With learners’ confidence in mind, the Advantage Learn team has developed new maths exam preparation resources for Grades 8 and 9 and restructured the Grade 10 Neo Online Campus for maximum access to resources.

In the words of our Senior Learning Designer, Roxy Lewis, “Independently completing maths practice questions can help build confidence, which is a building block leading to mastery.” So how exactly is the Neo Series helping learners achieve mastery in 2023?

Grade 8 and 9 Midyear Exam Revision Booklets

The Neo Series teaching and learning philosophy focuses on scaffolding skills upon each other, leading the learner to understand and mastery of maths problem-solving. This means that the Neo Series doesn’t emphasise drills. However, we see the value in building confidence through practice. 

With this in mind, in May 2023 we published two printable Midyear Exam Revision Booklets. The questions within each topic are divided into two categories: Routine questions, and Exam-level questions. This will help learners gauge their level of mastery, and build their study plan around it. Via this booklet, learners are also directed to video lessons on their campus where they can revise the various sections if they are struggling.

Grade 8 learners who are itching for more maths have 15 pages of the following to work through:

  • Ratio
  • Rate
  • Percentages
  • Simple-interest and Hire-purchase
  • Fractions
  • Squares, cubes, square roots & cube roots
  • Algebra
  • Exponents

Grade 9 learners wanting to build a sense of confidence in their maths abilities ahead of June exams will enjoy the following sections of the 17-page Revision Booklet:

  • Highest common factor (HCF) & lowest common multiple (LCM)
  • Proportion
  • Ratio
  • Rate
  • Percentages
  • Financial Maths
  • Algebra
  • Exponents
  • Pythagoras theorem

Educators have been provided with documents containing all solutions which they can distribute at their discretion.

Grade 10 Neo Series restructure

The Neo Series has been polished and honed over the years, shifting according to the needs of the schools and learners. The latest shift has been to put more resources into the hands of the learners.

Upon the launch of the Grade 10 Neo Series in 2023, these improvements to the Online Campus have been made:

  1. Full digital workbook available for download. Previously, this was only available in the educator library which is restricted to educators. Learners will now find the digital workbook available for download at the top of their Grade path. This means that learners who enjoy the ease of navigation of a PDF, and the freedom to print out pages at will, have the power to do so. 
  2. Individual Unit PDFs and answer sheets are available for download. This empowers learners to work through Units at their own pace and check their own work. Note that the answer sheets only supply the answer, not the method of reaching it, so learners who get the answer wrong will still need to use their problem-solving skills to redo the question until they achieve the correct answer or seek help from their educator or the videos if they are stuck.
  3. Unit revisions and answer sheets are available for download. As we have emphasised, practice builds confidence. Each Unit of the Neo Series has a set of questions to test the types of skills and problems learners have just covered. Being able to access these revisions on the Online Campus empowers learners to take control of their own revision. 
  4. Mixed topic revisions and answer sheets are available for download. While individual unit revision provides targeted practice, mixed-topic revision simulates a test. Learners have the opportunity to decide how to approach each question, even from topics which they may have covered a few weeks before. This is where the critical aspect of spaced reinforcement comes in. 

You may well be thinking, “Why are these superb updates only being applied to the Grade 10 Online Campus?” Well, the initial implementation was enacted for Grade 10s and has subsequently been rolled out in Grade 8 and 9 Neo Series Online Campus. 

Advantage Learn strives to continually improve offerings to benefit schools, educators, parents, and most importantly, learners. If you’re already using the Neo Series, be sure to explore these resources. Find out more about the Neo Series if you are interested in developing confidence and mastery in the learners in your care.

This article was originally published on 09 Jun 2023

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Heloise Hunter

I am an educator with a publishing and project management role at Advantage Learn. Communication, mountains, waterfalls, and the green of Durban make me feel fulfilled.

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