If you know us, you’ll know we don’t do big deals very often but every now and then, the occasion calls for it. And Black Friday happens to be one of those occasions! 

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The Maths Online Deal

Over the next 7 days some lucky learners will get Maths Online from now until the end of 2023 for only 50% off our 12-month plan price. Plus, we’ll throw in access for the rest of this year for free! 

That’s R3090 saved compared to our monthly plan and you will pay only R810 for over 13 months of Maths support!

You need a Maths solution that

  1. Helps you both during and outside of exam season
  2. Isn’t boring and time-consuming
  3. Helps you identify your gaps
  4. Enables you to cover only the specific topics you need to cover

Well, Maths Online is that and so much more! 

With Maths Online, you’ll get your own dedicated profile on the Advantage Learn Online Campus with access to 700+ practice questions, online support, progress tracking and over 2000+ video lessons! And best part is: you don’t have to sit after school watching hours of Maths videos to get the help you need. It’s as simple as searching for the topic; watching a 5-15 minute video and then testing your understanding via an online quiz. 

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The details

Here’s how the deal works:

  1. Each morning at 8 am 23 new Maths Online deals will become available at 50% off. 
  2. The first 23 people to purchase the Maths Online 13-month plan on that day will receive 50% off! 
  3. Once the 23 slots are filled, there will be no additional discounts available on that day. But, don’t worry, you will be able to try again from 8 am the next day when another 23 slots will become available again.
  4. This deal will be available daily between the 18th and 25th of November 2022. 

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Terms and conditions apply.

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I am a Copywriter and Content Creator for AdvantageLearn.com. I enjoy getting creative and have a passion for people and crafting compelling content, I hope to inspire the next generation of learners and changemakers.

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