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Maths Academy

Advantage Learn’s Maths Academy helps learners from grades 9 to 12 to excel in their maths understanding and performance.

R2735 per term

Grade 9 to 12

First class education

This structured annual program emphasizes spaced reinforcement and extension in weekly Friday lessons that are recorded live and are delivered to our online Academy via our virtual classroom live stream. This enables online learners to engage and ask questions just as if they were in the classroom environment.

Lessons, delivered by our expert teaching team, are made available to Academy learners via their dedicated online learning environment. Included in this course are all lesson worksheets and the recording of the previous week’s lessons. This is helpful in the event that learners are unable to make a lesson in a particular week or wish to look back on a lesson.

Application of knowledge is key to learning success, especially in mathematics. Therefore, in addition to the weekly lesson, learners are required to write a weekly 30-minute spot test that tests them on concepts learnt in previous weeks and even previous years. This forced test repetition is a cornerstone of Trish Pike’s mathematics learning methodology. It ensures that learners spend focused time practising and reveals areas in which individuals are struggling and in need of support. Results on the spot tests are fed back to both parents and learners weekly to keep them informed and involved in the learning process. Additionally, our expert coaching team prescribes corrective and extension work from a vast collection of maths learning resources to candidates who need it or want it.

One of the other many benefits of joining our Maths Academy is that you will also be given access to any extra mathematics revision workshops that we run.


Weekly live lessons
Maths Online access
28 lessons per annum
Weekly progress tests
Tailored notes and worksheets
Weekly feedback to parents and learners

Lesson preview

Example grade 12 live lesson
Example Maths Online video

Academy details

Maths Academy Class Time Educator
Grade 9 Fridays 16h05 - 17h30 Emily Rivett-Carnac
Grade 10 Fridays 14h30 - 15h55 Emily Rivett-Carnac
Grade 11 Fridays 16h05 - 17h30 Trish Pike
Grade 12 Fridays 14h30 - 15h55 Trish Pike

Date(s) and Times: Lessons are run during term times on Fridays and delivered via live-stream. Term 4 will begin on Friday, 04 September 2020.

Pricing: R2735 per term

Applications: Applications are now closed. The Academy makes use of spaced-repetition to cement understanding of concepts and the application deadline is in place to ensure that all new learners will still be able to fully benefit from our unique teaching methodology. Click here for a full list of dates for term 4.

Admission to the Maths Academy is via application only and seats are limited. We want to work with learners who show commitment to improving their mathematical ability. In this application, you will be required to submit a recent proof of your results alongside a motivation for your application to help us with our application processing and we will contact you should we need any further details or information. 

The Advantage Learn Academy

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If you apply to join multiple subjects and your application is successful, you will receive a 20% discount off each additional Academy subject after the first.

Taught and designed by subject matter experts

Trish Pike HDE (PG)

Degree Major: Mathematics
Institution: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Graduated: 1977

Teaching experience

  • Advantage Learn NBT, AP Maths and Maths Academy teacher since 2013.
  • Previously HOD of mathematics at Kearsney College, KZN.
  • Previously HOD of mathematics at Thomas More College, KZN.
  • AP Maths teacher since 1996.
  • Core Maths teacher since 1978.
  • First NBT preparation educator in South Africa.

Emily Rivett-Carnac MSc

Degree Major: Pure Mathematics (cum laude)
Institution: University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Graduated: 2020

Teaching experience

  • Advantage Learn NBT, AP Maths and Maths Academy teacher since 2018.
  • Private Mathematics tutor for high school and university learners in the IEB, DBE and IGCSE curricula, since 2011.

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