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The Advantage Learn Academy

The Advantage Learn Academy is a place for learners to increase their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subject knowledge and improve their performance as they journey towards their future careers. STEM subjects provide a core foundation for rewarding career paths in the 4th industrial revolution.

Maths Academy

Mathematics is one of the core subjects to open doors to a learner’s future career. This subject develops important aspects of our knowledge including our ability to reason, think outside the box and solve problems. Learners in this Academy are empowered to develop and reinforce these skills as they broaden their understanding of Mathematics and build on their ability to think critically. Designed by our Head of Academics, Trish Pike, the Maths Academy (grade 8 – 12) includes tests for learners to complete individually as well as a weekly live lesson.

Science Academy (Physical Science)

Discover new things about the world and the physical effects of matter around us with the Science Academy. Physical Science enables learners to deeply understand the world around them by understanding how energy and matter interact and also bridges the gap between school and engineering degrees. Join the Science Academy (grade 10 to 12) live for weekly Physical Science lessons designed to enhance their understanding and push them to be their best. 

Robotics Academy
It is more important than ever for learners to be equipped with the skillsets that they will need in the future world of work in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Robotics and artificial intelligence are increasingly used in a broad array of fields, from healthcare to engineering and product design, and is central to meeting the demands of the modern age. The Robotics Academy is for anyone from grade 8 to 12 and takes place via weekly live lessons.
Robotics Academy coming soon.