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Available AP Maths Courses

Grade 11 AP Maths Online 2021

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This course is the second year of a 3 year-long programme where learners study AP Maths at their own pace.

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Grade 12 AP Maths Online 2021

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This course is the final year of a 3 year-long programme where learners study AP Maths at their own pace.

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Grade 10 AP Maths in-person 2020

This course is the first year of a 3 year long programme where learners study AP Maths at their own pace.

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Grade 11 AP Maths in-person 2020

This course is the second year of a 3 year long programme where learners study AP Maths at their own pace.

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Grade 12 AP Maths in-person 2020

This course is the last year of a 3 year long programme where learners study AP Maths at their own pace.

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Introduction video

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What is AP Maths (AddMaths)?

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AP Maths (Addmaths) is a highly sought after subject both for its positive impact on Core Maths and its benefits for tertiary education.

Additional Maths (Addmaths) used to be a seventh subject provided as an extension subject for those learners who wished to extend themselves Mathematically. After the decision on the part of the Department of Education to cancel this seventh subject the IEB decided to examine it for a certificate during the final Grade 12 exams. This means that any learner still has the opportunity to learn and get certification for this valuable subject.

A lot of schools do not or can not offer AP Maths (Addmaths), or simply are not able to give it the attention it needs. AP Maths (Addmaths) is a tough and important subject, this is where we come in, to provide schools and learners with an outsourced AP Maths solution.

Study Advanced Programme Mathematics (AP Maths / Addmaths) as an extracurricular course run from one of our in-person centres at Greenside High School [Gauteng], Westville Boys High School [KwaZulu-Natal] or Maris Stella [KwaZulu-Natal] or online.

*Please note, the subject is called Advanced Programme Mathematics, AP Maths for short. However, it was formally known as Addmaths. We refer to it as Addmaths as we know from research that most people are looking for Addmaths as they are not aware of the course’s updated name.

Why is AP Maths (Addmaths) beneficial?

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  • AP Maths (Addmaths) has a positive impact on your Core Maths results. You learn to approach mathematics in a different, more lateral way that helps your problem solving ability.
  • When candidates are being chosen for acceptance into university, AP Maths seems to be a helpful differentiator of candidate selection. Universities want to know whether you are going to cope with your chosen course. Successful completion of AP Maths says a lot about your mathematical capability.
  • You will find first-year Maths and Statistics at tertiary level easier to cope with, therefore increasing your likelihood of passing.
  • The MAT paper of the NBT is generally easier for learners who have taken AP Maths.

Who should take AP Maths (AddMaths)?

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  1. Learners with a strong Core Maths competency level. This means you should be getting at least 70% at the end of Grade 9.
  2. Learners who are interested in Maths.
  3. Learners who wish to give themselves the edge in competitive degree programs like Engineering, Medicine and Business Science.

How to learn AP Maths

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You can learn AP Maths in three different ways:
  1. AP Maths centres
    • Join one of our centres in Durban or Johannesburg where you will attend class once a week.
    • Get free access to the online resources (videos, notes and quizzes) as an added extra.
  2. Online Course
    • Learn the content via video lessons.
    • Practice with section based quizzes.
    • Four assessments per year.
    • Ask for help with live student support.
    • Dedicated course coach for each learner, tracking learner progress and engaging weekly with learners to help them through the course.
  3. Maths Online
    • If all you’re looking for is some extra resources for AP (for example if you do it at school) you can just sign up for Maths Online where you will have access to all of the AP Maths videos. You will not be given a time table or any of our end of term assessments as these are only included in our courses.

