What are the NBTs and why should I prepare?

The NBTs explained

The National Benchmark Test (NBT) is a set of tests used to assess a learner’s academic readiness for university. The NBTs are split into two 3-hour exams, one is called AQL and the other MAT. AQL focuses on Academic and Quantitative Literacy and the MAT focuses only on Mathematics.

Universities use the results of the NBTs to determine the extra help/support the learners may need at University. Universities also use the results to decide if a learner’s university application is successful or not. This is why it is so important to prepare for these increasingly important tests. Having helped over 5000 learners prepare for their NBTs in 2019 alone, let AdvantageLearn, the leaders in NBT Preparation, give you the edge.

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Prepare for your NBT with Advantage Learn

We recommend both workshops and online courses, but we’ll let you decide!

Attending an Advantage Learn NBT workshop is you committing time to investing in your future. Taught by only the best Educators, these workshops have been helping learners to pass the NBTs since 2013. Our workshops are available around South Africa in all major metros.

  • NBT Workbook
  • Online access to Advantage Learn mock NBT exams
  • AQL & MAT workshops
  • Available in English or Afrikaans
Online Courses

Learn from some of South Africa’s top educators as you explore new methods and techniques at approaching and solving complex NBT style questions. This Online Course works around your schedule and allows you to choose when you study. Our coaches and online support teachers are ready to help you in your NBT preparations.

  • AQL & MAT courses
  • 12 Months access
  • Advantage Learn mock NBT exams
  • Online Teacher support
  • Available in English or Afrikaans
For Schools

Advantage Learn offers schools and organisations private NBT workshops and Online course packages for your learners. If you would like to find more information about these packages then please contact our team via live-chat or send an email to [email protected]

  • Workshop at your school
  • Special school discounts
  • Workshops and Online course packages available

Pricing table

In Person Workshop
Our coveted workshops for face-to-face teaching.
Online Course
Learn on-demand, from anywhere.
In person & Online Combo
The best of both worlds, with face-to-face workshops as well as the online course.
R2 150
R1 250
R2 695
Save R705!
R1 350
R1 595
Save R705!
Preparation combo
R2 975
Save R525!
R1 725
Save R475!
R3 995
Save R1 705!
In Person Workshops
Our coveted workshops for face-to-face teaching
MAT Only
R2 150
AQL Only
R1 350
R2 975
Save R525!
Online Course
Learn on-demand from anywhere.
MAT Only
R1 250
AQL Only
R1 725
Save R475!
In person & Online Combo
The best of both worlds, with face-to-face workshops as well as the online course.
MAT Only
R2 695
Save R705!
AQL Only
R1 595
Save R705!
R3 995
Save R1 705!

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How to decide which NBT preparation is right for you

If this is the first time you are reading about the NBTs and NBT preparation, then it can be overwhelming to know what to do.

There are a few things you need to know before deciding which preparation is right for you. First, you’ll need to decide whether or not you need to do just the AQL test or both the AQL and MAT tests. Second, you’ll need to decide which preparation is right for you. Should you come to a Workshop, study Online or do both? We’ve made a short explanation video to help you to better understand the NBTs and make these decisions.

How to decide which NBT preparation is right for you

Still battling to decide? Read more about the NBTs

Introducing the Premium Pass for NBT preparation

We offer the widest and best NBT preparation offerings on the market! With such a wide range it is often hard to decide what is right for your (your child’s) preparation. If all this choice is giving you analysis paralysis then maybe our premium pass is right for you? It gives you total flexibility and our full NBT offering, all for one single price.

Each Premium Pass includes:

  • Our complete NBT Preparation offering for one simple, straightforward price.
  • Unlimited MAT & AQL workshop date changes so you don't have to worry about booking and changing your workshop dates!
  • A dedicated NBT guide who will contact you to book your workshop dates, online access etc to save you the hassle of having to select your workshops and online courses through checkout.

R4 495

*All inclusive NBT Preparation

We offer the widest and best NBT preparation offerings on the market! With such a wide range it is often hard to decide what is right for your (your child’s) preparation. If all this choice is giving you analysis paralysis then maybe our premium pass is right for you? It gives you total flexibility and our full NBT offering, all for one single price.

Each Premium Pass includes:

  • Our complete NBT Preparation offering for one simple, straightforward price.
  • Unlimited MAT & AQL workshop date changes so you don't have to worry about booking and changing your workshop dates!
  • A dedicated NBT guide who will contact you to book your workshop dates, online access etc to save you the hassle of having to select your workshops and online courses through checkout.

R4 495

*All inclusive NBT Preparation

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Schools that prepare with us

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Westville Boys High School

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Westville Boys High School

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St. Henry's Marist College

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St. Henry's Marist College

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Maris Stella School

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Maris Stella School

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Durban Girls' High School

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Durban Girls' High School

Lungi’s NBT success story

How NBT preparation helped Lungi

In 2017, Lungi Mkhize from Maris Stella school Durban needed to write her NBTs to get into Engineering at Wits University. Lungi heard about how difficult the NBTs were and was nervous about taking them, so she signed up to an Advantage Learn preparation workshop and online course to help her to prepare to write her NBTs. Watch Lungi’s story and hear about how NBT preparation benefited her in achieving University success.

Testimony Image Jenny Koster Head of Physical Science, Cornwall Hill College, Pretoria
The staff members at Cornwall Hill College would like to extend their sincere gratitude and appreciation to Advantage Learn. The College has made use of the Advantage Learn NBT Course since 2013, and approximately 75%—80% of Cornwall Hill College students enroll for the course each year. The thorough preparation that Advantage Learn gives the students means that they know what to expect in the exam. Our students find the Mathematics course especially beneficial, and their solid grounding has led to increased admissions into the Health Sciences courses offered at university. In addition, they are able to utilize the online MAT and AQL exercises for additional practice. Feedback from our students is always exceptionally positive with many of them remarking that their very good results would not have been possible had it not been for the Advantage Learn NBT Course!


