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Similar to an account manager role, focused on partner-client development and management.

We are looking for a Key Partner Manager, and it could be you! First, let’s work out if we’re a good match for you.

Our vision

Learning never stops, the finish line is never crossed. We have the goal of helping learners from all corners of the earth to achieve the career of their dreams. Our goal is to provide learners the same quality of learning from the foundation phase and then guide them on their way to a career, or vocation for the jobs of tomorrow referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. The schooling system has had very little change in the last 100 years and still educates learners in a factory type fashion, each with their own desk in rows. The work of tomorrow is about technology, collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Advantage Learn class of tomorrow will be enriched not only with teaching but career guidance and opportunities through our collaboration with tertiary education providers and companies who want to invest in the workforce of tomorrow.

Our team

We have a hard-working and diverse team, young and old, with a wide range of interests including running, music, surfing, food, video gaming, travelling, beer, hiking, languages and obviously learning! Although most of us are in Durban (SA), we are a digital-first company with people working remotely as well as in-office, and our time together is always fun.

Our work 

(As it relates to a Key Partner Manager)

Although we are our own biggest client, we work with multiple external clients as well. We don’t look at these relationships through the lens of supplier-to-client but rather that we are their digital education partners. We provide these partners with solutions related to but not limited to: Digital platforms, user-engagement, learning design and support.

The projects are almost always related to impactful digital education projects and propose exciting new challenges. Partner managers need to be involved in operational management and support, partner management and engagement, solution development and business development.

The primary responsibility of a partner manager is ensuring partner satisfaction, ensuring their projects are always moving forwards. We are a small team trying to achieve a lot, meaning that good communication, collaboration and process are key components of our daily work. 

Key partner managers work in a small but effective team within the Solutions & Technology division of Advantage Learn. This division is led by the CTO and designs, develops and manages the digital learning platforms and products used by the partner clients, which is why the key partner manager is such a critical role in this team.  

What we’re looking for 

Still interested? Here’s a bit more about what we are looking for.


  • 5 years of work experience in partner management related roles
  • Worked extensively with brands and/or clients
  • Managed complex clients & projects
  • Worked on business and product development


  • Enjoys continuous learning 
  • Excited about business and project development
  • Enjoys working collaboratively with team members
  • Strong technical skills (you will be engaging with a lot of digital tools)
  • High attention to detail and consistency
  • Pragmatic problem-solver with a high analytical ability (A in high-school Maths a bonus!)
  • Fun, friendly and has a balanced lifestyle 
  • Self-motivated, self-managed & driven


Although we are based in Durban (South Africa) we are a digital-first company. There is no restriction to where you are located, as long as the timezone is suitable (close proximity to GMT+2) and you have a productive working environment (good internet!).

Start date

We’re looking to get you started at your soonest availability.


You will be employed on a permanent contract, subject to a three-month probationary period.

What’s in it for you

Advantage Learn is a young (growth-phase) company with exciting personal and professional growth opportunities. Be a part of something meaningful and impactful while kick-starting your career! 


We believe in market-rate salaries based on experience, role and responsibility, let’s engage and determine the right remuneration for you.

Other benefits

  • We are a digital-first company, as long as your work delivery is up to the expected level you can work remotely and enjoy the flexibility it enables.
  • We love continuous learning and always willing to consider supporting your learning journeys whether it’s through time-commitment, exposure opportunity or sponsorship. 
  • Sick of legacy tools & platforms? We pride ourselves in using the best-of-breed technologies and processes through all facets of the business. 

How to start

Simply kick-start the process by sending us an email –

Make sure your email includes: 

  • A bit about yourself – not all work-related 🙂
  • The position you are applying for
  • A CV, or equivalent, including education history and work experience
  • Some examples of your previous work
  • A list of references

Next step

Once we have received your email we will send you confirmation of receipt and review your suitability for the position. If successful, we will set up a digital call with you and take it from there. 

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