AP Maths centres

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We have various venues around South Africa where we teach AP Maths to learners outside of school time. Please see a full list of our centres as well as times below. If you are interested in signing up for one of our AP Maths courses please click on the appropriate link. The links are found at the top left of this page and places are limited. There are a total of 32 evening lessons per annum with classes occurring on a weekly basis. The course closes with the end of year exam in October. Learners are assessed during the year both online and in-person. Two online, multiple choice assessments (term 1 & 3) and two written exams (term 2 & 4). As an added benefit, learners receive access to the full online AP Maths course which means that:
  1. Each learner has their own profile on
  2. Two out of the four assessments are done online.
  3. Learners can watch videos of their teachers online to help them revise or get to grips with difficult concepts and sections. They can also use these to catch up if they have missed any classes.
Once you have purchased this course you will automatically be enrolled into the AP Maths programme. You will receive access to this valuable content from January for the AP Maths year you are studying in.
VENUE GRADE 10 (weekly) GRADE 11 (weekly) GRADE 12 (weekly)
Westville Boys' High School Tuesday 17:30-19:00 Monday 17:30-19:30 Wednesday 17:30-19:30
St Henry’s Marist College Monday 17:30-19:00 Tuesday 17:30-19:30 N/A
Greenside High School* Monday 17:30-19:00 Tuesday 17:30-19:30 Wednesday 17:30-19:30
Full Course Cost R6,350.00 R6,350.00 R6,350.00
Prices exclude the cost of the IEB AP Maths exam learners write in their Grade 12 year. The cost in 2020 is R1 022, the IEB controls the changes to this cost as the money is payable to them.

AP Maths Online courses

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This online course is designed to fit into a learners school life. It is a full online course that runs over the school year and offers learners the ability to study AP Maths at their own pace and in their own time. It runs from January to October.
Full Course Cost R6,350 R6,350 R6,350
Because this course is completely online, learners will need access to the following:
  1. A device to watch the videos on (computer, tablet or phone).
  2. An internet connection.
  3. Time. We estimate an average of 2 hours per week.
Learning online requires learners to have an element of self-discipline where they can commit time to study each week. Our motto for all learning is: Learn - Practice - Test - Ask - Follow.
Learn from the best
Our curriculum is designed and taught by the best AP Maths teachers in South Africa.
Practice as you learn
Every lesson comes complete with lesson notes so you can work through the examples the teacher is using.
Test your understanding
It’s important to see how you are improving. Every section has a short test at the end of it to practice your knowledge.
Ask a teacher
If you get stuck or need further help we have a team of Maths teachers ready to answer any questions you might have.
Follow a learner
Keep track of your progress or see how someone else is doing. Together with our learning coach, make sure you hit your learning goals.

Course Coaching

We provide all our learners with a dedicated online course coach. Our coaches provide each learner with:
  1. Weekly syllabus communications.
  2. Weekly individual course progress monitoring.
  3. Learner and parent/sponsor feedback & engagement.
Our coaches keep in contact with our learners in a variety of ways, through on-site communications, emails, SMS and, if needed, phone calls. Our aim is to do everything we can to help our learners to be successful on our AP Maths Online courses.

What is the AP maths curriculum?

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Module A Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Algebra 3
Module B Calculus 1 Calculus 2 Calculus 3
Module C Statistics 1 Statistics 2 Statistics 3

Our course is a three year programme starting in Grade 10 and running through to the IEB Grade 12 exam. We focus on key learning areas and concepts aimed at helping you prepare for the IEB AP Maths exam. Our experienced educators have made the decision to focus on the sections of the AP Maths curriculum that are most beneficial to the cross section of learners. With this in mind the teaching team have decided to train learners on Calculus, Algebra and Statistics. Many learners and parents often ask us why we focus so heavily on Statistics when there are elective topics that are slightly easier. The answer is simple, Statistics is used the most by learners at a tertiary level and thus it is critical that they learn the fundamentals of Statistics in AP Maths.

What learners say about AP Maths

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Sarah Herrington

Olivia Keirby-Smith

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 3 years of AP Mathematics with Advantage Learn and would recommend this course to anyone who aims to be successful in Core Mathematics, university mathematics, the NBTs or SATs. This course has deepened my passion for mathematics and improved my mathematics in every way possible.