Everything is good but The question should more strong and hard to be prepared to the NBT exam


Thank you so much, this course was extremely helpful. I left high school a while ago and this was a great revision for my NBTs. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about getting that good score to qualify for your degree and getting accepted into University.

- Sisipho Lufele -

Great help. Really helped me to prepare

- Anelke Van der merwe -

It is a wonderful course, it improved my NBT results dramatically. It also helped me with my maths exam preparation. Thank you so much!

- Alejandra Kapuire -

The online preparation is very enriching and helpful. It is of great benefit for anyone preparing to write NBT. I've been recommending it to other students. A summary that awakens the spirit.

- Esther Maris -

Quick reminder of difficult maths and clear explanation of problems.

- Nerissa Serfontein -

you really are prepared well for the NBT exam with this course, the instructors are passionate and make you enjoy what you learn in the course making studying for it a breeze!

- Kirsten Swanson -

Would highly recommend this NBT course. The video explanations are a great help and many of the Math questions were very similar to the actual NBT. Do make sure that you give yourself sufficient time to work through the course.

- Keshin Bheema -

Absolutely a lifesaving course!

- Waheed Amanjee -

I thoroughly enjoyed this application as it prepared me for the NBT setting with relevant information and time constraints, however i was slightly irritated by the fact that i couldn't reset mock tests once i had completed them. I suggest the option for individuals to reset mock tests on certain topics once completed. Otherwise this is an amazing service and i would strongly recommend it to anyone preparing for the NBTs.

- signe jwan -

It was really worth the money. I received insight into the exams that I couldn't get else where.

- Thato Nomandla -

Professional and thorough. Great communication and support

- Desire Casserly -

Great course, very helpful and easy to understand, thank you so much.

- Aerin Martin -

Guys please try the course its so worth I know the fee is a bit steep but trust me its all worth it. Most importantly trust them because they know what they're doing.

- Lindokle Mbaleki -

Really helped me do well, especially in the AL section

- Jordyn Nitch -

would recommend this programme to anyone aspiring to better their understanding of the subject

- Thabang Motloung -

Advantage learn gave me a platform to excel in maths.I'm waiting for my NBT results.I thank my parents for giving me such an opportunity.

- Mkhululi T. Ncube -

Child informs me it is great - will see what eventuates. thanks.

- Melanie Jenkins -

Gabriel found the workshop to be very informative.

- Gabriel -

This online preparation course is not only helpful for the NBTs themselves. It might as well prepare you for a possible unseen (higher order) question in the matric preparatory or final exam since it goes beyond what is normally assessed in the NSC.

- Mosa Mabula -

I encourage all students to take this online course.As a university student myself,it saved me a lot of preparation time and my NBT results improved dramatically.

- Franke Van Rensburg -

I think the workshop itself goes by a little too quickly but the online course is worth it. The online course gave me questions that were way more difficult than the questions in the actual NBT. Some questions in the NBT were exactly the same as in the online course. I would recommend it.

- Charley Desjardins -

a very helpful course, but the one thing I found frustrating is that there are no lessons on logarithms.

- amber Hamilton -

Trish Pike's videos are amazing. I've never been more interested in maths as I was watching her videos! THANKS!

- Lycia Hollis -

The course really prepared me well for the MAT but the AQL was more difficult than I expected

- Iman Cassim -

It was excellent it helped me a lot, covered things I was not aware of before

- Kashmika Reddy -

Very useful and accurate course that really helped me, achieved 96% in MAT section. Will definitely recommend. The courses are displayed and ordered well and easy to use. The actual NBTs were also slightly easier than the mock ones

- Muhammad Amod Carim -

Definitely recommend this course.

- Kerry Delport -

This course provided a good base and preparation for the actual exam

- Vicky Krengel -

I am grateful for this programme as I am more prepared for the test. It gets tricky in the beginning, but you gradually get the hang of it .

- Dorothee Mubembe -

Happy with the help it gave my daughter

- Aman Khan -

Great learning tools and excellent prep for NBT

- Elmarie Potgieter -

It's really useful and has really helped me a lot, specifically the maths explanations. The videos explaining each question is a great help.

- Imaan Atia -

Great course for nbt preparation, good subject coverage , problem solving tips and application of knowledge. It also allows one to work at their own pace . Highly recommend it.

- Declan Scheepers -

It’s a good course, but some of the lectures are as confused as I am. They don’t seem to know what they are do.

- Greeff Tayla -

Wow learning has never been made that easy, Mam Pike. I am actually a university graduate student but since I was a learner and now student, Ive never experienced such detailed level of explanation within short bits and pieces of information.

- Kenneth Nkele -

The course helped me to prepare a lot for my NBTs. I felt very confident during my exam.

- Mariam Essack -

Your course is the only reason I will pass the MAT part of the NBTs. A few of the questions in the course were actually in my NBT test. Thank you very much for developing this course.

- Joshua Basson -

It was great! Really made concepts much easier and the way the material is presented is so easy to navigate

- Kyle Ogle -

was a really good workshop and was very helpful

- Nicole Lombard -

My daughter attended 2 days workshop on the 6 to 7 July 2019 and she is very happy of how the workshop interactions were managed . The facilitator was very professional and knew her work. The class was managed well and one was allowed to ask questions where needed. She believes that she is now ready to sit for her NBT on the 13 July 2019 Thanks for the assistance and please keep up the god work

- Emmanuel Dube -

It was really interesting to learn different ways of doing things and I feel like the NBT workshop didn’t just help for the NBT’s but for my maths as well as I learnt new tricks to master my maths.

