The NBT recognises the diverse needs of learners and strives to accommodate them through various academic concessions! From visual impairments to specific learning disabilities, the NBT ensures that no learner is left behind.

Here’s the NBT Academic Concession Process

For learners requiring examination accommodations due to a disability, the process is simple. They can reach out to the NBT helpdesk or download the NBT accommodation request form. Please take note that this needs to be submitted four weeks prior to the selected test date! This allows the NBT team to make necessary arrangements and provide the best support possible through NBT academic concessions.

What disabilities are considered in this process?

  • Blindness: Providing Braille versions of the tests and offering the assistance of a reader/scribe as part of NBT academic concessions.
  • Visual Impairments: Enlarging test scripts and providing reader/scribe support to ensure accessibility through NBT academic concessions.
  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing: Ensuring accessible communication methods during the examination, aligned with NBT academic concessions.
  • Mobility/Physical Impairments: Offering the assistance of a scribe for those unable to manipulate a pencil sufficiently, adhering to NBT academic concessions.
  • Specific Learning Disabilities: Granting extra time and other accommodations based on documented needs, in line with the NBT’s academic concessions.
  • Chronic Illnesses: Providing accommodations as necessary for conditions like diabetes, in line with NBT academic concessions.

Some legal stuff

To maintain fairness and consistency, the NBT follows a clear disability policy. This policy ensures that accommodations are granted based on documented needs and recent assessments, under the umbrella of NBT academic concessions. For example:

  • Time Concession: Candidates with a diagnosed reading disorder may qualify for extra time, up to 25% of the prescribed examination time, as per NBT academic concessions.
  • Reader: Only granted in exceptional circumstances, with proper documentation and approval, aligning with NBT academic concessions.
  • Scribe: Provided for students with specific medical documentation demonstrating the need for assistance, as outlined in NBT academic concessions.

While the NBT strives to accommodate learners during standardised testing, it’s important to note that policies regarding accommodations may vary among universities. Learners with disabilities are encouraged to inquire about each university’s policy in advance while considering NBT academic concessions. Learn more about NBT concessions.

Get prepared

If you’re applying for a concession, our NBT Online Courses may be a helpful tool for you to get prepared! Learn everything you need to know about both the MAT and AQL tests via Advantage Learn’s National Benchmark Preparation Online Courses which give you all the resources you need to enable you to prepare at your own pace!

P.S. If you’re a learner who is currently doing the Cambridge Curriculum, you’ll need to learn some new Maths concepts before you start preparing for your MAT test. Get access to our NBT MAT Cambridge Bridging Course which bridges the gap between Cambridge and the CAPS curriculum as it relates to what will be tested in the NBT! It also covers all the MAT-related information you will need to go forth and ace your NBTs. 

As always, please feel free to contact Advantage Learn with any questions you may have via [email protected] or by starting a live chat on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Happy Learning! 

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