Neo Series

The Neo Series enables schools to leverage the benefits of e-Learning, in their individual contexts. Bring world-class digital content, teaching resources, reporting, learning management and technology into your school environment today.

Grade 8 & 9 digital or printed workbook
Bespoke online campus
Grade 8-12

Introducing the Neo Series

The Neo Series is a flexible, blended learning solution that enables active learning inside and outside the classroom through outcomes-based design, curriculum-aligned teaching and assessment, and a cutting-edge online learning management system.

The Neo Series aims to:

  • help high school learners of varying abilities to improve their Mathematics, Advanced Programme Mathematics and Physical Science performance
  • support schools in adding an important digital support layer to their in-person programmes and enable seamless transition between in-person and online teaching modes

In addition, you get access to high-quality learning resources that enable self-paced and prescribed learning. Learners and educators have access to a technical support team that is available to assist with queries and resolve any issues that may cause blocks to learning. 


Dedicated learning campus for your learners and educators
Digital or printed Learner Workbook
Digital or printed Educator Guide with full memos and educator resources
Termly recommended assessments, memos and revision sheets
Digital worksheets & memos
Grade and subject-specific curriculum planning tools for educators

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An all-inclusive blended learning solution

How to use the Neo Series

The Neo Series is a comprehensive solution consisting of a Learner Workbook and an Educator Guide, both of which are integrated with our online Campus.

2-in-1 textbook and workbook including

  • Explanations of theory & new concepts
  • Worked examples
  • Practice exercises
  • Single-topic revision questions
  • Mixed-topic revision questions
  • Easy links between the digital workbook and the Online Campus resources

Integration with the online Campus including 

  • Video lessons
  • Online quizzes
  • Exam preparation
  • Downloadable worksheets with solutions
  • Progress tracking so you can track your learning
  • Neo Series mobile app for Android and iOS


The Neo Series Educator Guide is provided digitally to educators and gives them access to:

  • Guidance for educators on implementing the Neo Series inside and outside the classroom
  • Full worked solutions to all questions in the Learner Workbook
  • Digital resources for educators including termly revision and assessment resources
  • Full integration with the online Campus

You can use the Neo Series to teach live in the classroom, live online or by prescribing work online in a manner that is easy, seamless and consistent across mediums and platforms, with powerful progress tracking insights via the online Campus.

The online Campus

A Neo Series partner school and its educators and learners will have access to a dedicated online Campus that is specific to their school and houses all of the online learning material that educators and learners will need to implement the Neo Series. If you or your organization do not have your own dedicated online Campus then you can utilize the Advantage Learn Campus for the same resource access, subject to the related campus access license fee.


We’re working hard to expand the Neo Series over time, making it even more helpful. See how far we’ve come and where we’re planning on going in our Neo Series roadmap. View the Neo Series roadmap here.

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Taught and designed by subject matter experts


The Neo Series Mathematics lesson content has been developed by one of South Africa’s most experienced high school Mathematics educators, Trish Pike, whose revered teaching is delivered through the combination of Advantage Learn’s write-on workbook and our state-of-the-art online Campus. The Neo Series leverages Ms. Pike’s experience in curriculum development, teaching, revising and implementation which saw her achieve consistent Mathematics excellence as Head of Department at top South African schools including Thomas More College and Kearsney College. 

Her methodologies (largely influenced by constructivism and variation theory in learning) are intuitively incorporated into our comprehensive curriculum structure that marries the critical in-person aspects of learning in the classroom with the best aspects of digital learning in order to improve learners’ performance and overall confidence in Mathematics.

Trish Pike HDE (PG)

Degree Major: Mathematics
Institution: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Graduated: 1977

Teaching experience

  • Advantage Learn NBT, AP Maths and Maths Academy teacher since 2013.
  • Previously HOD of mathematics at Kearsney College, KZN.
  • Previously HOD of mathematics at Thomas More College, KZN.
  • AP Maths teacher since 1996.
  • Core Maths teacher since 1978.
  • First NBT preparation educator in South Africa.


Drawing on his background in Chemical Engineering and experience as a Process Engineer at Sasol, Crispian has taught Science for Advantage Learn since 2014. He is currently the Head of Production and Education at Advantage Learning Technologies. Aside from spearheading our education department, Crispian keeps his finger on the pulse by teaching Further studies Maths, NBT preparation workshops and producing Science lessons and resources.

Crispian Lees MSc

Degree Major: Chemical Engineering
Institution: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Graduated: 2013

Teaching experience

  • Advantage Learn NBT teacher since 2018.
  • AP Maths teacher at Reddam House Umhlanga in 2018.
  • Process Engineer at Sasol 2013 – 2017
  • Advantage Learn science workshops educator since 2014.
  • Assistant lecturer (Chemical Engineering faculty at UKZN) in 2013.
  • Advantage Learn AP Maths teacher since 2013.
  • AP Maths teacher at Thomas More College 2009-2012.

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