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Science Academy 2022

Join a class of learners in the Science Academy for grade 10 to 12, where you’ll grow in your understanding and performance in Physical Science.

R2,987.96 per term

5/5 (3 ratings)

Begins in 2022
Grade 10-12

First-class education

Build a solid foundation, reinforce your understanding and track your progress with the Science Academy. The Academy empowers high school learners to excel in Physical Science. This structured annual program emphasizes spaced reinforcement and extension in weekly lessons delivered live online via our streaming platform. This enables online learners to engage and ask questions just as if they were in the classroom environment.

Lessons, delivered by our expert teaching team, are made available to Academy learners via their dedicated online course. Included in this course are all lesson worksheets and summary notes. This is helpful in the event that learners are unable to make a lesson in a particular week or wish to look back on a lesson.

Application of knowledge is key to learning success. Therefore, in addition to the weekly lesson, learners are required to write a weekly spot test that assesses them on concepts learnt in previous weeks and even previous years. This forced test repetition is a cornerstone of Advantage Learn’s teaching methodology. It ensures that learners spend focused time practising and reveals areas in which individuals are struggling and in need of support. Results on the spot tests are shared with both parents and learners weekly to keep them informed and involved in the learning process. Additionally, our expert coaching team prescribes corrective and extension work from a vast collection of learning resources to candidates who need it or want it.


Weekly live lessons
Complimentary access to Science Online
28 lessons per annum
Weekly progress tests
Tailored notes and worksheets
Weekly feedback to parents and learners

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Science Academy live lesson
Science Online lesson

Academy details

Live lessons

Our Science Academy teaching is done via online live lessons which are held weekly for each grade. In each lesson, learners will be guided by their Science Academy educator as well as a technical support team member. Before each lesson, learners will be given notes for their upcoming session to enable them to download and print them or have them available on their device before the lesson. 

Weekly progress tests

Learners are assessed on a weekly basis to determine their understanding of the concepts learnt. The progress tests include a mix of old and new Physical Science concepts to ensure that the learners are able to apply themselves consistently and to check for knowledge gaps. This information and progress is then fed back to parents and learners to enable learners to understand how they can improve.


Lesson timetable

Science Academy class Day Time Educator
Grade 10 TBC 16h35 - 18h00 Tyler Rodrigues
Grade 11 TBC 15h00 - 16h25 Tyler Rodrigues and Crispian Lees
Grade 12 TBC 16h35 -18h00 Crispian Lees


Payment plans for the Science Academy are outlined below. 

Payment details Payment method Price
Pay upfront for the full year Invoiced R11,951.83
Upfront for the year paid before the programme begins Invoiced R10,756.65
Termly payment Invoiced R2,987.96
Monthly payment paid over 10 months between January and October (10% admin fee is applied) Debit order R1,314.70


Admission to the Science Academy is via application only and seats are limited. We want to work with learners who show commitment to improving their Physical Science ability. In this application, you will be required to submit a recent proof of your results alongside a motivation for your application to help us with our application processing and we will contact you should we need any further details or information. 

Termly applications are only valid before the 3rd live lesson of the term being applied to. No new applications (annual or termly applications) are accepted in the fourth term. The Academy makes use of spaced-repetition to cement understanding of concepts and the application deadline is in place to ensure that all new learners will still be able to fully benefit from our unique teaching methodology


5% discount for joining multiple subjects

If you apply to join multiple subjects and your application is successful, you will receive a 5% discount off each subject you are taking with us. Terms and conditions apply.

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Taught and designed by subject matter experts

Tyler Rodrigues PGCE, BScHons

Degree Major: Chemistry
Institution: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Graduated: 2005

Teaching experience

  • IEB Physical Science marker since 2009.
  • IEB National Subject Forum representative 2016-2018
  • Author of Advanced Programme Physics textbook and workbook.
  • HOD of Science at Maris Stella (IEB), KZN.
  • Previous HOD of Science at St.Henry’s Marist College (IEB), KZN.
  • Previous Physical Science teacher at Pinetown Boys’ High School (DBE), KZN.
  • Physical Science teacher since 2007

Crispian Lees MSc

Degree Major: Chemical Engineering
Institution: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Graduated: 2013

Teaching experience

  • Advantage Learn NBT teacher since 2018.
  • AP Maths teacher at Reddam House Umhlanga in 2018.
  • Process Engineer at Sasol 2013 – 2017
  • Advantage Learn science workshops educator since 2014.
  • Assistant lecturer (Chemical Engineering faculty at UKZN) in 2013.
  • Advantage Learn AP Maths teacher since 2013.
  • AP Maths teacher at Thomas More College 2009-2012.


The course is so helpful for my child and the fact that they give spot tests after each lesson to test the learners knowledge is an advantage as it really did improve her results

- Juwairiya Sheik Madar -

It was excellent! provided very concise and relative notes, I also felt comfortable asking questions and this solidified my knowledge!


This has been so beneficial for me, especially during the time of lockdown... it has helped me keep my marks up. I highly recommend it for learners looking to achieve their best results!

- Vesna Ignjatov -

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