Physical Science Grade 12 revision and 2020 final exam preparation recordings

Feel confident that you are revising and preparing for your final exams in the right way. Make the best use of your time by watching a recording of a live online lesson that will take you through all your subject topics with an expert educator ensuring you are prepared and ready to write your final exams.

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Physical Science IEB & DBE

World-class digital workshops

These revision workshop recordings cover concepts all the way back to the beginning of the year so that you are given strong foundational knowledge of the subject. Using content based on past paper questions, you will be taken through the various types of questions you will need to understand in your final exams. By the end of these online sessions, you will be confident that you have covered all your bases in time for your final exams.

Our workshops are taught by our expert digital teaching team who come equipped with vast online teaching experience. This experience means that we are able to translate online lessons in a way that feels like a physical classroom environment, making the content truly come to life. On top of this, we have an active support team who are online and can be contacted via our live chat if you have any questions as you work through your recordings.

Our revision session recordings cost R152 per hour giving you access to these recordings, the corresponding downloadable lesson notes and our live chat support feature where learners are empowered to ask questions.


Recordings of our live sessions covering specific topics.
24 Hours teaching time with an expert educator.
A digital workbook to download and print covering the workshop content.
Access to the workshop recordings for 12 months.

Workshop information

Topic Lesson times
Physics - Mechanics – Newton's Laws, Momentum and Impulse 3 hours
Physics - Mechanics – Vertical Projectile Motion, Work, Energy and Power 3 hours
Physics - Electricity and magnetism – Electric circuits, Electrostatics 3 hours
Physics - Electricity and magnetism – Electrodynamics 3 hours
Chemistry - Materials & Matter – Organic molecules 3 hours
Chemistry - Materials & Matter – Acids and Bases, Rate and extent of reaction, Chemical equilibrium 3 hours
Chemistry - Chemical change – Electrochemical reactions (Galvanic cells and electrolytic cells) 3 hours
Chemistry - Chemical change – Electrochemical reactions (applications of electrolysis) 3 hours

The workshop experience

Our workshops give you the experience of a classroom, ensuring that the educator is always visible and giving you the ability to ask a question via our live chat. You will be given access to downloadable lesson notes which you can print or have ready on a device before you watch your lesson.

The notes allow for working space so that you can work out answers and follow along during the lesson. Pause, rewind and fast forward through sections to ensure that you are efficiently and effectively covering sections so that you can understand them.

Who should get this digital workshop?

  • Learners who follow the Physical Science IEB or DBE curriculum
  • Learners who are in Grade 12
  • Learners who have access to a good internet connection and data

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Taught and designed by subject matter experts

Crispian Lees MSc

Degree Major: Chemical Engineering
Institution: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Graduated: 2013

Teaching experience

  • Advantage Learn NBT teacher since 2018.
  • AP Maths teacher at Reddam House Umhlanga in 2018.
  • Process Engineer at Sasol 2013 – 2017
  • Advantage Learn science workshops educator since 2014.
  • Assistant lecturer (Chemical Engineering faculty at UKZN) in 2013.
  • Advantage Learn AP Maths teacher since 2013.
  • AP Maths teacher at Thomas More College 2009-2012.


My daughter did the course.. said it cleared up a lot of her confusion. She went in to her Paper 2 exam with much more confidence.

- Amanda Crowe -

I cannot express enough how much it helped me for Finals!!!

- Brendan Kuhnert -

my Daughter was very happy with what she learned.

- Johannes Coetzee -

The physics course was excellent. very clear and concise information!

- Bernadett Gosnell -

it was really really good and helpful! Trish is very good maths teacher and knows her content very well! If we could work just a little slower, it would be better but was absolutely worth while and helpful in my math exams! Thank you xx

- Erin Stone -

Very beneficial, helped a lot with preparation for exams and would definitely recommend it.

- Riya Pillay -

This workshop was extremely insightful and definietly made a difference, pushing my mark from a 70 to an 80. I would highly recommned it to anyone struggling with their maths.

- Jade Moyle -

Absolutely worth it! Extremely helpful and relevant.

- Karen Fitzsimmons -

Michael thought it made a big difference and was far more confident going into his exam as a result.

- Jane Attwood -

Excellent workshop fir my son!

- Nombuso Mthethwa-Hadebe -

Really helpful, many little tips to help me which actually cleared up a lot of grey areas for me.

- Mhlonishwa Zulu -

Thank you for being a fantastic support and accommodating us in every way!

- Leigh Roberts -

Great online resource. Very useful and highly recommended.

- Lyn Coley -

It was very informative and I feel ready for finals now

- Phoebe -

Best way to cover all Matric maths content! really well worth it! Thank you.

- Laurianne Steere -

This workshop was extremely beneficial and has equipped me with the skills needed to get my A in finals.

- Jacqui Biggs -

Trish you are incredible! You are so passionate about Maths and have definitely inspired me to be more committed to it by helping me step by step through the syllabus over one weekend! Thank you so much.

- Tracy-Lea Meyer -

It honestly was the best thing. I ended up having the worst trials time table resulting in having no time to study for maths until the night before (however I had already gone on my advantage learn course ) This was all I needed, I only had to to do was one past paper and just read through my notes in preparation for my exam. The courses are so extensive and well structured that everything you need to know and extension is covered - making maths really easy and enjoyable ! I have no idea what I would do without them. Furthermore having maths online is a huge help ( supplementary to the course ) because if there is anything I am slightly stuck or unsure of - it is quickly clear led up and sorted out with a quickly video.

- Gabriella Norval -

Very impressed with Advantage Learn...service was exceptional from dealing with Admin, to Mike in IT to the actual workshops which my daughter found extremely helpful!!!

- Hayley Craig -

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Physical Science Grade 12 revision and 2020 final exam preparation recordings

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