2016 has come and gone (with all its highs and lows), and we are well on our way into 2017.A sparkler in a persons hand However, the achievements and successes of Advantage Learn’s Advanced Programme Mathematics learners are still strong in our minds. This year saw the number of learners taking AP Maths with Advantage Learn almost double from the 42 in 2015. The new full center at Greenside High School has taken off with Advantage Learn helping Greenside High School to increase the number of Matrics writing the AP Maths finals exam from less than 10 in previous years, to 17 in 2016. AL.com has also grown in bringing a more blended approach to the course via online content.

With all of this it is good to look back over the year, and be thankful for the relationships formed and progress made by both individual learners and Advantage Learn as a whole. The AL.com community is here to stay and grow, but, for now, it is time to look at how the year blossomed.

You can’t hide the facts

A totaA square made of the 4 basic math operatorsl of 2 560 Matric learners took AP Maths in 2016 countrywide. Nationally the percentage who achieved a pass mark (above 40%) in their final exam was 87.9%. Advantage Learn were responsible for 74 AP Maths learners nationally (3% of the total National AP Maths group). Sixty-four of these sat the exam at Advantage Learn’s learning centres (the remainder writing with their schools).

2 560 Matric learners took AP Maths in 2016 countrywide. Advantage learn were responsible for 74 AP Maths learners nationally (3% of the total National AP Maths group).

The average mark achieved by learners who studied AP Maths with Advantage Learn was 62.36% – higher than the overall IEB AP Maths average for 2016 which is at 61.58%. Advantage Learn learners in KZN (at the two founding AP Maths centres of Maris Stella School and Westville Boys High School) achieved an average of 66.8% – 5.2% above the national average. Significantly, 30 % of Advantage Learn’s learners achieved a mark between 70 and 79, and 17% achieved 80% and above. Thus almost 50% of Advantage Learn’s AP Maths learners finished with a mark above 70%. This is outstanding for learners taking an extra subject and reflects the dedication put into the course by learners and educators alike.

Advantage Learn learners in KZN achieved an average of 66.8% – 5.2% above the national average, and almost 50% of Advantage Learn’s AP Maths learners finished with a mark above 70%.

A closer look: AP Maths results

Itcomplex math equations on a black board is no small accomplishment to complete this programme. Not only is it an optional addition to an already stressful academic year, it is an advanced programme. This means the content is beyond what it is expected of high school learners to know. So to all of the learners who studied with us – take a bow. Congratulations on your fantastic achievement. Take pride in knowing you wrestled, worked hard and pushed through.

Learner Stories followup

Mahir Ambelal from Greenside High School (top overall at Advantage Learn centres) was already sitting pretty with 98% after trials. Post-finals Mahir will progress to his university career with an impressive 94% for AP Maths.
Jono Major from Westville Boys High School, a self-confessed lover of maths, ended off his AP Maths journey with 81%. The WBHS centre boasted the most number of As of all three centres (7 in total).
Sarah Herrington from Maris Stella was interviewed about her AP Maths experience with Advantage Learn. Sarah mentioned that she wanted to get a high B or an A for her final result. We can tell you that she got 82% as her final mark – definitely smashing her goal. She was the top learner at the Maris Stella centre.

Other top learners

Aside from the 3 top students at each centre, there were many others who deserve recognition for achieving an ‘A’ result.

Greenside High School
Carl Ginster 82
Taariq Hassim 82
Mahir Ambelal 94advantage learns green maths alternative logo

Maris Stella
Sarah Herrington 82

Westville Boys High School
Jonathan Major 81
Jake Stangroom 82
Dominic Cominato 83
Muhammad Vorajee 85
Sachin Lutchman 88
Kelisha Moodley 89
Ahmed Moorad-Hassen 89

If you are reading this as a potential AP Maths student, or are considering joining AL.com to help with your AP Maths, have a look at these articles on AP Maths, and how Advantage Learn can help you grow.

AL.com + U = F4E

You may think ‘done with school, done with AL.com’. But this is far from the truth. You may be done with high school, but you aren’t done with learning – and that is Advantage Learn’s passion. Advantage Learn is first and foremost an education company with a passion for learning and teaching. So keep up to date with the goings on of AL.com to see what developments come about and what insight they have to offer.

You may be done with high school, but you aren’t done with learning.

Advantage Learn strive to provide learners with information and insight regarding any academic or life decision. There is no such thing as ‘past pupils’ to Advantage Learn. Your journey is always their interest. So if you are deciding whether to take a gap year or considering your career options – or even second guessing your chosen course, keep an eye out for what AL.com has to say – and what advice they have to offer.

Keep in Touch

AP Maths class of 2016, we hope this is not goodbye! We have gotten to know you over the last three years and would love it if you stayed in touch! We’d also like to encourage you to keep an eye on us as we grow and expand – who knows, maybe one day you’d like to do an internship with us or become an AP Maths teacher or tutor? The opportunities are endless. Check us out on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and make sure to stay signed up to our mailing list.

If you have questions – ask us! If there is something that Over the shoulder view of a student working with advantagelearn.com on a computer you are discovering (as a shiny new first year) you weren’t prepared for or would like to know more about – comment on a blog post to let us know. AL.com likes to stay involved and hear from those ‘in the trenches’ as to what is important to you all as high school and (now) tertiary students. The blog is here to provide knowledge and be a base for discussion, so use it to help yourself along the way. You are never alone in this brave new world you find yourself in.

“The challenges of our daily lives require more than intelligence and hard work – we need people with humanity, empathy, and maturity, who are confident and assertive, but most importantly, ethical and generous in spirit,” – Anne Oberholzer, CEO of the IEB.

Well done to the Advantage Learn AP Maths graduate class of 2016. We wish you everything of the best in your chosen path. Keep challenging yourselves and keep learning, that is a sure way to succeed!

This article was originally published on 23 Jan 2017

About the author
Jax Heilgendorff

I have watched the development of AL.com for years and marveled at the ingenuity and passion shown from the start. As a Linguistics major, university lecturer and burgeoning copywriter, the Advantage Learn story is one close to my heart. I hope to add to the development of educational thinking in South Africa by helping to relate topics and create spaces for thought on the challenges and opportunities facing South African learners, students, and parents.

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