I’ve spent the l... Read more

Advantage Learn’s Class of 2019 IEB AP Maths results

All the Independent Examination Board results are in and, at Advantage Learn, we have been just as excited as the Matrics to see how our learners did... Read more

Why we prepare our learners for Advanced Programme Mathematics and not Alpha Maths

What’s the difference and which one should I do? When I matriculated from Thomas More College in 2005, only one advanced Mathematics curricu... Read more

2019 Bloopers Video

As you may imagine, not every lesson goes to plan here at Advantage Learn. Sometimes mistakes are made and we have to go back and redo them.&nb... Read more

Black Friday

Advantage Learn has had a great year! We’ve had the awesome opportunity to celebrate the Bokke win the Rugby World Cup with our fellow South Africans... Read more

When Things Seem To Be Falling Apart, Just Go To The Bathroom

Imagine a really stressful/high-stakes situation at school. Maybe it’s writing a difficult test or exam, waiting for your turn to do an oral, making ... Read more

Durban exam preparation courses 2019

With the third term coming to a close, learning switches to revision and exam preparation. This is possibly the most important time for all students. ... Read more

A story of circumstances

From catching up on the Advanced Programme maths syllabus on his cell phone after midnight to landing distinctions in his matric trials exams, ... Read more

How to use the new Maths Online search feature

This search feature is available within Maths Online. If you want to learn more about Maths Online or sign up then visit the Maths Online produ... Read more

NBT Preparation Online 2.0

“Bloody amazing, I am normally an A candidate in school but this course let me get unimaginable marks! I got 84 for AL, 98 for QL, and 98 for Math in... Read more

Help! The NBT website is currently unavailable.

If you have tried to access the NBT’s website to find out information about the NBTs then you will have discovered that the website is currently unde... Read more

NBT test dates 2019

The NBT project has released all of the test dates in 2019 for the 2020 university intake. A full schedule of dates and venues can be found at thi... Read more

A story of perseverance

Online tuition from Advantage Learn helped improve Grade 12 pupil Olivia Noyce’s mathematics mark by 30% in just 18 months setting her up nicely to st... Read more

AP Maths results review: Class of 2018

The results are in and it’s time for our annual analysis on how our Matric AP Maths class performed in the final IEB exam in 2018. This is always ... Read more

Plan for success in 2019

With 2018 almost over, it’s time to make sure all your ducks are in a row for 2019. How are you going to make sure that you or your learner succeeds i... Read more

During Exams Tips

This article has been written by one of Advantage Learns students, Isabelle Pattenden. Isabelle has been using Maths Online to help prepare her for th... Read more

Pre-Exam Prep

This article has been written by one of Advantage Learns students, Isabelle Pattenden. Isabelle has been using Maths Online to help prepare her for th... Read more

NBT schools we worked with in 2019

In 2019 we had our biggest year for preparing students for the NBTs. We had over 1,800 students attend our workshops around the country. If you are in... Read more

Maths Online gets an upgrade

We are excited to announce some changes to our Maths Online offering. Our team has been working hard since November 2017 to get to this point. We have... Read more

5 top tips when using previous question papers

Completing Grade 12 previous question papers is a popular and effective study technique for your final exams. We have listed some of our top tips to h... Read more

Let your teen sleep on it

As learning increases, so does the brain’s need for sleep. Have you noticed that your teenager is requiring more sleep than they used to? Or perhaps... Read more

Achieve success in your Grade 12 final Mathematics exams

For lots of Grade 12’s NBTs are finished and the Matric farewell dances are over and all captured on instagram as memories which will last forever. Th... Read more

How to improve your marks

June exams are over and the holidays have begun! Some people will be relieved that they do not have to think about school for a month, whereas others ... Read more

DGHS Sponsored walk

This morning we joined Durban Girls High School (DGHS)on their annual 8km Big Walk. The walk, recently renamed as The Pixie Hardman Memorial Walk afte... Read more

How to create a study schedule

Planning your studying is the first and most important step in exam preparation. It is important that before you even touch your text book or go and l... Read more

How to ask Maths questions effectively

Or any questions for that matter. We like to say that “there is no such thing as a stupid question” and we try our level best to live by i... Read more

Why do I need to learn this when I can just google it?

“Why do I need to learn this when I can just google it?” I wouldn’t be surprised if this question is asked daily by some student or ... Read more

What is the purpose of the NBT test for universities?

The NBT is a test that all Grade 12 learners, or any other students wishing to apply for university study have to write. This test assesses your mathe... Read more

Let Adam walk you through how to register for the NBTs

To register for an NBT test click this link. Above is a video of Adam booking an NBT test to help you to see how to do it and to specifically ta... Read more

A roadmap to the NBTs

For years Advantage Learn has been helping parents and students on their journey of navigating the NBTs. For the majority of people, this is their fir... Read more

Is your child a good candidate for extra lessons/workshops?

If you have a child in education you will know that there are always extra lessons/workshops available. Your child might already be involved in extra ... Read more

5 Top tips to navigate your child’s calendar

It seems that high school students (and students in general actually) are busier than ever. I’m not sure why this is – perhaps the pace of life ... Read more

Preparing for the NBTs begins before Grade 12

If you haven’t already heard about the NBTs then you’ve been out of the loop for how entrance to University has evolved in South Africa over the last ... Read more

Three reasons why you should prepare for the NBT

Most of you will know about our NBT preparation course(s). We were the first to bring a training course to South African learners in 2013 and have bee... Read more

How to spot a good Maths tutor

I have been a private maths tutor for three years now and during that time I feel I’ve learnt a few things which you might find useful to know. ... Read more

The days of only having a Maths Tutor are over, the future is online learning

We live in a strange time. The gap between private education and government education continues to grow each and every year. In order to send your stu... Read more

AP Maths results review: Class of 2017

As we can see by the matric results, 2017 was a tough year for matric learners across South Africa. With this in mind, we are proud to say our AP Math... Read more

Studying AP Maths Online works!

Three years ago we ventured into taking our AP Maths courses online. It was a big leap for us in a change in how we run our courses. Our AP Maths Cent... Read more

Get a head start in 2018

We know that life is busy, and you’re probably already well into your personal 2018 planning. With family holidays, work commitments, school tou... Read more

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