The Neo Series is a flexible, blended learning solution that enables active learning inside and outside the classroom through outcomes-based design, curriculum-aligned teaching and assessment, and a cutting-edge online learning management system known as the Online Campus. The Neo Series aims to: 

  • help high school learners of varying abilities to improve their Mathematics, Further Studies (Advanced Programme) Mathematics and Physical Science performance 
  • support schools in adding an important digital support layer to their in-person programmes and enable seamless transition between in-person and online teaching modes 

The Neo Series is a comprehensive solution consisting of a Learner Workbook and an Educator Guide, both of which are integrated with our Online Campus. Educators can use the Neo Series to teach live in the classroom, live online or by prescribing work online in a manner that is easy, seamless and consistent across mediums and platforms, with powerful progress tracking insights via the Online Campus.

The Neo Series is founded on key learning principles that shape the design and delivery of our learning content. At Advantage Learn, we believe that learning should be:

  • Active
  • Academically-rigorous
  • Applicable
  • Assessed
  • Adaptable
  • Accessible

Read on to learn more about how the Neo Series is shaped by these learning principles.

Learning is active

At Advantage Learn, we aim to build learners’ agency in their learning journeys. The Neo Series is rooted in learning theory that places the learner at the centre of their learning; they actively construct their knowledge through experience and engagement under the guidance of educators. As active agents in their learning, learners move from novice to expert and build cognitive independence.

Access to our extensive digital content libraries as part of the Neo Series empowers learners to take control of their learning by not only working on their assigned or current topics, but also by reviewing past content or working ahead to challenge themselves. Learners can identify gaps in their knowledge using the Test Your Understanding quizzes that appear at the end of each topic. Learners are also encouraged to track their own learning progress and assessment results via real-time data and reporting on the Neo Series Online Campus.

Learning is academically-rigorous

The Neo Series leverages outcomes-based design, which provides visibility to the learner regarding what they are learning from a piece of content and enables self-assessing. Learning outcomes are scaffolded in a way that ensures that learners are equipped with a firm understanding of foundational concepts before being tasked with higher-order learning objectives, such as application of concepts and creative problem solving using those concepts. In this way, knowledge is built in a structured and iterative manner. 

Cumulative reinforcement of topics gauges learners’ understanding and reinforces knowledge over time. Additionally, the structuring of content into bite-sized sections in the form of videos and short quizzes enables microlearning, which paces content delivery, reduces cognitive load and helps learners to easily find and review content to fill knowledge gaps.

Learning is applicable

A defining aspect of the Neo Series design is a focus on bringing new concepts alive for learners through application

Practice exercises included after the introduction of new concepts encourage active learning, “learning through doing”, which improves recollection and retention of the new knowledge. Learners can attempt these exercises on their own and then watch an educator work through the problems in a short video to check their work and remediate knowledge gaps. 

Single-topic revision exercises included at the end of each unit (topic) afford learners ample opportunity to apply their knowledge of a topic to real-world problems in a low-stakes manner. Mixed-topic revision exercises include problems that require the application of knowledge of multiple topics at once. Learners are thus invited to think critically about which methods and knowledge are to be applied and to apply multiple skills or theoretical concepts simultaneously to solve problems. 

In all of these application exercises, a range of learner abilities is considered. Additional and challenging questions are offered to enable learners opportunities for further practice and to challenge themselves in the case of advanced learners.

Learning is assessed

At Advantage Learn, we recognise the importance of assessment for both learners and educators in gauging learners’ understanding of what has been taught and identifying areas for improvement

Formative assessment in the form of Test Your Understanding quizzes at the end of each topic includes immediate, rich answer feedback that work through the quiz questions to help learners to identify and remediate gaps in their knowledge. 

In addition to these formative assessments, banks of curated mixed-topic assessment questions are available to educators to use as resources for building summative assessments for use in their classrooms as they see fit.

Real-time data tracking on the Neo Series Online Campus enables educators to track grades and monitor learners’ progress at an individual and a class/group level.

Learning is adaptable

Blended learning refers to the combination of digital learning resources and online interaction between educators and their learners with more traditional in-person classroom interaction and teaching. In recent times, some schools have found a need to shift to blended learning or fully online modes of teaching and, as such, require new tools to enable them to excel using these approaches. 

Digital resources and the Online Campus are integral to the design of the Neo Series and, combined with the workbook, enable educators to move teaching and learning online to whatever degree they require. Blended learning using the Neo Series could take many forms, but some examples include: 

  • External circumstances require that learners’ and educators’ time in the in-person classroom is limited to 2 days a week. Educators may choose to assign learners online videos to watch on their own to learn new concepts. Then, educators may use online live lessons with their learners to recap the new concepts and go through worked examples and practice exercises. Thereafter, educators may prescribe “Test Your Understanding” quizzes for homework to gauge learners’ understanding of the content. 
  • A learner struggles for whatever reason (health, involvement in sports, etc) to attend all of the educator’s in-person lessons and is falling behind. The educator may prescribe video lessons and practice exercises and “Test Your Understanding” quizzes for the learner to catch up and track their progress on the online Campus. 
  • A high-achieving learner’s parent has asked for additional support for their learner who is not being challenged by the content at their grade level. The educator may prescribe learning videos and exercises at a higher level to challenge this learner within reason and at their discretion. 
  • A school is running all lessons remotely. The educator may teach new concepts in an online live lesson to learners, then split learners into breakout rooms to complete a practice exercise together in groups. On returning to the larger group, learners are asked to share their answers with the group and raise any questions that came up in their practice exercise. The educator has the learners complete the “Test Your Understanding” quiz for the new content, and to those who underachieve on the quiz, the educator prescribes the online video lesson as homework to recap the new concepts. 

Learning is accessible

At Advantage Learn, we believe in making high-quality learning materials as accessible as possible for both learners and teachers. 

The Neo Series App is designed to enable learners and educators to access the Neo Series Online Campus anytime, anywhere. Learners don’t have computers in the classroom or at home? The Neo Series App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and used on any mobile device so the Neo Series is available in learners’ pockets. 

Advantage Learn has designed the Neo Series with these six learning principles at its core and we invite you to see how these principles can help shape teaching and learning in your school. To read more about the Neo Series or book a demo to learn how the Neo Series can be used in your school, click here.

This article was originally published on 18 Nov 2022

About the author
Quanta Gorven

With a background in Learning Design and edtech, I am passionate about designing innovative and accessible learning materials for Advantage Learn’s courses and programmes that serve both learners and educators.


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