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Maths Online is a bank of pre-recorded lessons, covering Gr 8 - 12 CAPS syllabus, Maths Core and Maths Literacy, IGCSE Year 10 and 11, as well as University 101 Maths and Stats. Take charge of your learning, and take your performance to the next level.

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Why our learners choose Maths Online

Access to a world-class educator

Trish Pike is renowned for her approach in teaching mathematics. Having previously been Head of Department at top South African schools she has taken her expert teaching online making it available to all learners through herself and our team of educators under Trish’s guidance.

Live-learner support

If you get stuck or need further help we have a team of Maths teachers ready to answer any questions you might have.

Innovative learning system

Our learning solution is built to be simple but powerful. Learners can easily navigate around it whilst keeping track of their progress.

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CAPS-aligned, grade 8 to 12 maths learning paths covering the entire core mathematics and mathematical literacy curricula.
IGCSE Paths covering the core and extended curricula.
A university support path for the first year, first semester of your university studies.
Over 700 practice questions covering the various topics.
Online support, coaching and guidance from our team of expert mathematics educators.
2000+ video lessons with accompanying downloadable lesson notes.
Progress tracking for parents, teachers and learners.

Lesson previews

Mathematics (Core)
Mathematical Literacy

Learning paths

All of our video lessons have been broken up into bite-sized pieces which are as short as possible but as long as necessary. These have then been placed into learning paths which follow either the South African CAPS curricula or the IGCSE curricula. There are two main types of learnings paths, full-grade and topic by grade.

Full-grade learning paths

Our grade learning paths follow the CAPS and IGCSE content in the order that it is structured so that it can be used as an additional resource by learners as they go through their school curriculum.

These paths contain downloadable lesson notes and quizzes for grades 8 – 12 content. The maths videos can be sped up or slowed down so that learners can work at a pace they are comfortable with.

Topic-by-grade learning paths

These paths enable learners to focus on a particular topic at the level they are studying.

For instance a learner can use the Trigonometry grade 11 path if they are wanting to focus on Trigonometry. If they struggle with Trigonometry in grade 11 they can look at the Trigonometry grade 10 path to revise the foundations again to help them to cope with the grade 11 content

Olivia's story

When Olivia (18) finally turned to Advantage Learn for extra help with her Grade 10 mathematics little did she know her entire outlook on life, her self-confidence and her future options for tertiary study were about to take a dramatic turn for the better! Read More


Great aid to learning, very helpful and explains concepts well.

- mowats -

I’ve really enjoyed the lessons

- Natalie Langman -

Advantage Learn has really helped me in so many ways, it has made it easy for me to think outside the box and has really made me look at maths in new perspective and not to fear maths and that's all thanks to MsTrish pike.

- Adiella Gateka -

From 43% to 70% in the space of one term. Thank you.

- Vanessa Steltman -

I love maths online. Its improved my understanding and love for maths in a way I cant even describe. Thank you Advantage Learn.

- Gabriel Broderick Poulsen -

I have found this platform very helpful, fun and interesting

- Emma Fenwick -

Maths online has been really helpful for me,i can study anytime.I don't even need to ask a lot of questions because everything is clear. Thank you so much

- happiness sabina -

This program has really helped me improve my maths! And i can finally say that i understand what is happening in my maths class XD thank you for the videos.

- Angelique van Niekerk -

Everything is very well explained. The teacher is very friendly. The quizzes are very helpful in showing our understanding of the work. I am quite satisfied

- Lusanda Mbele -

It's really easy and have very simple but effective teaching videos thx to this I was able to pass my exams really well.

- Gabriella Hardman -

Maths online is a very helpful platform and the fact that it is online you can use it anywhere and in any device and it also helped me boost my mark from a 65% to a 75% in just a few days. It has the best tutors and I recommend this to every student struggling with maths .

- Khadeeja Khanani -

best tutors, i recommend it for every students. I love advantage maths i study at my own pace. Eversince i started to use advantage learning maths has become my dear freind. Thank you advantage maths.

- sanele majola -

Laura-Leigh did really well in year end exams grade 9 thanks to Advantage Learn xoxo

- Laura Leigh Scowby -

very very helpfull but would like to see more videos of papers of 2017 an up

- jaco VAN ZYL -

I absolutely Love Advantage Learn, it’s super helpful I wish I had started with it earlier!

- Nwabisa Kotoloane -

Great resource with easy access to all sections.

- Nicola Burnett -

Both AP and core maths truelly amazing and really makes sure that you can grasp every concept. I love the idea that i can access any lesson as well as speed p the videos and if need be I can message the Advantage learn staff about any maths question and they are always keen to help !

