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Secure your competitive edge and get a head start for university with Further Studies English (Advanced Programme English).

R7,148.00 per year (payment plans available)

Grade 9-12
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Advantage Learn is a registered distance education provider for the Further Studies Programmes (also known as Advanced Programmes) with the IEB. Matric AP learners will be examined for certification via the Independent Examination Board under their International Secondary Certificate.

Wondering whether Further Studies English is right for you?

What is Further Studies English?

The purpose of the additional (IEB) Grade 9 – 12 subject Further Studies English (AP English) is to provide learners with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of English through exposure to challenging poetry, films and texts (novels and plays). Like our other Further Studies subjects, Further Studies English prepares learners to cope with the demands associated with university. This will help them to compete at an international level and to differentiate themselves from other applicants, thereby increasing their chance of getting into their university degree of choice when places in that degree programme are limited.

The key benefits of Further Studies English

  • Become more comfortable with English Home Language and, thus, improve your results.
  • Get a head start on difficult university topics including poetry, films, writing and philosophy.
  • Improve your university application by standing out from other candidates.
  • Develop your independent study skills and critical thinking in preparation for university.
  • Open doors to international universities.

Who should take Further Studies English?

  • Learners with a strong English Home Language competency level.
  • Learners with an interest in English literature who want to extend themselves.
  • Learners who want to better their English Home Language results by extending themselves.
  • Learners who want to better prepare themselves for tertiary study.
  • Learners who want to differentiate themselves when applying to universities.
  • Learners who are looking to apply to international universities.

The benefits of learning online

  • Study at your own pace anytime, anywhere.
  • Learn from expertly-designed curriculum and video lessons.
  • Revise concepts as much and as frequently as needed.
  • Test your understanding through online quizzes and sample questions.
  • Access AP English educators to help you reach your learning goals.
  • Track your learning through comprehensive reports and feedback from your educators.

Further Studies vs. Advanced Programmes

Just recently the IEB announced the launch of their newest qualification – the IEB International Secondary Certificate (IEB-ISC). Along with this launch, the IEB has taken the decision to rename the Advanced Programmes as Further Studies from 2022. These qualifications have already been benchmarked by UK-ENIC as comparable to the overall GCE Advanced level (A-level) standard, just as the Advanced Programmes have been for a number of years.


Along with the name change are some other notable changes. The pass mark for Further Studies subjects is 50% (previously 40%). While there is no significant impact on AP English aside from the shift in the pass mark, there are more significant changes for AP Maths.

Read more about Further Studies here.

Further Studies English (AP English) Learning Streams

Live Online lessons

Live Online lessons are for learners who want a regular structure to learning Further Studies English by attending weekly online live lessons.

  • Learners can engage and ask questions like they would in a classroom environment.
  • Attendance and progress are tracked in line with the live online lesson programme.
  • Lessons are recorded and made available to all our Further Studies English learners.
For schools

Advantage Learn has provided schools across South Africa with Further Studies English. If your school is looking to outsource Further Studies English, you’re in good hands.

We have school packages available and will be happy to engage with you around a bespoke package for your school.

Learn more about our school packages.


Course details

Term dates

Our Further Studies English programme works on a 4-term calendar. All lessons, tests and examinations work within a 4-term school calendar and we strive, as far as possible to ensure that our 3-term school learners are accommodated in our lesson and assessment dates.

Semester Start Dates End dates
Term 1 11 March 2022 18 March 2022
Break 19 March 2022 7 April 2022
Term 2 8 April 2022 25 June 2022
Break 26 June 2022 21 July 2022
Term 3 22 July 2022 16 September 2022
Break 17 September 2022 13 October 2022
Term 4 14 October 2022 25 November 2022

* Please note that no Grade 12 learners will be accepted after the 1st of April 2022, as there won’t be enough time to cover all the required content before the final exam.

**Learners in Grade 9 – 10 are welcome to apply anytime throughout the year.


Further Studies English fees are paid annually and cost the same for grades 9 to 12. Learners commit to the programme each year and can pay via one of the various payment methods outlined in the table below.

