On April 25, 2024, a number of learners who are interested in Further Studies Programmes joined a webinar to hear from Nicole, a distinguished alumnus who has recently started her exciting journey in Mechatronic Engineering.

About Nicole Booyens

Nicole Booyens is a driven Mechatronic Engineering student at Stellenbosch University, recognised for her academic excellence. As a former member of the Glenwood House School student council, Nicole showcased her organisational skills and commitment to her school community. In 2023, she graduated with 10 distinctions and an impressive average of 94%, earning her the title of Dux Scholar. Her passion for Mathematics and Physics was evident through her participation in the Further Studies Maths and Further Studies Physics Advantage Learn programs achieving 92% for FSM and 84% for FSP. Nicole was also the recipient of our Top Achiever Award for FSM Live Online in 2023. 

Embracing Further Studies in Math and Physics

Nicole’s journey into the realms of advanced mathematics and physics began out of a love for the subjects and a thirst for challenges beyond the standard curriculum. By engaging in further studies, she not only satisfied her intellectual curiosity but also significantly enhanced her problem-solving and critical thinking skills. These skills proved invaluable, helping her excel not just in her additional subjects but also in her standard coursework.

Further Studies Online

One of the pivotal elements of Nicole’s success was her utilization of online learning platforms like Advantage Learn’s Further Studies Programmes. These platforms provided structured and timely lessons that helped her keep pace with her coursework. Nicole stressed the importance of participating in live online sessions rather than relying solely on pre-recorded ones, as real-time engagement fostered a better learning environment and kept her more accountable.

The Transition to University

Nicole took on a number of additional subjects including IT, Further Studies Maths and Further Studies Physics, which she feels is what equipped her with a solid foundation for her university studies. She noted that many of the concepts introduced in the IEB’s Further Studies Programmes were revisited during her first year, giving her a distinct advantage. This prior exposure has allowed her to focus more on new and challenging materials while managing her course load more effectively.

Advice for Further Studies learners

Are you currently taking on one or multiple Further Studies Programmes? Nicole gave the following advice for these learners:

  • Engagement: Actively participate in your Further Studies classes and ask questions. Understanding the material in real time is crucial.
  • Time Management: Make sure you’re keeping up with the coursework! Nicole recommended attending live classes and staying on top of assignments to avoid last-minute pressures.
  • Balance: Work isn’t everything, make sure you’re balancing coursework with personal health and extracurricular activities. Nicole highlighted the importance of maintaining a healthy sleep schedule and allowing time for relaxation to prevent burnout.

What is Nicole planning to do next?

As Nicole continues her journey in engineering, she is excited about the possibilities ahead. And Nicole is particularly interested in pursuing the field of neuro-linked prosthetics. Her story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance in the face of academic challenges!

Engage Further

For those interested in deeper insights or revisiting the discussion, click below to watch the full webinar. Nicole’s journey is not just inspiring but is also a roadmap for current students aiming to leverage their academic pursuits for future success.

This article was originally published on 10 May 2024

About the author
Mekayla Preiss

I am a Copywriter and Content Creator for AdvantageLearn.com. I enjoy getting creative and have a passion for people and crafting compelling content, I hope to inspire the next generation of learners and changemakers.

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