Final matric results have been out for a while now and its time for me to do our annual round-up on the results our Matric class of 2021 achieved in the Advanced Programmes. Uniquely, and for the first time ever at Advantage Learn, I will not only be reporting on Advanced Programme Mathematics results but also on Advanced Programme Physics results as we had a significant number of learners write the inaugural AP Physics final IEB exam in 2021. 

Before I reflect on the results, I’d like to spend some time looking back on what was another significant year in our Advanced Programmes with some key highlights

2021 Advanced Programmes developments

  • As already mentioned, we launched AP Physics in partnership with Tyler Rodrigues and had our first AP Physics matrics write the inaugural final IEB exam in this programme.
  • We advanced towards making physical workbooks standard issue on all our Advanced Programme learning streams regardless of the fact that these are online programmes. The workbooks are expertly designed to seamlessly integrate with our online courses and the drive behind this was to ensure that learners are well equipped to work through the problems with us on the course and PRACTISE!
  • We added the option to study the other two elective modules in Advanced Programme Maths at a Grade 10 level and this is phasing into Grade 11 in 2022 and then into Grade 12 in 2023. Our learners now have the option to study Statistics, Matrices and Graph Theory or Finance and Modelling! What’s more, is that ALL AP Maths learners get access to all of these electives via the AP Maths library on the campus should they want to learn more about another elective that they haven’t specifically opted for in terms of assessments. Learners are really resourced to explore Mathematics to a larger extent via this introduction and the electives provide really helpful insights into the fascinating applications of Mathematics in various fields.

2022 Advanced Programme developments

  • Our learners are now able to study AP English – Further Studies English with us!
  • Exclusive webinars for AP parents and learners where our Alumni will come to talk about the degrees and the careers that they have pursued in order to assist learners and parents to navigate the challenging question that each of us need to answer; What do I want to pursue as a career?
  • The Advanced Programmes have been incorporated into the IEB’s recently launched International Secondary Certificate and will be known as Further Studies moving forward. One significant takeaway is that in AP Maths there is an opportunity for a Standard or an Extended certificate which, to an extent, will make achieving this qualification more attainable from a volume of work perspective.
  • Our in-person classes at our Westville centre have returned. For some learners and parents, in-person learning remains the preferred medium and we are excited that we have been able to return to in-person lessons in AP Maths in 2022 at Westville Boys High School.
  • Tyler Rodrigues continues to teach Advanced Programme Physics from his new home in the UK. Tyler has taken up a post at the prestigious North London Collegiate in the UK but remains committed to our AP Physics programme. This is the first time that we have an educator teaching from abroad. An exciting next step in the evolution of education.

Now to our Matric Class of 2021 results!

Below is a table of some key metrics that we use at Advantage Learn to benchmark us in continuously striving to deliver the best Advanced Programme courses in the country. We benchmark ourselves against the overall IEB average and the IEB pass rate.

ProgramAdvantage Learn class of 2021Overall IEB 2021
AP Maths class average62.6% 60.2%
AP Maths pass rate83.9%81.1%
AP Physics class average63.69%62.2%
AP Physics pass rate92.31%91.4%

It is encouraging to see that our matric class averages and pass rates are surpassing the overall IEB average in both AP Maths and AP Physics in 2021. Well done to our learners and thanks to our Educators, partners and team.

Our Matric class has done very well in the face of another very taxing year! Well done to each of you for your grit, resilience and perseverance. We strongly believe that pass or fail, having persevered with the Advanced Programmes will stand in you in excellent stead beyond high school and I am confident that you will experience these benefits in your next chapter and be grateful that you undertook this challenge. Nothing truly worthwhile is ever easy!

There are then some learners who achieved distinctions in AP Maths and AP Physics and we must make special mention of these learners for this outstanding achievement.

In AP Maths – Further Studies Mathematics – congratulations for achieving a distinction (in no particular order) goes to:

  • Sejal Dwarka
  • Danika Govender
  • Shrivar Singh
  • Erin Sterkenburg
  • Michaela Swan
  • Nathan Damtew
  • Daniel Hogg
  • Navashan Moodaliyar
  • Ash Pillay

In AP Physics – Further Studies Physics – congratulations for achieving a distinction (in no particular order) goes to:

  • Simon Daniel
  • Isabella Goosen
  • Luke Forester Smythe

Advanced Programmes learner feedback 2021

In closing, I’d like to anonymously quote a few of our learners on the survey question “What about our Advanced Programmes do you enjoy?”

“The educators and how organized and helpful everyone was in assisting, they were quick to respond to any issues”

“Lots of extra practice and support available, excellent teachers and workbooks, very organised online platform.”

“It’s not all about homework and exams but more about understanding the topic.”

We are always so motivated by the opportunity that we have to extend and enrich our learners who join us on our Advanced Programmes. As you may have heard me say many times by now, the benefits of these programmes really can’t be understated and go far beyond the marks and the additional qualification that our AP learners work to achieve.

This article was originally published on 28 Feb 2022

About the author
Crispian Lees

Cris is our Executive Product Director at Advantage Learn. A chemical engineer by qualification, he is passionate about Maths and Science education and is a proud South African and Durbanite.

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