Payment plan Frequency Cost per payment
Full year upfront Once-off annual payment R7,148.00
Full year upfront early bird discount (10% discount if you apply and pay before the 8th of April) Once-off annual payment R6,433.20
Per semester 2 payments R3,574.00
Per month (starts March, ends November - 9 payments by debit order)* 9 payments R873.64

* Monthly payments are run via debit order and include a 10% administration fee for the monthly processing of debit orders.

** If you join during the course of the programme your monthly payment will vary.


Live Online lessons timetable per grade

The live online lessons are held weekly on a Friday for learners. In these lessons, Grade 9-12 learners will be guided, in a single class, by their Further Studies English educators, Chanelle Peverett and Natasha Ferreira. Before each lesson, learners will be given notes for their upcoming session to enable them to download and print them or have them available on their devices before the lesson.

Lessons Grade 9 - 12
Day Friday
Time 14:45 – 17:00


Modules and programme details


Further Studies English is designed and taught by experts in Further Studies English


Like university degrees, the Further Studies English curriculum is broken down into elective modules: prose, drama and film. 

However, our Further Studies English syllabus, designed by our LEARN TO LINK educator, Chanelle Peverett, is structured to include all three electives (i.e. prose, drama and film) so that the students have exposure to all electives and can then make an informed decision during their Grade 12 year. Similarly, for the Poetry section, students are required to choose only two prescribed schools of poetry. Again, they will not be able to make an informed choice if they are not exposed, initially, to more than two schools of poetry. As a result, the programme is also more comprehensive and truly appeals to students who wish to display greater knowledge and depth of insight in a wide variety of genres, whilst developing a deeper love and appreciation for English.


According to the Further Studies English Handbook, no evidence of school-based assessment is required. Learners will write only one three-hour examination at the end of their Grade 12 year. However, annually, all students are given two opportunities to write an exam, be assessed and receive valuable feedback. Students in Grade 9-11 are given the opportunity to write a June and November examination.


5% discount for joining multiple subjects

If you apply to join multiple subjects and your application is successful, you will receive a 5% discount on each additional subject you are taking with us. Terms and conditions apply.

Learners can join Advantage Learn for Further Studies English from the beginning of 2022 by successful application only. 

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Lesson preview

Introduction to Further Studies English

Taught and designed by subject matter experts

Chanelle Peverett, BAEd, BA Eng Hons

Degree Majors: English, Afrikaans, Zulu and Education (BA) and English Literature (Honours)
Institution: RAU (Now University of Johannesburg), South Africa
Graduated: 1997

Teaching experience

  • AP English educator and course co-ordinator at LEARN TO LINK since 2010 
  • English Olympiad trainer since 1997
  • English Home Language Educator since 1997
  • Previous English Home Language Subject Specialist for Umalusi (Quality assurer of the National Senior Certificate)  
  • Previous English Home Language Educator at Northcliff High School (DBE), St Catherine’s School (IEB) among others
  • Previous HOD at St Catherine’s School (IEB)
  • Previous English First Language Educator at Andrews Academy up to A-Level (Cambridge) and at Alma Mater College (Cambridge)
  • Presenter of English component for First-Year University students on ‘Open Varsity’ on SABC2 
  • Previous English Language Trainer of teaching internship students 
  • Corporate Trainer and Co-ordinator of English Business Writing Skills
  • Presenter of English Home Language Grade 12 Revision programmes for IIEMSA 
  • Self-published My Little V-Book (self-development, personalised dictionary)

Natasha Ferreira MA

Degree Majors: Ancient Greek (MA) and English Literature, Philosophy, Ancient Greek (BA)
Institution: University of Pretoria, South Africa
Graduated: 2020

Teaching experience

  • AP English educator at LEARN TO LINK since 2017
  • English Olympiad trainer since 2018
  • English tutor at LEARN TO LINK since 2017
  • Part-time lecturer of Ancient Greek at University of Pretoria since 2020
  • Previous Ancient Greek tutor at University of Pretoria
  • Previous English Language Development facilitator for the More Than A Teacher programme

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