The National Benchmark Test or NBT can be written in a number of languages. It is written when applying to universities, bursaries or jobs that require it. A good NBT result is your ticket into university! 

In what languages are the tests available?

According to the NBT Project, the language of instruction used in South Africa is English and Afrikaans. So, the NBTs are available in these. Also, for students with different abilities, the test will be translated into Braille.

During your registration process, you will be asked what language you want to write the assessments in. It’s important to note that once you choose one language, you have to write both tests in the same language.

Which language should I write my NBT in?

The institution of your interest will have established and posted a language policy on its website. So you have to make sure to be aware of it in order to write your tests accordingly. 
If you have any questions about the language requirements, contact the relevant faculty of the institution you are wishing to apply to before registering for the NBTs. 

What if I am applying to two institutions with different policies?

In this case, according to the NBT Project, you can choose to write the NBT following the policies of your first desired option. Otherwise, you can write it in English as a default language and will be able to apply in both institutions without restrictions.

How to prepare for the NBT in English or Afrikaans

Advantage Learn was the first to administer NBT preparation and we have prepared over 18 thousand learners for this important assessment! Choose between our English and Afrikaans NBT Preparation Online Courses to get ready for these important tests.

This article was originally published on 16 Aug 2022

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