The advantages of taking AP Mathematics are immeasurable. Not only does this course hugely benefit students in their Core Mathematics, but it also provides huge advantages in other exams like the NBTs and SATs. These exams are crucial in order to gain university acceptance, and with selection being so competitive, one must aim to achieve the best possible marks.

I took both the NBTs and SATs in my Matric year, and scored 86% for my NBT mathematics and in my SAT math I was placed in the 99th percentile overall achieving 96% for this section. I know for certain that my success in these exams is attributable to Advantage Learn, and in particular AP Mathematics. AP Mathematics ensures students have a solid fundamental understanding of mathematics, and then extends students to understand concepts beyond Core Mathematics that gives students ‘the edge’ in exams like the SATs and NBTs and thus ensures that students will be very successful in these exams.

AP Mathematics is not only highly beneficial, but it is truly interesting and exciting for anyone with a passion for mathematics. Advantage Learn provides students with world-class teachers who always are willing to go above and beyond what is expected of them to benefit their students. The combination of in-class teaching and online resources, allows students to achieve the best possible marks and combined it makes AP Mathematics something that is anything but daunting or overwhelming.


Choosing to take AP Maths at the end of grade 9 was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. At the time I was worried that my mathematical ability would not be enough to see me through a subject as tough as AP Maths and I would not match up to the standards of other learners as I was continuously achieving a low B for maths at school. Despite this I persevered and I could not be more glad that I did.

AP Maths taught me that maths can in fact be very logical and that it is not about aptitude or ability but rather about hard work, perseverance and practice. I found that I started to enjoy school maths much more as the concepts became easier and easier and my confidence in my ability grew infinitely. The major contribution that AP Maths has had to my successes in Core Maths has been invaluable and is illustrated by the high A that I achieved for Core Maths in my matric finals. Advantage Learn and Mrs Pike provided me with all the tools, knowledge and practice that I needed to succeed in AP Maths as well as Core Maths.

Despite the fact that I will not be doing any Maths at university I chose to continue with AP Maths and to write the final IEB exam at the end of matric. I chose to do this as I recognised the value AP Maths added to my Core Maths as well as teaching me a mathematical and logical way of thinking which will stand me in good stead for all my future ventures.

Taking AP Maths is something that I would highly recommend to all students no matter what you think your mathematical ability is.

Frequently asked questions

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I'm a grade 11 or 12 learner, can I start AP Maths now?

Yes, however, you need to be a very motivated learner. We have had a learner attend our Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses in the same year and pass his AP exams. There are other options such as studying all the grades online in one year but it is completely up to you, the learner, to make sure you have the capacity to condense this course into a shorter time period whilst completing all the other school work you have.

If this is you then we will be glad to help you achieve your goal, please get in contact with us so that we can assist you.

Is AP Maths an accredited course?

The course is not an accredited course, however the IEB exam at the end of grade 12 is an accredited examination.

Everything that we do in this three-year course is to prepare learners to write and pass the final IEB AP Maths exam at the end of their grade 12 year. THIS exam is certified and recognised. It would be exceptionally difficult to pass this exam without having done a comprehensive AP Maths course such as ours.

Advanced Programme Mathematics, certified by the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), is quality assured by UMALUSI and has been benchmarked by NARIC (UK) confirming it to be of an equivalent standard to the Cambridge curriculum A-levels in Mathematics. For learners applying to overseas tertiary institutions, the AP Maths certificate is becoming increasingly internationally recognised. For learners applying to South African Universities, successful achievement of the IEB AP Maths certificate serves as a helpful differentiator to aid acceptance into competitive degree programs.

Our programme covers the contents of this curriculum examined at the end of the Grade 12 year by the IEB. The official certificate is issued by the IEB to all learners who pass the exam (over 40% is considered a pass).

Read more from the IEB on what the Advanced Programme courses are here.

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