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NBT AQL Preparation Online (English)

Learn online from some of South Africa's top educators as you explore new methods and techniques at approaching and solving complex NBT style questions.


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12 months access

Achieve your best NBT results

This AQL NBT preparation Online course consists of videos where experienced, engaging educators walk learners through NBT example questions and best practices.

Alongside the teaching videos are downloadable notes, NBT quizzes that enable you to see how you’re performing in each section, as well as a live chat platform that enables you to ask NBT mathematics questions directly to our educators. Learning online enables learners to work at their own pace. Pause and rewatch videos to make sure that you have time to process what you are learning.

Repeat our quizzes as many times as you like to ensure that you are able to work at the correct pace and with the right level of accuracy during one of the most stressful exams of your Matric year!


75+ video lessons
Lesson notes
Teaching support
AL Preparation
QL Preparation
Multiple mock NBTs
200+ example NBT questions
17+ Hours of content

Course preview

Academic Literacy
Quantitative Literacy

Curriculum outline

Section 1 – Orientation
Familiarizing learners with our online learning platform and assisting them to set up a helpful study plan based on their context. The orientation section helps learners to start their preparation on the front foot.

Section 2 – Mock AQL test 1
Learners are encouraged to take one of our mock AQL tests upfront so as to identify early on where their knowledge gaps are and where they should focus their attention in the lessons that follow.

Section 3 – Academic Literacy modules
Our Academic Literacy lessons then take learners through the 8 Academic Literacy subdomains that are tested in the AQL test of the NBT’s. Learners are taught and reminded of fundamental theory and then given an opportunity to practise throughout the Academic Literacy modules.

Section 4 – Quantitative Literacy modules
Quantitative Literacy is an especially challenging section especially since learners are not allowed to use a calculator. Here we recap important arithmetic techniques that empower learners to succeed without a calculator. We make sure learners are well equipped to answer questions for the 7 subdomains that are tested in the Quantitative Literacy sections of the AQL test.

Section 5 – Mock NBT test
Once learners have worked through the learning modules, they are then encouraged to take the 2nd AQL mock test. We are confident that, if learners have applied themselves through the course, they will see a significant improvement in their test score.

Section 6 – AQL spot quiz tool
We then have a helpful spot quiz tool that learners can use to keep momentum in their preparation and keep their skills sharp. This tool dynamically serves a random subset of 5 questions from our database of hundreds of questions so that learners can keep practising either their Academic Literacy or Quantitative Literacy skills.

Taught and designed by subject matter experts

The first NBT course was designed by Trish Pike in 2013, making Advantage Learn the first to provide NBT preparation courses in South Africa. Since then Trish continues to teach and develop our NBT preparation courses with a particular focus on Quantitative Literacy and Mathematics as our subject matter expert in these domains.

Trish Pike HDE (PG)

Degree Major: Mathematics
Institution: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Graduated: 1977

Teaching experience

  • 2013-current AdvantageLearn NBT, AP Maths and
    Maths workshops teacher.
  • Previously HOD Mathematics Kearsney College.
  • Previously HOD Mathematics Thomas More College.
  • AP Maths teacher since 1996.
  • Core Maths teacher since 1978.

In 2017, Nicky Nightingale joined the team as our esteemed subject matter expert in the Academic Literacy section of our NBT preparation courses.


From an educator's perspective I found it to be excellent It would challenge the learners and prepare them well for the NBT examination

- Marie Sturgess -

It's really been so helpful! I've found it's helped me so much especially with how much detail is given and effort is put into each section, question and correction.

- Kelly Corbett -

Advantage Learn has really helped me with my confidence with regards to math and Afrikaans. Thank you for the endless amount of effort you have put in to help us better our education and future.

- Genevieve Poupard -

Thank you so much, this course was extremely helpful. I left high school a while ago and this was a great revision for my NBTs. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about getting that good score to qualify for your degree and getting accepted into University.

- Sisipho Lufele -

The online preparation is very enriching and helpful. It is of great benefit for anyone preparing to write NBT. I've been recommending it to other students. A summary that awakens the spirit.

- Esther Maris -

I am grateful for this programme as I am more prepared for the test. It gets tricky in the beginning, but you gradually get the hang of it .

- Dorothee Mubembe -

It’s a good course, but some of the lectures are as confused as I am. They don’t seem to know what they are do.

- Greeff Tayla -

Helpful and well set out

- Ayyaan Bhimma -

The NBT preparation Course is wonderful for all kinds of revision. I loved the fact that I could do a test over and over and improve myself on all the faults. Perfect for preparing you for the test!

- Mieke Coetzee -

Great course, I highly recommend it, I studied it and did well on my NBT

- Fisani Mncube -

I was blown away by Advantage Learn!!! Excellent service from booking the course to dealing with Mike at IT support and by daughter was very impressed with Trish and found the course very beneficial. Highly recommended.

- Hayley Craig -

Brilliant. Incredible helpful and valuable. Really reduced my nerves and stress levels! Totally recommend it!

- Lindsey Bath -

I have not written the test yet but the information and the knowledge I have already has made a huge difference and also the confidence I have towards the test is really amazing, I don't want to count the chickens before they hatch let us wait for the test date before I praise you fully.

- Sinemihlali Ntshibongo -

I'd like a couple more practice tests per section but otherwise it's incredibly helpful

- Bronwyn Morphet -

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