- Tarryn Jackson -

Enjoyed the atmosphere,workshop and found it to be informative and very helpful. Thanks to the lecturers.

- Creleisha Moodley -

From the booking to the venue to the actual workshop everything was outstanding... definitely would recommend Advantagelearn to all matriculants. Thank you once again.

- Zaheda Mahomed -

Really nice

- Julie Marinho -

Absolutely loved Trish's enthusiasm so teach us and her passion for maths really did inspire and motivate me. Thank you Trish, couldn't have done it without you!

- Tracy-Lea -

The workshop was really helpful and gave great guidelines for the NBTs and the instructor was brilliant and gave the class great advice for the preparation of the NBTs

- Shaun Olsen -


- Letlhohonolo Mabelane -

The classes are helpful and easy to understand

- Fortune Adeniyi -

Trish really opened our minds and that has helped me see many new ways of solving problems. The workshop was definitely worth it.

- Yolanda Walingo -

Useful course for any learner that is going to write the NBT's

- Philasande Mnguni -

Very helpful

- Kayla Talmage -

Great course and extremely helpful.

- Helen McCarthy -

Advantage learn prepared me well for my NBTs

- christina kyriacos -

Advantage Learn is a really informative site that helped me a lot to study for my NBT's I recommend it to anyone who needs help with studying.

- Tanya Paul -

Trish is amazing! She teaches with such passion and enthusiasm and helps not only the bright, smart students but also those struggling. She has not only helped me prepare for the NBT but for the end of year Maths exam at the same time. She is the best Maths teacher I have ever had. I highly recommend her workshops and courses. Both the online and in-person are helpful.

- Michael-Alexandria Damons -

Helpful and well set out

- Ayyaan Bhimma -

Hi All my son advised that he learnt more in the workshop than he did the whole year at school, thanks very much

- Harry Panas -

It really helps. Thank you!

- Elzaan van der Merwe -

Brilliant preparation for the course

- Karen Vukovic -

I finished my matric in 2007 i thought it will all be foreign to me but Chris made it all to be a walk in the park ..... i really dont know how to thank the team at large..... greatly appreciate your help

- Ethnee Sonti -

Excellent preparation course! Thank you for the enthusiasm and dedication.

- Judith Geldenhyys -

Brilliant course, great presenter.

- Reid -

an absolutely fantastic course with a superb website that is exceptionally easy to use

- Tayyibah Ismail -

The reason I enjoyed this course is because it was a great refresher. It helped me gain my skills back. The teacher was also really helpful. I think one thing that I would’ve liked to know is that this course focuses on refreshing math learned at school but in class there wasn’t any actual NBT work done. The online course was helping in giving NBT questions but I struggled more with those questions than the ones the teacher gave. In my opinion I would’ve liked to do more NBT maths questions in class because when I went home and did them I struggled a lot.

- Andoré Lategan -

The course was very helpful and the online videos are great

- Sarah Grinyer -

I would have found the information more useful if it was divided into revision of basic concepts and actual content of the test.

- Maria Seitz -

Great course, very interactive and has helped me a lot in my preparation for NBT’s! Would highly recommend!

- Megan Liddle -

My son rameez found the workshop absolutely amazing... He learnt a great deal n loves the way trish pike teaches Well done advantage learn Thank you

- Zahira Khan -

My son found the workshop extremely helpful in preparation for his NBT's. I would definitely recommend it to other parents.

- Joshua Walshaw -

Very valuable experience.

- Anita Williams -

Lecturer was good and informative, she explained things very well. Don't know if you could write NBT's without doing the course

- Elizabeth Carr -

Very comprehensive and I feel more prepared!

- Sandika Ravilall -

The advantage learn NBT workshop gives the students who attend the programme a chance to experience the way they will be tested in the NBT and furthermore , aids in preparing them to do well. It is a brilliant initiative. The online course provides assistance in both the NBT preparation and the maths that you do throughout your school. The programme is very sophisticated.

- Chirag Soni -

Lessons were very well taught with easy understanding concepts and good examples used.

- Ethan Gillwald -

The workshop was very helpful!

- Bonolo Morutlwa -

It was such an amazing experience, worth every cent.

- Rea Lekoma -

Exceptionally well done! I was able to learn new techniques and experience new challenges which have now motivated me to go even further by having a new perspective to solve various problems.

- Kiara Moodley -

Amazing workshop. I recommend this to all matriculants preparing for NBT's.

- Zain Zaman -

The course was really helpful

- Shriana Lall -

An excellent course, well worth doing

- Rhett Stuart -

Critical advice offered in what thinking processes will be required of you in writing the National Bench Mark examination...

- Nathan Smith -

Great coarse , as well as preparing me it also made me feel more confident for the test.

- Ryan Finlay -


- Mogie Govender -

My son felt that the NBT prep was valuable and almost "over" prepared him for the exams. He felt very confident from all the practise.

- Wendy Young -

This course was really worthwhile in preparing for NBT’s!

- Kayla Hinchliffe -

Very beneficial. The teacher was extremely professional and a very big help in the preparation for the nbt's.

- Daniel Appelman -

very informative

- Debbie Degger -

My son said that it was so helpful and that he feels well prepared and is clear on what he still needs to cover.

- Leigh Roberts -

Great workshop for the mathematics aspect of the NBTs. Would really like to have done an language workshop as well.

