This article has been written by one of Advantage Learns students, Isabelle Pattenden. Isabelle has been using Maths Online to help prepare her for the exams.

You can start these habits long before your exams begin to ensure you are mentally and physically prepared.

Create a study planner

Although this has been told to students time and time again, creating study planners that show you the bigger picture of your week ahead are extremely useful. Make or find a template for the month and fill in all the activities you will be involved in for each day.

Have a spring clean

Seeing that spring is here, this is the perfect opportunity for you to clean your room, sort out your school files and books and create an enjoyable study zone. It may be difficult but try and get into the habit of keeping your room clean leading up to exams as this can make you more focused.

Go to bed earlier

Studies have shown that going to bed earlier and waking up earlier improve mood, focus and memorisation. In the few weeks leading up to exams, try to go to bed 30-60 minutes earlier than usual and create a new sleeping pattern.

Reduce your phone time

Social media has become a huge part of our generation and so can be a big distraction while we work. A way to start the ‘getting off your phone’ process is to set aside certain times during the day to go on it. You can also give your phone to your parents while you work.

Create a checklist

The subject checklist forces you to go through each subject you take and make a list of the sections and topics you need to learn. This ensures that you have a full break down of the content at hand and makes your study planning easier.

Eat the correct foods

Try get into the habit now of drinking more water and eating healthily. You can look up recipes for snacks or smoothies to make your meals more wholesome and nutritious. A healthy body means a healthy mind so ensure you make an effort to eat the right foods.

Exercise and exercise

Exercising regularly has also proven to improve energy levels and concentration. Although it may seem that going for a walk or run is wasting your study time, it will actually improve your memorisation levels later on. Set aside some time everyday to do an exercise of your choice – even if you are tired.

A little bit everyday

On your study planner, make sure you set aside time to learn something everyday for one or more subjects; this is particularly important for Maths and other practice subjects. That way, by the time Finals come, you won’t have as much content to learn.

Want more tips about what to do during the exams? Read Isabelle’s other blog on During Exams Tips.

This article was originally published on 03 Oct 2018

About the author
Isabelle Pattenden

Issie is in the class of 2018 at Durban Girls College where she is Deputy Head Girl of Administration. Issie has been using Advantage Learn's Maths Online product during her preparations for her final school year.

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