Robotics Academy 2022

Learn practical skills that will shape your mind and enhance your abilities as you journey towards your future education and career paths.

R9,640.50 for the full year programme (includes delivery of your Robotics kit)

Begins in 2022
Grade 8 - 12

Learn skills relevant to the future

The world is on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to each other. The arrival of the fourth industrial revolution has increased the speed of the current breakthroughs exponentially. Learners often struggle to understand how the theory they learn applies to their everyday lives – The Robotics Academy teaches vital skills like critical thinking and complex problem-solving, which can be used in real life. This ability to apply theory into reality is the most critical skill to master in order to be effective in addressing the demands of the modern age.

Curriculum by



Despite being a vital skill set to learn, the subject of Robotics is not included within regular subject choices. Through our Academy+ learners are able to follow the Robotics syllabus provided by Resolute Robotics.

Module 1 – Engineering – Autonomous Line Following car.

During Semester 1, learners will join the live Academy lessons where our subject expert will guide learners through building their very own Autonomous line following car.

Module 2 – Engineering – Access Control Using RFID Tags.

Through the Academy learners will have access to pre-recorded video lessons to guide them through building an Access control system. Learners complete this during the mid-year break.

Module 3 – Computer Sciences & Data Analytics with Game Development.

During Semester 2, learners will join the live Academy lessons where our subject expert will guide learners through Python game development.


Weekly live lessons
16 live lessons
Access to pre-recorded lesson content
Access to all previous lesson recordings
An Academy completion certificate

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Academy details

Live lessons

Our Robotics Academy teaching is done via online live lessons which are held weekly for each grade. In each lesson, learners will be guided by their Robotics Academy educator as well as a technical support team member.

Day Lesson times Dates
Semester 1 TBC 17h30 - 19h00 TBC
Semester 2 TBC 17h30 - 19h00 TBC


Payment plan options for the Robotics Academy are outlined below.

Payment details Payment method Robotics Kit Price
Pay upfront for the year Invoiced Included R9,640.50
Pay upfront for the year before the programme begins Invoiced Included R8,957.55
Pay semesterly Invoiced Included in Semester 1 payment R6,225.75 in semester 1, R3,756.23 in semester 2


Admission to the Robotics Academy is via application only and seats are limited. In this application, you will be required to submit a recent proof of your results alongside a motivation for your application to help us with our application processing and we will contact you should we need any further details or information.


Semester 2 applicants

Applicants can join from semester 2 which is focused more on python coding and computer sciences. Semester 1 is not a prerequisite to join in semester 2. Learners who join in semester 2 and who still wish to complete semester 1 may join semester 1 in 2022. 


5% discount for joining multiple subjects

If you apply to join multiple subjects and your application is successful, you will receive a 5% discount off each subject you are taking with us. Terms and conditions apply.

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Taught and designed by subject matter experts

Gareth Thomson BSc

Degree Major: Electronic Engineering
Institution: University of Pretoria, South Africa
Graduated: 2016


  • Robotics curriculum designer and educator for Resolute Robotics
  • Data Analyst for Optimi
  • Softcon project member for a power-line communications technology that would allow access-control set-up to be easier and more efficient to install.
  • Softcon product developer
  • During his final year project, he designed and assembled a 3D-printed pipe-navigating robot from first principles using an eight-wheel scissor mechanism chassis. In addition to the chassis, he developed the sensors and control systems behind it in order for it to navigate autonomously whilst providing feedback to a cell phone.

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