- Khaelin Rajakumar -

The course was brilliant. Really insightful. It helped me a lot

- Talhah -

The course was very beneficial as I realized how much I rely on my calculator and how much practice I needed to do. It also allowed me to be exposed to the level of questions that could be asked which I found important as part of my preparations for the test.

- Bianca Slade -

Very helpful

- rishta bhikha -

Fantastic course with helpful tips and tools

- Dorne Slater -

Kiara attending the course. She said it was well presented and informative. She was glad we travelled from Ladysmith to attend. Kiara mentioned that she would recommend this course to others. She mentioned that she wished the sessions were a bit longer as there was a lot to digest. Thank you. All the best.

- Nadine Magan -

Definitely worth doing ... helped me prepare for test next week. Highly recommend it !

- Matt Brimacombe -

Presenter is so knowledgeable, I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has really helped me.

- Unaisah Ebrahim -

Really helps Gives learner an idea of what they are going to be tested I Recommend for all


Was a great experience. Gave me confidence

- Santra -

It was really good. I just wish the breaks were longer.

- Abeerah Khalil -

Fantastic!! Very, very helpful for NBTs as well as for the school curriculum.

- Muhammad Ismail -

Really enjoyed it I will try to inform everyone about it so that they also take this course

- Ahmed Essa -

I found my learning experience to be quite eye opening as I was introduced to different ways of questioning which I was not aware of before the course. It also provided a good recap of old work which I found very helpful. I would recommend other students to do this course before they write their NBTs.

- Amjad Ali Khan -

It was really helpful,I learnt a lot of little tricks.

- Ermine Kasongo -

Great course for nbts ! They thoroughly prepare you for the test and give you easy ways to understand the maths !

- Jenna Watson -

Very helpfull. Professional support given and so worth the time.

- Bradley Bruggen -

I personally found the course very helpful. There were plenty of extra exercises to keep me busy. The course and extra exercises were challenging enough to help me learn.

- Joshua de Almeida -

It was brilliant the teacher was super good really helpful

- Dhashan Chetty -

Incredible. Even though i am kind of a slacker without this course i would not have done any good in the real NBTs.

- Heinrich Engelbrecht -

The workshop was really insightful and gave me a whole new thought process when tackling maths problems. Our teacher was really helpful and friendly. I definitely got my money's worth.

- Lona Ntshangase -

Helped my daughter to prepare for the NBT'S

- Christelle Ikin -

It not only helped me prepare for the nbt, but it also helped better my understanding of maths.

- Lwazi Sibeko -

I have a really unique situation basically being from another country as far as school is concerned. I would have liked a more in depth explanation in the math section, but it was a great overall experience and i felt like all the bases were covered with this program. Double thumbs up!!

- Hannes Barnard -

The course was very good

- Leah Josselsohn -

Everything I needed to know

- Linda Turner -

Super helpful!

- Tertia Kruger -

Very good training. Trish is an excellent tutor

- Usheel Govind -

really helpful in learning techniques for NBTs above the syllabus’s content.

- Ammaara Ahmed -

Very helpful for pupils preparing for their NBTs, especially for the Maths component.

- Liza Reintges -

I found the workshops to be a usefull tool before the actual exam.

- Machalin PARSARAMEN -

Very worthwhile

- Karen Teichmann -

it was a great help i didnt use the AQL prep as much as the maths prep but what i did use really helped me. having the past papers and having them set out the way it is tested really prepared me for my time management and i was able to complete the paper in time.

- Linda Ferraz -

I highly recommend this course as it teaches you some very useful tricks for the NBTs!

- Tamsin de Castro -

My daughter found the workshop excellent and very informative and helpful

- raksha kalideen -

Well run coarse, very beneficial, extra tips given helped a lot for the NBT . Thank you!!

- Donna Langdon -

I can't tell you how much this course helped. It was such a relief when I found a question we already worked through!

- Auden Jacobs -

Really helpful and worth it ! Taught me some really useful tricks that I used in the NBTs.

- Kelsey Jones -

The workshop was very enlightening on NBTs themself. Mrs Pike was my teacher for the workshop and she was excellent. Mrs Pike has such a great way of ensuring you understand the different sections and learning the different shortcuts to ensure your overall success in answering the NBT questions and getting the best possible result with her guidance and your hard work. Thank you for your help!

- Samishka Chetty -

The workshop was awesome! Hands down a life saver. Our teacher was (/is) really cool!

- Daisy Silva -

This course is so amazing. It helped me prepare for the NBTs and I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is about to write the NBT

- zimasa mabude -

Most helpful workshop I’ve ever attended. Highly recommended for matric students. 2x 6 hour lessons, notes, practice papers, whatever gets you 100% I guess. Also includes all resources online!!!! The price may be an issue to some but after attending the workshop, I can definitely say that they are charging people too low of a price for what they produce!!

- Mark Dixie -

Quite a good course, i recommend the course for anyone who really wants to get good marks for their NBT.

- MD Tausiqul Islam -

Definitely beneficial. It has helped me a lot in preparing for the NBTs and it has also improved some of my school maths. I recommend it to all.

- Michaela Sarah Bester -

It was an absolutely amazing workshop that helped a lot! Would definitely recommend to anyone writing the NBT’s.

- Maria Kritzas -

The workshop was super helpful and I'm glad I did it.

- Robyn Franklin -

Definitely a must before writing your MAT NBT. It was really good revision of all maths and II also learned a few new tricks along the way.

- George Marais -

Advantage learn is professional,efficient and always puts the learners interest first. A great online programme you can work with at your own pace.

- Swaleh Mahomed -

This course is exactly what I was looking for. I had done a previous course which did not prepare me for the NBT's at all, but after only 14% into this course, I already feel much more confident.

