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NBT Voorbereiding Aanlyn (MAT en QL)


Die beste manier om voor te berei vir beide die QL en MAT komponente van die NBTs.

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NBT Preparation for Cambridge A level students


Bridging the gaps between the A levels and NBTs.

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Free NBT Quiz

15 Example Advantage Learn NBT questions to give learners a taste of NBTs as well as our mock tests.

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NBT Articles

NBT Preparation Online 2.0

“Bloody amazing, I am normally an A candidate in school but this course let me get unimaginable marks! I got 84 for AL, 98 for QL, and 98 for Math in... Read more

Help! The NBT website is currently unavailable.

If you have tried to access the NBT’s website to find out information about the NBTs then you will have discovered that the website is currently unde... Read more

NBT test dates 2019

The NBT project has released all of the test dates in 2019 for the 2020 university intake. A full schedule of dates and venues can be found at thi... Read more

NBT schools we worked with in 2019

In 2019 we had our biggest year for preparing students for the NBTs. We had over 1,800 students attend our workshops around the country. If you are in... Read more