Advantage Learn has been nominated for the PriceCheck Tech & E-commerce Awards!!

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We are thrilled to have been nominated for the PriceCheck Tech & E-commerce Awards this year! These awards are aimed at recognising outstanding South African businesses, organisations and individuals in the e-commerce and technology industries. We are nominated in the category of “Best Small Tech/E-commerce Business”. This award goes to the best online tech or e-commerce service that consists of a team of no more than 10 people or that generates no more than R2 million in annual revenue.


Since our first online purchase from a customer in 2015, we have been doing everything we can to make sure that we provide students, parents and schools with the easiest and most efficient way to start learning – the part that really matters! I have absolutely NO doubt in my mind that enabling an e-commerce solution to purchase courses has enabled us to reach far more students, much more quickly.

Reaching students is our absolute passion. To put it in perspective, just this year so far we have:

Taught ±1400 students at in person courses around South Africa

Received 5700 orders

Had 3700 students signing up for our NBT free quiz

E-commerce at its core should just be a means to an end, something as painless and quick as possible to enable you to get the product or service that you want. Here at Advantage Learn, our main focus is to enable learning. So, we needed a solution that allowed students to get learning as quickly as possible.

I am so proud of how far we have come as a team in such a short space of time with this goal. We only have 8 team members working on Advantage Learn full time, with a handful more working part-time for us. We do everything “in-house”, so every feature is personally rolled out by our team – 99% of the time directly due to requests YOU have given us!

If it weren’t for E-commerce, we would be spending a lot more time on invoicing, sales and banking, and a lot less time on learning and creating content put together in a way that makes sense to our customers. As I wrote about in our first birthday reflection post “Essentially, a student could go from being interested in a course to watching videos for that course in less than 15 minutes and having his or her name on the register for one of our much-coveted seats at an in-person course. The process our customers had to follow before this innovation was lengthy, we were dissatisfied with the solution we were providing and desperately wanted better for our customers, and ourselves.”

Thank you to you, our valued customers for your support and trust in us over the last few years. Everything we do, we do with you in mind and we’re excited to continue to serve you better.

Also, very special mention and thank you must be extended to our very special partners and their communities,  WordPress and WooCommerce. Our core is proudly run off open source and we are forever grateful to all the communities who built those brilliant solutions!

Other partners who also deserve special mention: – incredible, proudly South African Mzanzi managed WordPress hosting.

PayFast – who keep innovating in the South African online payments space making it easy for a small store to get started quickly and easily.

Brand Candy – our social media and marketing A team.

Standard Bank – for helping us by treating us with the respect of a big business even though we are not one.


If you’d like to hear more about our story, you can read through our About Us page.


This article was originally published on 17 Jul 2017

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