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There are no NBT past papers...

The National Benchmark Test Project does not release any NBT past exam papers. This can make it difficult for learners who are wanting to practice with some example NBT questions before their test.

...we've got you covered.


3 Practice quizzes

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NBT Support from our team

Advantage Learn has developed our own mock NBT papers which are available within our NBT Preparation Online course. We have taken some of those questions from the mock tests and have placed them into this short course which consists of three quizzes, one from each section that the NBT tests you on. Each quiz contains five questions. The quizzes are timed. You will get a good sense of what it is like to write the NBT. One of the most difficult things about the NBT is how little time you have, so this is a really good exercise to give you an idea of what you will need to do on test day. If you don't complete the quiz in the time, you will be forced to submit what you have been able to complete - just as you would on test day!

For more questions like these, purchase our NBT Preparation Online course where you will have access to hundreds of NBT practice questions!

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