Coding: Basics of Python in Game Development

This short course will teach you how to code in Python via game development, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) - the keys to unlocking many jobs in the fourth industrial revolution. Python is used to build many leading websites that we all use day-to-day including Instagram, Google, Netflix and Spotify! What’s more, you will build 3 games during the course of this program.

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19 July - 24 September
Live Online

Learn to code

Master coding with Python Game Development, by learning to incorporate data analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in essential programming concepts. In this short course, you will review core programming concepts while taking a more in-depth look at libraries for Python. This course is practical and fun, engaging learners with these concepts as they relate to building games including Tic Tac Toe, Snake and Space Invaders!

We’ve partnered with Resolute Robotics to create this powerful short course. The curriculum outlined below was designed by Resolute, a team of passionate engineers that want to enable learning about engineering and coding concepts from a young age! If you’re interested in extending further into coding, apply to join our Robotics Academy in 2022!


Here’s what you’ll cover

Understanding the Basics of Python 

The course starts off by revising, understanding and practising the basics of Python programming. This includes understanding what an IDE is; learning how to use Turtle Graphics; understanding input, process and output; and performing basic arithmetic. Once the basics are covered, students will cover core programming concepts. 

Mathematics and Data Analysis

Data analysis is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand skills of the future. Python enables learners to harness the skill correctly since Python is the most prominently used language in data sciences. Students will learn how to use math libraries such as Matplotlib and Numpy, which is commonly used in industry to visualise data. 

Python for Game Development

Students will learn what game development is; why learning how to develop a game is an important and necessary skill in coding; and how it can be a rewarding career should they choose to pursue it. They will begin by developing the famous games Tic Tac Toe, Snake and Space Invaders

Object-oriented programming

Students will learn the importance and effectiveness of object-oriented programming by learning about classes in their Python for game development course. They will learn the objects that are in classes and how to get classes to interact with one another and how to simplify coding using inheritance, which makes a “Parent Class” and “Child Classes”. They will then apply these principles to the development of the Space Invaders Game. 

Artificial Intelligence

Finally, students will learn the importance of artificial intelligence and its role in our lives as well as how AI can be used in game development. They will incorporate the fundamentals of AI in the Tic Tac Toe game that they developed earlier using recursion and min-max algorithms. They will also use AI to create a maze game that can solve itself!


  • No previous coding experience necessary
  • You need to have a MacOS, Windows or Linux operating system
  • We recommend that this short course be taken if you are in grade 8 or above
  • Anyone outside of high school that would like to learn Python from basics may also register


Weekly live lessons
8 live lessons
Access to pre-recorded lesson content
Access to lesson recordings
A course completion certificate
Taught by a qualified engineer

Course details

Our Python short course is taught via live online lessons which are held weekly. In each lesson, learners will be guided by the educator, Gareth Thomson as well as a technical support team member, Dehan Lamprecht.

The deadline for booking is Sunday 01 August 2021, don’t miss out.

Course timetable

Times Dates Breaks
Wednesdays from 17h30 to 19h00 19 Jul - 24 Sep 16 Aug - 27 Aug
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Taught and designed by subject matter experts

Gareth Thomson BSc

Degree Major: Electronic Engineering
Institution: University of Pretoria, South Africa
Graduated: 2016


  • Robotics curriculum designer and educator for Resolute Robotics
  • Data Analyst for Optimi
  • Softcon project member for a power-line communications technology that would allow access-control set-up to be easier and more efficient to install.
  • Softcon product developer
  • During his final year project, he designed and assembled a 3D-printed pipe-navigating robot from first principles using an eight-wheel scissor mechanism chassis. In addition to the chassis, he developed the sensors and control systems behind it in order for it to navigate autonomously whilst providing feedback to a cell phone.

Exam Preparation Reviews

It is a very helping workshop and you get to learn how to answer several questions, It prepares you to be ready for an exam.

- Amahle Mlaba -

The teacher for the Physics workshop was great but the work load was to much for those 6 hours and he did have to rush to finish. The teacher for the chemistry was very good and managed her time very well so she was great.

- Samantha Joubert -


- Christopher Magunda -

My daughter did the course.. said it cleared up a lot of her confusion. She went in to her Paper 2 exam with much more confidence.

- Amanda Crowe -

I cannot express enough how much it helped me for Finals!!!

- Brendan Kuhnert -

my Daughter was very happy with what she learned.

- Johannes Coetzee -

The physics course was excellent. very clear and concise information!

- Bernadett Gosnell -

it was really really good and helpful! Trish is very good maths teacher and knows her content very well! If we could work just a little slower, it would be better but was absolutely worth while and helpful in my math exams! Thank you xx

- Erin Stone -

Very beneficial, helped a lot with preparation for exams and would definitely recommend it.

- Riya Pillay -

This workshop was extremely insightful and definietly made a difference, pushing my mark from a 70 to an 80. I would highly recommned it to anyone struggling with their maths.

- Jade Moyle -

Absolutely worth it! Extremely helpful and relevant.

- Karen Fitzsimmons -

Michael thought it made a big difference and was far more confident going into his exam as a result.

- Jane Attwood -

Excellent workshop fir my son!

- Nombuso Mthethwa-Hadebe -

Really helpful, many little tips to help me which actually cleared up a lot of grey areas for me.

- Mhlonishwa Zulu -

Thank you for being a fantastic support and accommodating us in every way!

- Leigh Roberts -

Great online resource. Very useful and highly recommended.

- Lyn Coley -

It was very informative and I feel ready for finals now

- Phoebe -

Best way to cover all Matric maths content! really well worth it! Thank you.

- Laurianne Steere -

This workshop was extremely beneficial and has equipped me with the skills needed to get my A in finals.

- Jacqui Biggs -

Trish you are incredible! You are so passionate about Maths and have definitely inspired me to be more committed to it by helping me step by step through the syllabus over one weekend! Thank you so much.

- Tracy-Lea Meyer -

It honestly was the best thing. I ended up having the worst trials time table resulting in having no time to study for maths until the night before (however I had already gone on my advantage learn course ) This was all I needed, I only had to to do was one past paper and just read through my notes in preparation for my exam. The courses are so extensive and well structured that everything you need to know and extension is covered - making maths really easy and enjoyable ! I have no idea what I would do without them. Furthermore having maths online is a huge help ( supplementary to the course ) because if there is anything I am slightly stuck or unsure of - it is quickly clear led up and sorted out with a quickly video.

- Gabriella Norval -

Very impressed with Advantage Learn...service was exceptional from dealing with Admin, to Mike in IT to the actual workshops which my daughter found extremely helpful!!!

- Hayley Craig -

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Coding: Basics of Python in Game Development


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