As time goes on, fashion changes, people’s behaviours change and so sometimes you need to change or get left behind!

We like to keep things fresh for our learners and make sure that everything that our learners and parents use is as good as it can be. Last year we made some changes to how the learning environment looks and now we have changed our home page and added a few new pages in the process.

What’s changed?

Firstly, our homepage used to be 6 simple tiles pointing you to our Maths Online, AP Maths, NBT preparation, In-person workshops, past exam papers and articles page. We loved it but it is time for more! We have been busy bees and want to be able to share what is going on with you.

Homepage changes

  1. We had an “AHA” moment and realised that our learners come to us for two main reasons: NBT Preparation and Mathematics. So we have two simple buttons taking you to each area.
  2. Our school partners are incredibly important to us so we’ve put you all right at the top! (Sorry, we can’t all fit everyone into the space but if you click on the link you can see your school and some information about what we do together).
  3. There is now an information box that you can click (or slide on your phone). This shows the most important information you need to know right now. Make sure to check this out for anything new when you come back to visit.
  4. We’ve given you some more information about us as a company. What we do right now as well as our vision for the future.
  5. Why do we do what we do? Because of our learners. We have been moved by some of the stories that we have heard from learners who have used our courses. Our learner stories demonstrate the impact our courses have had on learners and we wanted to share them with you.
  6. Finally, we’ve added some featured articles, the important pieces of content keeping you informed about what is happening but also to keep you entertained and educated. Go check out all our articles when you get a chance, there are some great reads!

New page: Maths Excellence

Our Maths Excellence page now houses all of our maths offerings. Have a look at this page to find a mathematics solution that suits you including, advanced programme mathematics courses, live-streamed mathematics lessons or our Maths Online content. We have put them all into one place where you can easily read the difference between them and decide what is best for you!

This article was originally published on 01 Apr 2020

About the author
Adam Kinder

Online learning manager at I help manage our systems to provide the best online learning experience for our Students. Besides that I am a passionate Mathematician and enjoy solving students questions on our site.

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