Increase your knowledge of the sciences with subject experts

Achieving top science results can unlock many opportunities. Not only does this subject enrich learners' understanding of the world around them, but it also provides them with vital knowledge and skills to support them in their journey into tertiary education and in their future careers. Choose from our tailored courses to suit every type of learner.

Science Academy (covering Physical Science)

Learners in this Academy are tested weekly and kept at the top of their game throughout the term. They attend live-streamed, guided lessons on a Friday with an assessment designed to enhance their understanding and push them to be their best. These tests are unique in the way that they continuously revisit old topics to ensure learners repeatedly revise their work through compound learning.

We recommend this for learners who:

  • Are in Grades 10 to 12
  • Want to get their best results in physical sciences
  • Are available Friday afternoons for the live sessions

Science Online

Learning what you want, when you want is important. Science Online enables you to do this by giving you unlimited access to our science content for grades 10 to 12.

We recommend this for learners who:

  • Are committed to achieving the best results they can
  • Are in Grades 10 to 12
  • Want additional tutoring and practice questions
  • Want a cheaper alternative to a private tutor
  • Have access to an internet-enabled device

Available from September 2020 for physical science.

Science workshops

If you can’t get to the classroom, let the classroom come to you! Our Head of Education, Crispian Lees, along with our Subject Expert, Tyler Rodrigues, will teach a variety of workshops designed to help you catch up with any content you may have missed, revise topics you would like to go over again or have extra lessons in the lead up to your final exams.

We recommend this for learners who:

  • Are in Grades 11 to 12
  • Want to get extra lessons
  • Need help with revision
  • Are preparing for their exams
  • Want to get the best grades

Our workshops are:

Grade 12 study week (September, bookings available soon)

Grade 11 study week (September, bookings available soon)