Johannesburg Combo Workshop | 20 & 21 April

Join this in-person workshop covering MAT & AQL on the 20th & 21st of April.



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Raizcorp, Katherine St &, Centex Cl, Strathavon, 2196
20 April 2024 Saturday 08:00 - 12:00 & 13:00 - 17:00 | Sunday 21 April 2024 08:00 - 13:00
This workshop is taught in English

What is covered in this workshop?

The National Benchmark Tests are split into two tests, the AQL and MAT. This workshop prepares learners for the AQL and MAT tests. It is a common misunderstanding that this test is only testing a learner’s ability to read and interpret written texts as it also tests a learner’s ability to apply mathematical literacy concepts to questions.

The workshop is delivered by one of Advantage Learn’s expert teaching team members using modern technology and teaching methods to make the content come to life in a memorable way for the learners who are getting ready to sit the NBT test which can define their future.


This workshop includes a print version of our AQL and MAT NBT Preparation Workbook!


12-hour in-person workshop covering all the crucial MAT & AQL concepts.
12-month online access to our highly sought-after MAT & AQL mock tests for you to assess your knowledge.
Our physical workbook that covers the workshop content.
Mock tests with video answers to help you with the questions you struggled with.

Workshop information

NBT preparation is vital to NBT success.

These workshops have been groomed over five years to be the best preparation any learner can do for their NBTs. Workshops do fill up so early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. Chat with us or email us at [email protected] if you have any course queries (office hours Mon-Fri 08:00-16:30).

Date(s) and Time(s):

Saturday 20 April 2024, 08:00 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 17:00
Sunday 21 April 2024, 08:00 – 13:00


Raizcorp, Katherine St &, Centex Cl, Strathavon, 2196

On the day

  1. Aim to arrive at the workshop at least 10 minutes before the workshop begins. The workshop will begin on time regardless of whether you are late or not.
  2. Each learner will be given a workbook upon arrival at the workshop.
  3. Bring water and refreshments to help you stay focussed. Also, bring stationery and a notebook.
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The work shop was very good and I got very good preparation and couldn't have done it without the course. I felt so much more comfortable and prepared and ready for what to expect.

- Rachel Nell -

I just wrote me NBT today and honestly I am so glad I did it NBT prep courses. Without it I wouldn’t able to use the skills they have taught me.

- Murielle Nkazi -

The teacher wasted a lot of time in the beginning. We didn’t finish what needed to be done within the 2 workshops. However the recorded version with Trish Pike is a lot better

- Gabi Davis -

Thank you.The workshop was really helpful and fun. At school I can still use what I learnt there to help me.

- Reabetswe Mohlaka -

The MAT workshop was definitely worth my time. After being so used to using a calculator, the workshop really helped open my mind to methods I would never have thought of on my own. The workshop helped me understand the ways in which I could analyze different questions and how to approach them. The teaching was easy to understand and the response to questions was clear and efficient.

- Yusuf Hajat -

Great course! Teachers are very helpful and thorough.

- Paul Reeves -

The MAT Workshops was really reallyyy helpful in preparing me for the type of questions that the NBT's require. Great preparation!

- Caltha Jacobs -

The workshop was amazing. I learnt so many new things and the teacher was great!

- Kirsten Stewart -

Very insightful workshop with quick and clever ways of doing problems.

- Kerissa Moodley -

Hello - attended the mathematics preparation - please advise when I can attend the English preparation.


Tied every aspect and section together

- Aidan Taft -

I can't image having to write the NBTs without have doing this workshop, I would definitely recommend.

- Elmien Putter -

Absolutely fantastic! Great tips and tricks

- Katie Crichton-Stuart -

The workshop was very helpful in both teaching you how to answer in multiple choice as well as adjust your mindset to learn and see maths in a different way to normal school maths lessons.

- Mia Nunez -

Comprehensive and well presented workshop!

- Peet Pretorius -

Amazing ! I could not recommend more. It was also such nice revision !

- Thoraya Bonnin -

Very informative and organized! Learnt so much, thank you Trish

- Tristen Nimmo -

One word. Amazing. Learnt so many new EASY methods of solving tricky questions. Trish, you are the best, THANK YOU.

- Sayfullah Jumoorty -

My daughter Shriya thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. It certainly makes her feel more confident going into the NBTs.

