You shouldn’t need to be able to spell isosceles, trigonometric functions, or parallelograms to do maths.
Chief Technology Officer Chris Muller had this in mind when optimising the search functionality of the Advantage Learn Campus!

Most users progress through the online units linearly, matching the Learner Workbook as they complete examples and watch videos for the worked solutions. However, if their school is progressing through topics in a different order, or when doing revision, a learner might need to search a library for particular units or lessons.

Read on to find out how learners will benefit from this latest leap forward for the online learning platform: search functionality.

Get specific results while search

Previous generation searches would only return results which matched the search terms precisely. This means that learners seeking a particular lesson or unit relating to trigonometry for their grade would need to type in keywords that exactly match the name of that unit or lesson for it to appear in the search. This is similar to how Windows Explorer or a search in Microsoft Word returns results.

The search upgrade, however, is smarter. Using tags, machine learning, and algorithms, the new search functionality allows a learner to search a keyword and their grade, returning relevant results.

Don’t sweat the typos

As established, older generation search functionality would only return results which matched the search terms precisely. That isn’t ideal when you’re in numbers mode but trying to recall where the second ‘e’ in Euclidean goes so you can find a video explaining equiangular triangles.

The great news is, a typo here and there won’t get in the way anymore! Part of the search upgrade means that a mistaken vowel won’t prevent a learner from finding the results they need. This flexible, adaptive search functionality will certainly ease exam-time frustration. It is also a relief to learners who are enrolled in multiple courses, gaining the ability to find what they need with a click, instead of seeking through learning paths manually.

CTO Chris and the rest of the Advantage Learn solutions team are continually improving user experience, making the campus faster, smarter, and more accessible. If you’ve never had the pleasure of exploring the Advantage Learn Campus, consider requesting a demo of the Neo Series.

This article was originally published on 08 Aug 2023

About the author
Heloise Hunter

I am an educator with a publishing and project management role at Advantage Learn. Communication, mountains, waterfalls, and the green of Durban make me feel fulfilled.


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