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Are you ready to encounter one of the most exciting innovations that Advantage Learn has to share? We have been working on this for the last two years, and well, it’s genius.

We have something more. So, so much more.

The modern maths curriculum is vast and challenging. Understanding the foundations is vital and practising is the only route to true comprehension and success. However, all of this is squashed into a few hours a week at school. You know the best advantage a high school learner can have, is extra tutoring. Our post Tutor Booster laid out the undeniable benefit of tutoring.

Advantage Learn has already made great strides in changing how top quality maths courses and tutoring are brought to learners. But now, we have something more. So, so much more.

Netflix, but for maths

Don’t you love having access to your favourite series all the time? To enjoy as and when you wish? Now imagine that … except you are watching your favourite maths teacher in your own home, helping you to FINALLY understand that tricky topic.

From the end of April, Advantage Learn will be bringing you our newest brainchild – Maths Online. The full maths curriculum from Grade 10-12, at your fingertips, at all times. We are passionate about getting the best quality maths educators to reach as many South African students as possible, and we have worked hard to create the best way to do just that.

The full maths curriculum from Grade 10-12, at your fingertips, at all times.

Each learner has a different relationship with mathematics and learning. Added to this is that family life is full and frenetic, and no two families fit the same mould. As such trying to get one child to a maths course or extra lesson can put a strain on the whole family. We bring you Maths Online as the answer.

So what exactly is it?

Maths Online learners get to experience our world class and dynamic learning website at its best. This involves:

  • Unrestricted access to all content, all the time, and whenever they want it.
  • At least 160 hours of expertly produced, studio recorded videos.
  • Complete coverage of the Maths Lit, Maths Core & AP Maths curriculums.
  • Teaching and content design by maths expert Trish Pike, whose teaching has been loved and valued by learners for decades.
  • Meticulously crafted content covering the Gr 10, 11 and 12 syllabi. 
  • Learners can go backwards and forwards as they need to. This way learners can go over the basics to cement the fundamentals. Then they can go on to gain experience and confidence with the Gr 12 curriculum and extend themselves.
  • The ability to ask questions when unsure. These questions will be answered by the educators themselves.
  • The chance to rewatch videos as many times as they want (or need), so learners can revisit the sections they might stumble on.

Basically, Maths Online allows learners to learn the whole maths syllabus at home, by themselves, and at their own pace. Simply by watching Trish (and Heather for Maths Lit learners) take them through 3 years of maths, step by step.

The best part? We’ll be adding in Grade 8-9 Maths content by the end of 2017 and starting to build the content for subscription Science in 2018. So it is only going to get better!

Learn the whole maths syllabus at home.

So, how does one sign up?

Learners can enrol here site to receive access to this groundbreaking resource. We’re offering a 30-day free trial so you can see what you think before committing to it.

Maths Online is like having a tutor on hand at all times. A tutor you can control and ask to repeat without extra charge or time pressures. This amazing resource is here for you, so don’t let it go to waste. Make sure you are part of the change.
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This article was originally published on 20 Apr 2017

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