- Samantha Perumal -

I enjoyed Mrs Pike's methods of teaching. She kept us engaged and worked at a good pace. It really was worth it to attend this course. Thank you so much AdvantageLearn!

- Keiasha Gounden -

Workshop was very helpful. Tutor was friendly and helpful

- Marianne Lazarus -

Very fast and struggled to keep up, however enjoyed the lessons

- Erin Dunford -

Well planned out & everything is made simpler. There’s great resources for you even after the course

- Aneme Khowa -

It was a really good course and I think it will become of value when preparing for NBT.

- Warren Freemantle -

I found this course helpful in preparing for the NBT and the live streaming worked well.

- Garth Freemantle -

It greatly helped me learn how to approach the MAT NBTs and taught me skills that I didn't previously possess. It also made me feel a lot more confident about the prospect of writing my NBTs! It truly was a brilliant workshop!

- Bianca Dos Santos -

Trish was great

- Christina Katakuzinos -

The workshop really helps in putting you in the mind set and way of thinking that is needed when tackling the test. I recommend doing it and learning as much as you can from it. NBTs offer a very different way of testing than we are used to. It’s worth it

- Lunani Gamede -

I found the course unbelievably helpful and I can honestly say I am now well prepared and confident for the test.

- Owen Botha -

That workshop was extremely helpful and gave me insight as to what to expect. The NBTs are a very different type of test and this course helped me prepare better for what's to come. I really enjoyed it!

- Anusha Singh -

Great interactive experience. Makes you even wonder why you needed a calculator in the first place!

- Philile Shelembe -

Very helpful and makes me feel more prepared and confident for the NBTs

- Kayuri Chetty -

The first session (Saturday) was very insightful however I felt that the the second session (Sunday) was very rushed also considering that this was a topic I'm struggling on. With any questions that needed to be answered, I ended up just guessing as I couldn't keep up.

- Michaela Van Der Berg -

Despite not being able to see her students during the livestream the teacher knew which specific sections we would struggle in which is indication of her experience and allowed us to trust her fully in preparing us.

- Maria Magagula -

I would recommend this course to all students. I am glad I decided to use this course to prepare for the nbt because of the in-depth live sessions.

- Dani Otto -

Very helpful and informative. Great notes and very friendly teacher who is kind, smart and helpful

- Rayde Kruger -

Very helpful and informative, thank you

- Scott Blackwell -


- Megan Meredith -

My son says the course was extremely beneficial and worthwhile

- Janine Feldman -

I really enjoyed the lessons, if we wanted to ask a question, the question would be answered immediately and the tricks given by the teacher was very helpful.

- Skyla Arendse -

Excellent tuition, many topics covered which we haven't even had covered by our teachers in school. Feel more prepared (and a little bit scared because now I know NBTs aren't as easy as they're made out to be.)

- Adrienne Addinall-Kokkas -

the course was very very good. The only complaint I have is that the maths went a little too quickly for my liking. Other than that, the course was great.

- Tatiana Vlahos -

It was a very organized and helpful course

- Ashlyn Maitin -

Very efficient service the learners gave positive feedback and say it has helped them to prepare for the exams. Thank you!

- Hettie Randall -

It was really helpful and interactive!

- Sayuri Naidoo -

Really worth it, gives you a new and quicker way of thinking

- Thejal Maharaj -

The workshop was excellent!

- Aied Alenezi -

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and found them highly beneficial.

- Jaime Altshuler -

Very helpful and informative. I particularly enjoyed the ‘shortcuts’ and ‘tricks’ presented in the video.

- Atiyah Asmal -

This was a very useful session! Lots of tips and techniques that will be necessary for the NBT tests. The Nearpod session was good to simulate a short testing situation. Emily was a good teacher.

- Santhani Rungan -

Well organized and great under the lockdown circumstances

- Shaheen Govender -

Love love love - highly recommended!

- Katelyn Coetzer -

The workshop was extremely helpful and taught me many new skills. It has also boosted my confidence and minimized my worries for the coming up NBT examination.

- Clara Lubbe -

Very professional and well run. Extremely easy to follow

- Kasthurba Maharaj -

This course was really helpful especially during this time. Without it I would not have been able to fully understand the topics I was covering.

- kesharv arjun -

Very good lesson using various techniques and thought processes to determine answers. Very good overall.

- Tegan Short -

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Johannesburg Combo Workshop | 20 & 21 April

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