Studying online may seem really confusing, it really isn’t! Study when it suits you, at your own pace, it’s a no brainer! It is for this exact reason that we have worked extremely hard with our very experienced educators to take our reknowned in-person AP Maths extracurricular course and produce it digitally, in an online course format!

It has become apparent that there is a growing gap between the level of mathematics offered at high school and that demanded at universities. This can be almost completely attributed to the diluted Core Maths syllabus instituted by the Department of Education. Along with other contributing factors, this has resulted in an increased drop-out rate at universities and a scarcity of analytical skills in the business, financial and engineering sectors of the country. We believe that should this gap be sufficiently bridged at a high school level, learners will be at a significant advantage at university. The AP Maths course presented by our experienced Advantage Learn AP Maths educators strives to fill this gap and lay the foundation necessary for successful tertiary mathematical learning. Further to this, the skills and extended mathematical learning from our course will result in enhanced mathematical skills that are likely to improve Core Maths performance.
Our course is based on the IEB Advanced Programme Mathematics syllabus, with the ultimate goal being that students write the IEB exam at the end of Grade 12 and can thereby be certified for their efforts. This certificate is becoming more and more recognised by universities as a means of differentiating between who is accepted into a competitive degree programme and who is not; not to mention the fact that the course puts learners at a significant advantage in tackling the University National Benchmarking Tests.
We are very excited to invite you to join us on our fully-fledged online course programme that prepares you to write the IEB Advanced Programme Certificate at the end of your Grade 12 year.

How the course works

Our AP Maths programme runs over 3 years and is split into three Grades; Grade 10, 11 and 12. We recommend that students begin the programme with us in their grade 10 year and complete the programme by writing their IEB AP Maths Certificate in their Grade 12 year. The course is run completely remotely (online) and we ensure that quality is ensured even though you don’t meet a teacher face-to-face at any point. You study and are encouraged to study completely online, it’s that simple.

Join our Grade 10 AP Maths Online course here.

About the author
James Lees

Some of you may already know that I am Managing Director of Advantage Learning Technologies, a company which proudly owns and runs specialises in providing specialised and innovative learning solutions to secondary education level learners.

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