- Yolandie Kotze -

i found this workshop really helpful!!

- Juliette Cawood -

Perfect. I wish there are other similar workshops aimed in assisting grade 12 students to prepare for the final exams.

- Lungelo Faya -

Wonderful user friendly and very easy to use and highly informative lessons and good thorough explanations.

- Rachel Davies -

An extremely helpful course! NBT MAT was a breeze because of your help! I would advise the course to contain some financial mathematics though, as they ask simple problems from it... But ultimately very helpful and definitely worth every penny!

- Beate Boshoff -

Great 2 days lecture, The course is worth attending. Personally I’ve learnt a lot since I last attended University lectures 8years. The course provides different techniques or approaches to wards understanding and solving complex or tricky subject (question). I definitely recommend the course not for NBT only but, also for Grade 12 learners who what’s ace Matric Maths. I wish I hand this opportunity years ago I would have done better.

- Makhoseni Thomas Ngobeni -

I fully recommend the NBT workshop!!

- T Anderson -

Too many hours in too short of a time, course was tedious. Felt never ending.

- Mugisha Hakizimana -

The course was very helpful and informative. I feel a lot more prepared and feel that I am ready for NBT’s.

- Declan Brogden -

It was exremely helpful and provided alot of insight into the nbt and type of questions that we are going to interact with.

- Mohammed -

The NBT preparation Course is wonderful for all kinds of revision. I loved the fact that I could do a test over and over and improve myself on all the faults. Perfect for preparing you for the test!

- Mieke Coetzee -

excellent! I gained a lot of tips and tricks from this workshop

- A Seindis -

Both the online courses are extremely helpful in preparing for NBTs

- Mikayla Seedat -

It was really helpful

- Ermine Kasongo -

Worth the time and mone. It was a very effective workshop.

- Z Meyer -

It was really helpful in terms of letting me know how and what I need to in order to prepare for the NBTs. I recommend this for anyone who needs to write the tests.

- Bandile -

The course taught me a lot and was very good.

- Chhail -

the workshop was really helpful and it taught me alot it was a great experience .

- Dominique Redman -

It was great! I learnt so many tricks

- D Korff -

Pretty good, the only slight issue that I have with the workshop is that the breaks can be a bit too short . This can make the course a little bit more of a labour to get through. Otherwise, the course is completely comprehensive. All the basics are covered, and all the new work. Good habits are enforced on this course that can also help with core maths. Really good workshop overall.

- Nicholas -

Absolutely amazing

- J Everingham -

I especially liked the teaching style where the maths was taught in such a way that the NBTs would ask it. I also enjoy the fact that I now have 24/7 access to the website and it's videos.

- Hendrik -

Great time at grantleigh very time structured with the 15 minute breaks made people allow themselves to become more energized so full learning capability is achieved.

- Tevin -

I am enjoying the nbt preparation course. The videos help me grasp the topics faster. I really find the course beneficial.

- Munesu Dzimiri -

Thanks for the help Advantage Learn

- Johnathon Campbell -

The NBT preparation course is really, really great! Examples are clear and a perfect reminder for a person that matriculated 17 years ago. I made the right decision!

- Nthabiseng Thekiso -

Thank you for trying to make me excel through simple methods

- Mukhethwa -

I found that the videos were the biggest help ! It’s very convenient that you can also print out the notes that the video is based on. More than enough learning material is given for both the English and Maths.

- Tahseen Karim -

This was a really valuable experience!

- Rosa Pisanti -

Was very informative and insightful. I would just recommend smaller groups or longer sessions for more focused attention to problem areas but overall very nice.

- Shiveer Ramphal -

Brilliant ! All work was covered , with the teacher going far beyond my expectations. It really has helped

- Claudio Liam Govender -

Excellent, well worth attending.

- Michelle Baker -

Really good workshop, helped me a lot

- Jordan Luke Shepard -

Would like to suggest that they offer an English NBT Workshop for the English pupils in Paarl.

- Elaine Burger -

Highly recommended!! Especially mathematics is a must!

- Tiaan Barnard -

Was an enriching experience and I am pleased to have been taught so intricately.

- Jordyn Schiebe -

It was very informative, and will most likely prove very beneficial towards my NBT tests

- Nicholas Culverwell -

It was very helpful and helped me think outside the box

- Ntokozo Makhaza -

I would really not have been able to write the NBT tests without this workshop!!! I recommend it highly!!

- Marnus Zaaiman -

Wouldn’t have been able to write the NBTs if it wasn’t for this workshop. Very helpful!

- Michelle Visagie -

Dit het my ‘n goeie idee gegee van wat om te verwag en baie gerus gestel.

- Anneke Fourie -

Excellent - very helpful

- Jarita Williams -

Very helpful, I just wish we focused on some of the higher level questions

- Mohammed Zidaan Madhi -

Even though my son was full of flu, which would have made concentrating really tough, he still found great benefit from the course and said the way things were explained, "they seemed to click"...I'm sure it is going to help him. Pity he didn't attend something like this years ago!

- Faye Curtis -

Very helpful

- Kristen Cronje -

very informative and enlightening.


Super helpful!

- Kyra Broomberg -

Advantage learn is really helpful thus far and ive learned a lot

- Johannes Geldenhuys -

Thanks so much! My son was so impressed with the workshop and feels much better prepared for his test. The teacher was excellent.

- Liesl Maree -

The entire experience was incredible! As I arrived there were printed notes, bonded notes, and a little pencil case of goods on my desk. The teacher, Roxy Lewis, was outstanding. I've given a look at the online part of the programme as well and it was just as impressive. Overall, it was a great experience and I would definitely recommend.

