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Are you looking to improve your results or prepare for an exam which can determine your future? Find the support you need to excel in high school and beyond.

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NBT Preparation

The National Benchmark Test, or NBT, is written when applying to universities, bursaries or jobs which require it. A good NBT result is your ticket into university.

Secure your future by obtaining your best NBT result. Prepare with Advantage Learn, the leaders in NBT preparation.

Advanced Programmes

The IEB’s advanced programme subjects enable you to stand out from the crowd, bridging the gap between high school and university competencies.

Gain an in-depth understanding of the subject you love, develop critical thinking skills and enhance your university application to a competitive degree programme.

The Academy

Get the most holistic preparation for each subject through a termly programme designed to build a strong foundation of knowledge. Choose to learn with the purpose of improving your grades.

Achieve your ideal results with the support of our first-class teaching and mentor team. Subjects offered are Mathematics, Science and Robotics.

Exam Preparation

Exam season is always a time of pressure and stress. Planning how to prepare is very important and making sure you are making smart choices in how you prepare.

With our exam preparation workshops, you can ensure you are covering the most important topics and are spending your limited study time in the smartest way with our subject matter experts.

Self Study Resources

Learn anytime, anywhere with our studio-developed video content which enables you to take control of your own learning and study at your own pace.

Choose what you would like to use from our vast library of digital content. Rest assured that you are getting world-class support from our online team when you choose our Mathematics and Science resources or our organised bank of past exam papers.

Our vision: from foundation to vocation. Your future career starts here.

Learning never stops, the finish line is never crossed. We have the goal of helping learners from all corners of the earth to achieve the career of their dreams. Whilst we currently excel in providing the best NBT and Mathematics resources to learners from grade 8 to first year university, our goal is to provide learners the same quality of learning from the foundation phase and then guide them on their way to a career, or vocation for the jobs of tomorrow, referred to as the ‘fourth industrial revolution’. The schooling system has had very little change in the last 100 years and still educates learners in a factory-like fashion, each with their own desk in rows. The work of tomorrow is about technology, collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Advantage Learn class of tomorrow will be enriched not only with teaching, but career guidance and opportunities through our collaboration with tertiary education providers and companies who want to invest in the workforce of tomorrow.

Stories from our customers

Bulelani Marhwa

Bulelani joined us on our AP Maths Online programme, sponsored by his school, and went on to get a bursary at Wits University to study actuarial science.

When Lungi Mkhize entered into grade 12 she, like most matrics, realised she had to write the NBTs to get into her dream university.

Additional Story 1 Image
Lungi Mkhize

Olivia Noyce had to persevere with mathematics after she discovered she is hearing impaired.

Additional Story 2 Image
Olivia Noyce
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