We are of the belief that those learners who wish to excel in Mathematics should not be held back in their education but rather extended. It is with this in mind that Advantage Learn offers learners the opportunity to study Advanced Programme Mathematics as an extra-curricular course Online.

AP Maths is a 3-year program. It consists of 1st-year university level Maths, ensuring learners are well prepared for further studies.


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32 Weeks long

Termly assessments

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Advantage Learn has been teaching AP Maths for over a decade. Our head of curriculum, Trish Pike, has taught the subject for most of her career and has been involved in marking the IEB exams. All our educators work closely with Trish to provide the best education for this subject.

The Advantage Learn AP Maths course is without a doubt the best way to give you the edge and to help you master this important subject.

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Grade 10 AP Maths Online 2020


This course is the first year of a 3 year long programme where learners study AP Maths at their own pace.


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very helpful when you need any help at any time !


Learning with Advantage Learn was great - I loved being able to watch videos at my own pace, and rewatch the videos for topics that I didn't understand. I enjoyed being able to contact Fabian for help at any time.

- Loren Saint -

I Absolutely loved the courses and can’t wait for next year!

- Jason Harris -

The course was great! It was challenging but well explained. The tutors were very helpful and supportive.

- Nirvana Panday -

Very helpful, it helped with my core maths too

- Carin Van Staden -

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