- Courtney Brown -

I received excellent feedback from my daughter. Thanks for this valuable workshop at the Southdowns College.

- Catherin van der Merwe -

It was really helpful. It gets you to think in a new mindset.

- Trevelyn Varden -

Michaela found the workshop very useful and necessary for her preparation to write the nbt’s. We are hopeful that she will do well in her up and coming Nbt tests next month.

- Shuntelle Gow -

Excellent preparation for the NBT exams! Presenter Dilla is well prepared with excellent skills.

- Mada Klein -

Advantage Learn really helped me to approach mathematical questions differently in a more time effective way and tricks to answer the questions.

- Michael -

The most professional, helpful and super friendly service I have ever received. Thank you

- Bonnie Evert -

Great course, I highly recommend it, I studied it and did well on my NBT

- Fisani Mncube -

So far the course is very helpful. I would recommend it to anyone preparing to write their NBTs.

- Candice Kingiela -

I would highly recommend this, very informative and important session to learn about the NBTs

- S’busile Mgaga -

Wonderful . But I think more exercises after the example video would help even more.

- Bianca Burger -

I improved my NBT score by more than 25% after doing this course! Highly recommend!

- Tessa Jenkings -

All my friends who took the NBTs failed. Not me. The difference? I had Advantage Learn on my side! Seriously the NBTs were tough and I'm really glad I got help. Honestly when I wrote the NBTs it practically felt like I was cheating, because I recognized concepts in the paper literally designed to throw me off, then quickly and efficiently answered their related questions. Thank you so much Advantage Learn! I'd recommend this to anyone writing the NBTs, especially those who finished school with the Cambridge curriculum.

- Sky -

Trish, who I'm pretty sure is the mathematics teacher, is really the bomb. She is querky (in the good way) and genuine. Although I cannot remember the English teacher's name, she offered no less in terms of expertise. I got this vibe from her that she'd be one of those 'strict' teachers, but I'm sure she is rather nice *insert laughing face*. Lastly, the actual course as a whole was fantastic. I just wish I had prepared more.

- Avi Opert -

The workshop was absolutely amazing. I was stunned that you can do maths without a calculator; the tutor made everything seamless; if schools can use your approach every student would love doing maths. The tutor was extremely great and easy to approach

- Rendani Mbara -

The NBT workshop was really helpful in that it showed me areas where I needed to improve and gave me deeper insight to solving maths problems that I thought were to complicated for me to solve

- Mlondolozi Moya -

Bloody amazing, I am normally an A candidate in school but this course let me get unimaginable marks! I got 84 for AL , 98 for QL , and 98 for Math in the NBT I advise taking this course to anyone

- Abdullah Moolla -

Very informative...thorough and of the highest quality...You guys couldn't have done it better

- Nkosenhle Mkhize -

Incredible! All work is relevant and helped a lot, excellent service and was worth the time! I would highly recommend it and I already have to the grade 12 year of 2019!

- Tom Hill -

Courses and lessons very well done and put together.

- Raphael Anthony -

Excellent preparation for the NBT course. Gave really good insight into ways to approach the types of questions likely to appear in the NBT test.

- Susan Alborough -

This Trails course prepared me like no other math course! Not only was I fully prepared in all major aspects of both my math examinations but we completed 30 hours of math - I would never have achieved that by myself! I was not stressed when checking all major components had been learnt therefore this lent me more time to revise rather than stressing the day before! Thank you Advantage Learn!

- Daniella de Charmoy -

I was blown away by Advantage Learn!!! Excellent service from booking the course to dealing with Mike at IT support and by daughter was very impressed with Trish and found the course very beneficial. Highly recommended.

- Hayley Craig -

Very helpful!

- Taron van der Berg -

This helped me an enormous amount and set me up to get an A for my NBT’s. Money well spent

- Cameron Lovemore -

Helped so much, was so prepared for the tests

- Tayla Howard -

The NBT package is amazing. The sample questions and explanation videos make the test so much easier. Thank you Advantage Learn

- Mariam Moosa -

Super helpful!! I used so many of the tips in my NBT! This course was definitely worth it!

- Deborah Odendaal -

Wonderful course! Wouldn't have been able to write NBT without it. Recommend it to everyone.

- Ane Coetzee -

I gained so much information from this course that realy helped me with my NBT's and would recomend it for anyone else.

- Jané Eksteen -

It was very informative. Trish Pike is brillant and I learnt alot from her.

- Shiara Bajnath -

This workshop was extremely valuable for my maths core not just for the NBT’s. Although I would have struggled in my NBt’s If it wasn’t for this course. It was so worth the money

- Tayla Thwaits -

Brilliant preparation course for nbt. Really put things into focus for me. Definitely recommend all matriculants to attend.

- Muhammad Abdul Qadir Saeed -

it was extremely helpful...I didn't even realize the time that passed. Highly recommended to students looking to write nbts or even normal mathematics.

- Lavanya Chetty -

Dane was blown away by this weekends workshop! Was fantastic!

- kerri mertsch -

Excellent course

- Craig Smith -

Was one of the best maths lessons I have ever had.

- Gavi Shlomo -

It was very helpful, not only for the NBTs but also as revision for prelims and finals

- Shirley Sabrina -

Really clear and helpfull

- Camden Jenner -

Our lecturer was very helpful and friendly

- Yusuf Lorgat -

This was a brilliant course that really helped me to prepare well for NBTs.

- Nicky Maehler -

The workshops were extremely helpful in assuring that I was fully prepared for the NBTs by providing new ways to tackle problems that I would not have ordinarily thought of. The workshops also gave many practice papers with their solutions so that I could better understand the sort of questions and style of testing that the NBTs use.

