According to the United Nations, only 33% of researchers are women, on top of this, women are awarded less funding for research compared to men and are less likely to be promoted. There is a clear gap in the system that needs to be addressed. The International Day of Women and Girls in Science aims to raise awareness of these important facts and to encourage and praise women who are contributing to the Science and Technology industry.

Did you know? Women only make up 22% of professionals in artificial intelligence and 28% of engineering graduates!

When was this day established as an important day in STEM?

On the 22nd of December 2015, the United Nations and UNESCO established an annual international day to mark this occasion called International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This day highlights the important role women play in Science and Technology. It is set to recognise and promote full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls.

This day is celebrated globally on the 11th of February and creates awareness as well as acknowledges women who are leading and creating space for the younger generation in the science industry.

Why is this day so important in the STEM or Science and Technology industry?

Women have experienced inequality in many fields globally – they have never had the platforms or opportunities to showcase their talents. With that in mind, organisations must do all they can to show future female leaders that they deserve to be heard. It also shows young women that other women are thriving in Science-oriented fields.

Promoting a love for science at a young age is very important because it encourages young girls to strive in places they never thought they could excel. As a trusted and recognised provider in STEM education, we believe in supporting and encouraging young girls to take up space in STEM-focused careers.

What is Advantage Learn doing to bridge this gap?

We have a range of programmes that are designed to help girls who are interested in STEM succeed and achieve great results. Joining Advanced Programmes (Further Studies) or our Academy sets, learners up for extension in their thinking and prepares them for university-level thinking and material.

Our Head of Operations addressed this issue in a recent EWN article all about what we, Advantage Learn, are doing to bridge the STEM education gap for women and girls.

“Our programmes at Advantage Learn are focused on Maths and Science and encourage girls and young women to build their love for STEM subjects at an early stage. We have several women educators at Advantage Learn who are also excellent role models for learners.”

Tracey young-thompson, ADVANTAGE LEARN Head of operations

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