Our Grade 12 Physical Science Mastery Workshop, timetabled in the 1st week of study leave for Matrics, is designed to help learners with their final preparations for their Physics and Chemistry Final Exams.

Covering both Physics and Chemistry and relevant to both the IEB and DBE syllabus, this workshop will focus on final exam level revision with an emphasis on the topics that learners normally struggle with. The goal is to get learners exam ready so that they can do their best.

Covered in this workshop is:
Day 1: Physics (Mechanics – Momentum and Impulse, Vertical Projectile Motion, Work, Energy and Power)
Day 2: Physics (Electricity and magnetism – Electric circuits, Electrodynamics, Electrostatics)
Day 3: Physics and Chemistry (Mechanics – Newtons Laws | Materials & Matter – Organic molecules)
Day 4: Chemistry (Materials & Matter – Rate and extent of reaction, Chemical equilibrium)
Day 5: Chemistry (Materials & Matter – Acids and Bases | Chemical change – Electrochemical reactions)

Purchase this workshop along with the Grade 12 Maths Top Up Mastery Workshop and receive a 25% discount on both workshops.

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Course Information

  • 14th October 2019 from 13:00-15:30
  • 15th October 2019 from 13:00-15:30
  • 16th October 2019 from 13:00-15:30
  • 17th October 2019 from 13:00-15:30
  • 18th October 2019 from 13:00-15:30

Arrive at least 15 minutes before the class begins

  • Bring water & refreshments to help you stay focused
  • Bring stationery, a notebook and a calculator

Notes and handouts covered in the workshop will be provided.
Chat with us or email us if you have any course queries (office hours Mon-Fri 08:30-16:30).

The Green Door

302 Cato Rd, Bulwer, Berea, Durban

Crispian Lees MSc

Degree Major: Chemical Engineering
Institution: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Graduated: 2013

Teaching experience

  • 2010-2012 AP Maths teacher at Thomas More College and Westville Boys High School.
  • 2014-2018 AdvantageLearn Science workshops.
  • 2012 Assistant lecturer (Chemical Engineering faculty at UKZN).
  • 2017 AP Maths teacher at Reddam House Umhlanga.


It was very informative and I feel ready for finals now

- Phoebe -

Best way to cover all Matric maths content! really well worth it! Thank you.

- Laurianne Steere -

This workshop was extremely beneficial and has equipped me with the skills needed to get my A in finals.

- Jacqui Biggs -

Trish you are incredible! You are so passionate about Maths and have definitely inspired me to be more committed to it by helping me step by step through the syllabus over one weekend! Thank you so much.

- Tracy-Lea Meyer -

It honestly was the best thing. I ended up having the worst trials time table resulting in having no time to study for maths until the night before (however I had already gone on my advantage learn course ) This was all I needed, I only had to to do was one past paper and just read through my notes in preparation for my exam. The courses are so extensive and well structured that everything you need to know and extension is covered - making maths really easy and enjoyable ! I have no idea what I would do without them. Furthermore having maths online is a huge help ( supplementary to the course ) because if there is anything I am slightly stuck or unsure of - it is quickly clear led up and sorted out with a quickly video.

- Gabriella Norval -

Very impressed with Advantage Learn...service was exceptional from dealing with Admin, to Mike in IT to the actual workshops which my daughter found extremely helpful!!!

- Hayley Craig -

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