- Nicky Maehler -

I really enjoyed it and it helped me a lot with my NBT

- Shuaib Suleiman Mangera -


- Rafiah hassim -

Very beneficial course

- Muhammad Jilan Raza -

Great way to see what to expect from NBT's

- Ranen Pillay Young -

Brilliant, helped me tremendously with my nbt"s and normal NSC Math

- Joseph Clacey -

Really Really worth it! I would defs recommend it to anyone in matric - struggling or not!

- XUBA Xuba -

Great workshop!!! Feel really prepared fpr the NBTs

- Eshen Moodley -

Very heloful

- Bailey Green -

This course has given me far more insight into what to expect for the NBT than I had ever thought! The workshop has provided me with a new look at that maths asked in the NBT, but has also helped greatly with my normal maths too.

- leora puterman -

i would have been caught off guard by the NBT's if it weren't for this workshop. We were not only told what to expect and how it would work, but also taught the tips and tricks needed to do well in the tests. Excellent revision and teaching methods allowing me to go into the test with much less fear. definitely recommended.

- Justin Van Aardt -

Very well organized and very helpful, thank you

- Madeleine Raal -

My son really enjoyed the preparation course and said there were some very helpful tips he picked up

- Amber Combrinck -

The workshop helped tremendously with the sections that I struggled in. I benefited from the different ways in which I could look at questions to obtain a rapid answer in an effective way. I liked that the workshop pin pointed the areas that I need improvement and how I can fix these areas. I appreciate the advice and tips that was given to us during the workshop.

- Manushri Naidoo -

Excellent! Lots of valuable tips

- Ahmed Timol -

Brilliant. Incredible helpful and valuable. Really reduced my nerves and stress levels! Totally recommend it!

- Lindsey Bath -

The training was really helpful, not just for the NBTs but for matric as well

- Tashmieka Govender -

I have not written the test yet but the information and the knowledge I have already has made a huge difference and also the confidence I have towards the test is really amazing, I don't want to count the chickens before they hatch let us wait for the test date before I praise you fully.

- Sinemihlali Ntshibongo -

It was very helpful and will definitely recommend it

- Nina Rossouw -

The teacher didn't complete the workbook(Excluding online supplement), even cut off 2 breaks. MORE TIME is needed. OTHERWISE...SUPER EXCELLENT TEACHING LOVED IT. Just the cramming was not nice

- Ashish Philip -

It was a great course, and adequately equipped me for my NBTs. I would definitely recommend it to future scholars planning on writing NBTs, especially if the NBTs play a large role in your acceptance to South African Universities.

- Hellmut von Ludwiger -

It really helped..

- theoline mabelane -

The cause was informative, and I've learnt a lot. The tutor is so knowledgeable , I picked up a lot of formulas from her which I am now using in my day to day lessons.

- Boang Makuse -

The exercises are extremely helpful.

- Kabuba Masule -

really helpful course and very beneficial!

- Savannah Brandsma -

Really good tutor (Trish Pike)

- Keldon Hiralall -

My son, Carl really enjoyed the course and found it very useful. He loved Trish’s style of teaching and looked forward to his 2nd session. It was never boring and felt that he was properly prepared for his NBTs next week. He will continue to practice online and feels confident about the assessments ahead. Thank you. Best regards Paula

- Paula Tostee -

This NBT workshop was extremely helpful and really calmed me down ahead of my NBT. The lessons were very informative and easy to understand aswell as it prepared me more than enough to write my NBT. Big thank you to advantagelearn and the educator for it.

- Malcolm Potgieter -

I found the NBT Workshop useful, students should actually sign up for the course as useful tips were given by Trish.

- Nokubonga Kumalo -

The course is Amazing⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I am already feeling confident about my NBT

- Owami Ntuli -

An amazing workshop with thorough revision and tips that are definitely worth while ! Would definitely recommend it!

- Michelle Lederman -

Absolutely fantastic! Thanks Heather!

- Carlo Castanho -

Really very helpful!

- Tracy-Lee Young -

I found it really helpful... do not know what I would have done without it!

- Georgia Gilson -

The course was great! One thing is that you need to stay focused as it is very lengthly, and you interchange between sections quickly, which you may be rusty on - but the revision I thought was essential in order to understand and to be prepared for what's coming in the NBT paper. Thank you!

- sophie greig -

I never realised there were so many ways to complete sums and now I feel really prepared.

- Kelly Redman -

Absolutely helpful! Heather opens your eyes to quick memorable tricks that can help you tackle any sum or problem in your path without a calculator to help you.

- Amy Fourie -

learnt a lot of tips for nbt test classes where very well structured good material given. excellent lecturer thanks for online facility

- Neelan Gounden -

It was very nice i really enjoyed.Although i felt like two days was not enough but am hoping that i will get assistance from the online page

- Samantha Mungwe -

Very good!

- Alma Swart -

Very helpful for NBTs but also gives nice and easy time-saving tips for Core Maths

- Ricardo Santana Lopo -

Shanae really enjoyed the course and found it very informative

- Genevieve Meadows -

The Advantage learn in-person course and the online course have helped me greatly with my NBTs! I appreciate all the lessons online as well as the mock exams because these together really did prove to be useful, especially for the MAT.

- kiyana Bhiman -

Extremely helpful and informative!

- kyra steenkamp -

I learned a lot, it really prepared me for the NBT

- Daniela Cisneros -

My daughter was so stimulated and impressed at how much she learnt. She loved the passion projected from the trainer.

- Gillian Dodds -

The NBT course really gave me a deeper understanding to maths which will greatly assist me in my NBT exam.

