Advantage Learn offers AP Maths courses in two ways – online and in-person. Our leading online courses enable learners to study AP Maths no matter what their location and also give learners the flexibility to study in their own time and at their own pace. The online courses include dedicated personal learning coaches who are focussed on helping each and every learner to succeed in this important subject. Alternatively, learners can study at one of our three in-person AP Maths centres located in Johannesburg and Durban.

AP Maths courses

Grade 10 AP Maths 2020

This course is the first year of a 3 year long AP Maths programme.

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Grade 11 AP Maths 2020

This course is the second year of a 3 year long AP Maths programme.

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Grade 12 AP Maths 2020

This course is the last year of a 3 year long AP Maths programme.

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From catching up on the Advanced Programme Maths syllabus on his cell phone after midnight to landing distinctions in his matric trials exams, star pupil at Harvest High School in Ladysmith, Bulelani Marhwa, says Advantage Learn has given him the tools to build a career in mathematics – a subject he loves. Read More

Schools we teach AP Maths for

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Westville Boys High School

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Westville Boys High School

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Grantleigh School

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Grantleigh School

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St. Henry's Marist College

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St. Henry's Marist College

Testimony Image Janet McGrath Academic Head: Grantleigh College

Grantleigh’s partnership with Advantage Learn as a service provider for our Advanced Programme Mathematics has been a really good move. We were struggling to find the time and the expertise to cope with this additional subject. Our AP Maths students are loving the programme and enjoying the fact that they can slot in their AP Maths studies around their already full timetables. They feel supported and motivated by the professional team that guide them. As an Academic Head, I am also constantly kept up to date with the progress of my students by a professional and friendly mentor.


I found the Grade 11 AP maths course very beneficial and it definitely improved my school maths core marks.

- Rebecca Askew -

Great course

- Robert Dalais -

This course is a exceptional and helped me with learning maths in another way

- Masood Mehmood Bassa -

It was quite challenging but it's worth it

- Ntando Mpuqa -

This was a phenomenal opportunity to fine-tune the AP learning experience. Thank you


It was really helpful and understandable. I would recommend everyone who took maths core to try this out.

- Sharon kamina -

A great program with amazing teachers.

- Leilah Bhyat -

AP maths definitely improved my understanding of normal maths core at school.

- Sean Chater -

Really enjoyed this course this year. I learnt how to think differently and apply myself to all situations (in math of course). It helped me hugely with my core math marks as well. Loved this course!

- Rachel Geldenhuys -

It was fun engaging in Maths in a different way to school.

- Arielle Jack -

It was okay could be better... Did help a lot with core maths. Teaching needs to be refined though otherwise very good.

- Yaaseen Hassim -

It is a great experience as you can get a one on one contact with the teacher, just as if you were in school.

- Njabulo Dlomo -

Although it was quite challenging for me this term AP math has really exposed me to the rudiment of analytical thinking

- Jesuferanmi Olorundare -

This course is definitely a must for any Matric student with the intention of doing AP maths. Special thanks need to be directed to our teacher, Mrs Pike, who would always go out of her way to ensure that each student understood every concept as we progressed through the syllabus. She really brought this subject to life for me, with the extenton questions and extra content she would challenge us with. Again, all Matrics of 2019 and beyond, you have to attend this course If you are doing AP maths. It is only for your benefit.

- Damien Stichelbout -

Definitely is beneficial and really does extend your maths ability

- Andrew Gace -

This course is very beneficial and helps even in normal school math. AP pushes to be the best. I really encourage it

- Aimee-Sera McLeod -

Trisha remained enthusiastic and entertaining for my entire 3 years and is probably the only reason I passed AP and aced my NBTs ( which I did thanks to her course)

- Matthew Visser -

Thoroughly enjoyed learning Ap-math with Advantage Learn. Always helpful at any time.

- Shaakirah Mayet -

My daughter has enrolled for the AP Maths from grade 10. She has now completed grade 11 and it has made a tremendous difference to her approach both mathematically and statistically as well as with problem solving. The teaching she has received is phenomenal and I would highly recommend it to students interested in pursuing science/commerce and engineering.

- Hajra -

Excellent Classes. Excellent Lecturer. Thank you so much for your dedication. Holisha Chetty Grade 11

- Holisha Chetty -

I’ve enjoyed AP maths.

- Ahmed Khan -

AP Maths is one of my best subjects! And that is significantly because of my teacher!

- Laila Mahomed -

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