As educators ourselves, we understand the myriad of challenges faced when curating materials for effective teaching and assessment. It’s a balancing act of engaging content, comprehensive coverage, and the relentless march of time. With these needs in mind, we are thrilled to announce our latest Neo Series resource drop: Grade 8 – 12 Maths Question Banks. These grade-based Maths Question Banks are designed to streamline the preparation process for educators, enabling a focus on what truly matters—inspiring and nurturing the mathematicians of tomorrow.

Comprehensive Topic-Based Questions

The question banks span Grade 8 to Grade 12, carefully aligned with the CAPS curriculum to ensure relevance and comprehensiveness. Here’s a glimpse into the treasure trove of topics covered:

  • For the Budding Mathematicians (Grade 8 & 9): Foundations are laid with Geometry, Equations,, Transformations, Straight Line Graphs and more. By Grade 9, educators can lean into our Maths Question Banks covering Linear Number Patterns, Volume, Products, Geometry, Equations, Algebraic Fractions and beyond!
  • The Intermediate Scholars (Grade 10 & 11): Educators can lean into Question Banks covering Grade 10 and 11 topics including Trigonometry, Circle Geometry, Quadratic Equations etc.
  • The Aspiring Mathematicians (Grade 12): Preparing for the finale of high school maths, educators can lean on topic-based questions covering Grade 11 & 12 topics including Quadratic equations, Circle Geometry, Probability, Nature of Roots and more!

Designed with the educator’s workflow in mind, the question banks allow for easy integration into teaching materials. Questions are organized by topic and accompanied by full worked solutions at the end of each section, providing a seamless experience for both teaching and assessment.

A Living Maths Question Bank Resource

That’s not all! These documents will be updated throughout the year and in future years giving you ever-expanding, up-to-date Maths Question Banks to lean on for setting assessments and additional worksheets for your learners! Each time the Question Bank is updated, our educators are notified and are able to easily see which questions are new in the Question Bank!

Access Maths Question Banks

Maths Question Banks are available via Advantage Learn’s Neo Series For Schools Maths resources! Learn more on our Neo Series For Schools website page and feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you’d like more information!

By providing a robust, easily accessible resource, we aim to empower educators and enrich the learning experience for students!

This article was originally published on 10 Apr 2024

About the author
Mekayla Preiss

I am a Copywriter and Content Creator for I enjoy getting creative and have a passion for people and crafting compelling content, I hope to inspire the next generation of learners and changemakers.

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