- Divakaran Moodley -

Really useful and helpful I think kids who want to write the nbt should definitely purchase this online course

- Raihaan essa -

The workshop was absolutely amazing I learnt so much ! I definitetly feel more prepared for the NBT's and it has given me insight into maths core questions as well , thank you !

- Janet Simons -

It's a great course. Very thorough. The only thing that's missing is from the maths section: logarithms and other matric work taught later in the year. The support team is also really helpful.

- Amy Viljoen -

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.It was very informative and well planned,thank you

- Callan Tia Edwards -

Very helpful, highly recommended.

- Zackary Smorenburg -

Advantage learn is the best NBT Training. This really opens my mind to thin beyond maths.

- Dimpho Hadebe -

Course was helpful, interesting and highly recommended.

- Renier van Rensburg -

I'd like a couple more practice tests per section but otherwise it's incredibly helpful

- Bronwyn Morphet -

I love the questions. They're really great and easy to understand. Thanks for making this program available to me. The reason why I gave only 4 stars was because the questions were not enough. Please try to increase the questions. Thanks.

- Moses Cho -

Lessons were great, as they were interactive. The tutor was approachable and friendly. Great atmosphere and vibe. Looking forward to next lesson

- Divashan Anamalay -

My son reported that the work was worthwhile as it was also prep for grade 12 exams.

- Robert Mckay -

Absolutely brilliant course!

- sugandri pillay -

Extremely helpful and teaching was exemplary and easy to understand. Only suggestion would be to possibly cover more content. However, overall an excellent experience.

- Farah Shaik -

Brilliant, well organized, helpful

- Michael Stark -

The NBT workshop is a great preparation course. It is a fast-paced, high energy environment that promotes learning and growth.

- Andrew Britton -

Excellent Workshop. Improvement: Tackle more difficult questions with students. Extend the hours of mathematics workshop.

- mariam cachalia -

Teacher should learn to slow down a tiny bit, got boring quickly. Only plus was the booklet


Awesome workshop. Lots of insight and guidance.

- Jenny Gourley -

I really enjoyed the interactive atmosphere, and allowing us to challenge ourselves by attempting the questions first and being taught amazing tricks and short cuts. I really could not have asked for better preparation!

- Cherise Khan -

My daughter was disappointed in the course as she felt it was purely maths revision and she could have achieved the same by working through past papers on her own. Thus she decided not to return for the second day. She felt it would probably benefit people who struggle with Maths more.

- Janine Johnson -

Very valuable seminar. The lecturer covered everything I needed to understand and was very helpful and approachable

- Andrew Semple -

Well worth it!

- Caroline Futter -

Could be better .

- Aphsana Yusuph -

Very productive, helpful. Brilliant teaching!

- Kelly Lumley -

Good course

- Tina Singh -

Great nbt preparation

- Nomfundo Mchunu -

My daughter attended She has only good things to say ! Thank you!

- Marina Pieters -

I believe our children (twins) found it very helpful!With Thanks! I am encouraging them to download the pratoce session online in order to start with it.

- Michelle Amsinck -

My son attended the course. Felt it was very informative.

- Mohamed Simjee -

Very informative, I enjoyed the workshop


The lecture was really good and help a lot

- Belinda De Jong -

Thank you so much Trish! It has been so helpful and a pleasure to use!

- Jenna Thompson -

enjoying IT

- Khalid Karani -

This course is not only helping me with studying for the NBTs, but teaching me a whole lot of new vocabulary and interesting facts.

- Jenna Smith -

The course was extremely helpful and gave me insight into a more creative way of thinking which is essential for the nbt’s

- Zahrah Gaffoor -

Very informative with some great tips that were not previously known. Great general revision. Thank you

- Melissa Krause -

Awesome !!

- Tina Singh -

I found the course beneficial and extremely helpful in preparing for NBT's. The style of teaching was brilliant, as I always felt challenged. I gained lots of insight and understanding into the way that I will be examined, and how to answer those questions.

- Samantha Franklin -

The best !

- Mahmooda Milanzie -

Very detailed work Great work environment Friendly teacher Eye-opener

- Seun Afolayan -

It is an opportunity that should not be missed. Amazing teacher and unbelievably beneficial content...

- Akheel Harikishun -

It was exceptionally good . Trish is a fantastic teacher , I think the course could not have been more beneficial or helpful...

- Nicky Franklin -

Very passionate instructors that know the subject matter well and are very patient.

- Asheen Ramdhani -

Great teaching of content, yet communication on website log ins and usernam es etc was not concise

- Connor Hyde -

So helpful, there is always someone online willing to help with any hassles and the questions and courses are fantastic!

- Casey Smart -

EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY TO PREPARE FOR NBTS!Learnt a few extra time saving tips for my general academic work as well.This workshop is a must!

- Ruben Lourens -

Very Helpful !

- Lamis Dawood -

It really helped me in many ways It’s thought me things I thought I would have never understand and I’m great full that i went for the workshop

- Nusaybha Shaikh -

It is really worth the while to go to the workshops. It gives you a good backround of what to expect and you get valueble skills.

- Thea de Lange -

Super informative for the NBTs especially coming from a place where I had no clue what was happening with them. The actual course was really good teaching & workbooks

- Kelly Lumley -

Hi, De Wet said he learnt a lot, and was happy he was there.

- De Wet Wolhunter -

Roxy was a great teacher and helped me a lot, I think I would have failed if I didn’t go to this course!!!!

- Dylan Rees -

I really enjoyed how the notes were presented - fun, interactive and easy to recall. The skills are unimaginable and quite helpful in trying to understand the problems.

- Bright Makhubedu -

I am so glad I did this course! The methods shown to us will not only help me at Nbt's but also in class.

- Theo Basson -

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