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Advanced Programme Mathematics

Secure your competitive edge and get a head start for university.

From R6,910.50 per annum

3-year programme
Grade 10-12
Advantage Learn is a registered distance education provider for the Advanced Programmes with the IEB. Matric AP learners will be examined for certification via the Independent Examination Board.

Wondering whether AP Maths is right for you?

What is AP Maths?

Advanced Programme Mathematics (AP Maths) is offered by the IEB as a certified exam and is quality assured by Umalusi. The exam is written by learners in their Grade 12 final exams but the programme has been designed to be taught over three years from grades 10 to 12 in order to build the necessary foundation of knowledge in advance. Over the course of this programme, learners develop independence, critical thinking skills and an extended understanding of Mathematics, which builds a foundation for tertiary education. Read more in our brochure.

The key benefits of AP Maths

  • Become more comfortable with core mathematics and, thus, improve your results.
  • Get a head start on difficult university topics including calculus and algebra.
  • Improve your university application by standing out from other candidates.
  • Develop your independent study skills and critical thinking in preparation for university.
  • Open doors to international universities.

Who should take AP Maths?

  • Learners with a strong Core Maths competency level
  • Learners with an interest in Maths who want to extend themselves
  • Learners who want to better their Core Maths results by extending themselves
  • Learners who want to better prepare themselves for tertiary study
  • Learners who want to differentiate themselves when applying to universities
  • Learners who are looking to apply to international universities

The benefits of learning online

  • Study at your own pace anytime, anywhere
  • Learn from expertly-designed curriculum and video lessons
  • Revise concepts as much and as frequently as needed
  • Test your understanding though online quizzes and sample questions
  • Access live chat support from AP Maths educators to help you reach your learning goals
  • Track your learning through comprehensive reports and feedback from your educators

Learning AP Maths in a style that suits you

Live Online lessons

Live Online lessons are for learners who want a regular structure to learning AP Maths by attending weekly online live lessons.

  • Learners can engage and ask questions like they would in a classroom environment.
  • Attendance and progress are tracked in line with the live online lesson programme.
  • Lessons are recorded and made available to all our AP Maths learners.
Guided Online video lessons

Guided Online video lessons are for learners who want to take control of their learning timetable. We will prescribe weekly completion goals, but then our learners can choose when to study based on their timetable.

  • Studio-produced video lessons with a subject expert
  • Guided Online live support and coaching
For schools

Advantage Learn has provided schools across South Africa with AP Maths. If your school is looking to outsource Advanced Programme Mathematics, you’re in good hands. We have school packages available and will be happy to engage with you around a bespoke package for your school. Learn more about our school packages.

Want to know more about AP Maths?

Course details

Term dates

Our AP Maths programme works on a 2-semester calendar. All lessons, tests and examinations work within a 4-term school calendar and we strive, as far as possible to ensure that our 3-term school learners are accommodated in our lesson and assessment dates. Start dates are grade-dependent which is why you will see a date range below rather than one start date.

Term Start Dates End dates
Term 1 20 - 25 January 2021 TBC
Term 2 TBC TBC
Term 3 TBC TBC
Term 4 TBC TBC


AP maths fees are paid annually and cost the same for all grades 10 to 12. Learners commit to the programme each year and can pay via one of the various payment methods outlined in the table below.

The learning stream you choose differs in price due to the various costs associated with running that specific learning stream. The learning stream you choose to learn in is how your core modules will be taught. For example, if you choose the Live Online learning stream, you will be learning your core modules via Live Online lessons.

Upon successful application onto our AP programme, our finance team will contact you to discuss payments with you.

Payment plan Guided Online Live Online In Person
Full year up front (a 10% discount will be applied if you pay before the programme begins) R6,910.50 R7,148.00 R7,385.50
Per semester (2 payments) R3,455.25 R3,574.00 R3,692.75
Per month (starts January, ends October - 10 payments by debit order)* R760.16 R786.28 R812.41

* Monthly payments are run via debit order and includes a 10% administration fee for the monthly processing of debit orders.

** If you join during the course of the programme your monthly payment will vary.



Like university degrees, the AP Maths curriculum is broken down into core modules and electives. The core modules are Calculus and Algebra, and learners choose one elective from the following three options: Finance and Modelling, Graph Theory and Matrices, or Statistics


Electives Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Statistics Yes Yes Yes
Graph theory and matrices Guided Online lessons only Online live lessons only Available in 2023
Finance and modelling Guided Online lessons only Online live lessons only Available in 2023

Live Online lessons timetable per grade

The live online lessons are held weekly for each grade and in each lesson, learners will be guided by their AP Maths educator as well as a technical support team member. Before each lesson, learners will be given notes for their upcoming session to enable them to download and print them or have them available on their device before the lesson.

Online live lessons Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Time 17:30 - 19:00 17:30 - 19:30 17:30 - 19:30

Self-study video lessons

Learners who choose to work through the programme via studio-produced video lessons will still be guided by an online coach. They will be given weekly completion goals but can structure their timetable however they wish.


Learners will be assessed termly to determine their understanding of the subject. In terms 1, the learners will be assessed via a multiple-choice test while in terms 2, 3 and 4, learners will be assessed via a written and invigilated examination. The exception to this is in grade 12 where all assessments are written and invigilated in preparation for their final exam in term 4 which is set and certified by the IEB.

AP Maths Includes

  • Our library of AP Maths studio-recorded video lessons for your grade
  • Recordings of the weekly live online lessons
  • Support from our team of AP Maths teachers via live chat
  • Termly assessments, reporting and feedback
  • End-of-year completion certificates

Learners can join Advantage Learn for AP Maths from the beginning of 2022 by successful application only.

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Lesson preview

Grade 10 online live lesson
Grade 10 self-study video lesson

Taught and designed by subject matter experts

Trish Pike HDE (PG)

Degree Major: Mathematics
Institution: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Graduated: 1977

Teaching experience

  • Advantage Learn NBT, AP Maths and Maths Academy teacher since 2013.
  • Previously HOD of mathematics at Kearsney College, KZN.
  • Previously HOD of mathematics at Thomas More College, KZN.
  • AP Maths teacher since 1996.
  • Core Maths teacher since 1978.
  • First NBT preparation educator in South Africa.

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