- Chase Norton -

I've actually learned a lot on advantage learn , things that I didn't understand in class

- Lwandile Magubane -

Maths Online has been a huge help with helping me hone my maths skills. The best part about this site is that it all very relevant to what you learn in school, the modules are as compact as they could be and they don't believe in wasting time. The tutor system is also very effective if you ever have a question, the online tutors are always ready and available to assist. I would recommend this site for anyone who is still in school or is thinking about redoing their maths to get a better matric result.

- Milan Venter -

it is helping me a lot

- Seth Chikomba -

My maths marks have really improved

- Philile Nxumalo -

Advantage Learn = The Maths Guardian Angels Before I used Advantage Learn, my marks were around 80. After Advantage Learn, my marks have increased to about 15% higher. If you really want the edge with your maths, join them today - you really won't regret it! By far the best way to revise for exams and tests. Mrs Pike and the team are all super amazing at what they do. The lesson plans are really great especially with the easy to use intuitive lesson search engine and interface.

- Waheed Amanjee -

Very helpful


Each section is thorough and explained so well. This course is a life saver!

- Jodie Langdon -

Super helpful

- Dhashan Chetty -

Best maths platform for learning!!

- Joshua Grant -

really helped me get that 90!

- Zoe Wright -

Its honestly been eye-opening as I understand the maths concepts way better, and I also find the lessons very light and easy to understand. I've so far understood all that Trish has taught me and Mathematics has become my new found love!

- Zoleka Nala -

It is very helpful, and they explain the work clearly for you to understand better.

- Sakhiwo Zuma -

So far I have yet to come across something better than math online. Wether you a bad, average or really a good student math online can better your mathematics ability. Coupled with the added benefit of asking for help online through out the day makes it the most affordable math tutoring system. With regards to it’s AP Maths sections I don’t think there is a world that exists where AP Math and advantage learn can exist mutually exclusively. I say all of this with a 100% confidence interval. :)

- Yusuf Essop -

The courses are easy to understand and are really convenient for me because i can adjust the teacher's talking speed to whatever rate i feel most comfortable with, however i struggle to find some topics and when i do find them they are quite different from what we learn in class. eg, circle geometry grade 12 (IEB). All in all this is a great application, thank you.

- Signe Jwan -

His maths mark improved 18% from end of Grade 11 to first term Grade 12. Here's hoping that it continues at this level.

- Richard Johnston -

advantage learning has given me an opportunity, to grasp every maths section that i fond challenging, it has allowed me to study at my own pace, i recommend it foe every student.

- sanele majola -

Advantage Learn is an excellent educational platform for learners and even teachers as Mrs Pike explains the mathematical concepts in a user-friendly manner. She has interesting techniques in some topics such as factorising trinomials which is innovative and easier for the learners to understand than how the textbooks explain this concept. Also, her approach to teaching riders is insightful and it helped me in teaching this topic. As a mathematics teacher, I would highly recommend Advantage Learn. Mr J. Moodliar HOD of Mathematics Education Incorporated

- Julian Moodliar -

It is very helpful as any concepts you may have forgotten or could not grasp the first time at school are available to be retaught and explained.

- Althea Ernest -

Absolutely phenomenal - Trish is an amazing teacher and I definitely wouldn't have been able to do AP Maths without this site. The feedback and live help from the teachers is also really good. 11/10 would recommend!

- Keroshan Pillay -

This site is really helpful as you get a lot material for revision and Trish pike is the best when it comes to teaching maths!!!

- Juanita Mazuba -

I was very happy with the training. I found it very helpful in my NSC exam at the end of last year. The tricks that Trish taught really made a huge difference and I finally got my distinction for maths. And this year at UCT I used the AP maths videos to help me with some of the maths that I have had to do. I am really so grateful for everything that Trish has helped me with. And the fact that it was online really helped as I am from Cape Town and I could access it very easily anywhere I needed it.

- Bianca Pera -

Maths Online has helped me effectively for the first semester

- Qiniso Ngcobo -

Maths Online is like having a personal maths teacher at your disposal 24/7. The short videos mean that when you get stuck it only takes a few minutes to sort out your problem area and continue working! It has helped me immensely during Matric and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

- Georgina -

Hey there!!! I took maths online for my IEB Matric finals – my prelim average was 34% and my final math average was 58%!!!! I am over the moon!! Thank you so much for all the assistance with doing the past papers as it truly helped a lot!!!

- Tyde-Summer Turck -

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