“Bloody amazing, I am normally an A candidate in school but this course let me get unimaginable marks! I got 84 for AL, 98 for QL, and 98 for Math in the NBT. I advise taking this course to anyone”

That is one of my favourite course reviews that I found while trawling through the 100’s of reviews of our NBT Preparation Online course.

Our first version of NBT Preparation Online has now been running since 2015 as the first NBT Preparation course of its kind in South Africa. Developed by the indomitable Trish Pike (one of the leading High School Maths educators in South Africa),  and enabled by some of the leading minds and developers in EdTech and online support, this course has now helped thousands of learners to achieve their best results in the increasingly important National Benchmark Tests.

Last week we hit an important milestone. On Monday the 3rd of June 2019 we released our upgraded version of our NBT Preparation Online course and on Wednesday the 5th we released our upgraded version of NBT AQL Preparation Online! These new versions are even better at preparing learners across the country for these important assessments.

To mark the release, I thought it apt to sit down and reflect on our first versions of NBT Preparation Online and NBT AQL Preparation Online. Here are a few notable stats:

  • NBT Preparation Online and NBT AQL Preparation Online have helped more than 2500 learners prepare for their NBT’s
  • NBT Preparation Online is rated 4.55 out 5 stars by our learners (138 independent reviews)
  • NBT AQL Preparation Online is rated 4.58 out of 5 stars by our learners (31 independent reviews)

The glowing reviews that we have received from learners who have used these preparation courses to enable their NBT success have been the fuel that keeps us striving to help our learners even more. A 4.55 star rated online preparation course, to us, means there is room for improvement and with that sentiment, we are proud to present our upgraded versions of NBT Preparation Online and NBT AQL Preparation Online.

So what’s new…

  • The MAT (Mathematics) and QL (Quantitative Literacy) lesson videos have been completely redeveloped and refilmed. New additional content has also been added to better prepare you in these areas.

This has meant that Trish has got back into the studio to produce better and even more learning videos for this course. While the total lesson video length in the full course has remained relatively unchanged from 26 hours to 28 hours, the number of video lessons has markedly increased from 142  video lessons to 222 video lessons. This is consistent with an enhancement we have made to our video lesson production where we aim to produce video lessons that are “as short as possible but as long as necessary”. Shorter lesson videos lead to higher learner engagement by helping to create positive psychology to learning that is driven by the incremental progress that shorter videos enable. Learners are encouraged by seeing their course completion % growing lesson by lesson!

  • The Advantage Learn NBT example question bank has doubled.

We love hearing feedback from our learners and we make sure we listen carefully when feedback is offered. One theme that was clear from the course feedback was that, while learner’s loved our teaching, they wanted more of an opportunity to practise. We heard you loud and clear and so, after launching additional AQL and MAT mock tests in 2018, we have now expanded our question bank even further by adding topic quizzes into every learning module of these courses. This has lead to a significant NBT example question bank of 400+ questions which are now all available within the upgraded course.

This content development has enabled an exciting new feature in both our NBT Preparation Online and NBT AQL Preparation Online courses called the NBT practise zone. This is a practice area within the course for only completing NBT type questions. This makes it easy for you to spend 10-30 minutes just practising questions from the course. These practice zones makes use of every question covered within the course (AQL and MAT or just AQL depending on course) in one convenient location and dynamically deliver randomised question combinations to keep you on your toes and learning.

  • We have improved our engagements with learners on the course and also with parents/sponsors.

We realised that to provide the highest quality online offering, we need to increase our learner and parent engagement to ensure that our learners are fully supported to derive the most benefit from our NBT Preparation online courses. With this in mind, learners and parents will now experience a higher level of engagement from our team when enrolling onto these courses. For learners, this includes better onboarding onto the online course with guidance on how to set up a helpful study plan and how best to navigate the course. For parents, this means helpful notifications and onboarding, like assisting you to find our Learner Following feature which empowers parents to track your learner’s progress through the course.

This additional support is over and above our existing Live Maths Support whereby we have a qualified team of Mathematicians on hand to help learners with any questions that may arise during the course of their online studying.

In closing…

As you can see above, our team has been hard at work adding significant value to our courses. We are so excited to have launched our upgraded versions of NBT Preparation Online and NBT AQL Preparation Online as we strive to offer the best online courses on the continent. We know that you are going to find these extremely beneficial as you aim to achieve your highest NBT result and give yourself the best chance of getting into your University and Degree of choice.

Happy Learning!

If you are a learner, parent or sponsor who purchased the NBT Preparation Online or NBT AQL Preparation Online course prior to this upgrade and would like to be transitioned onto the new version, you will be receiving an option to do so in the coming weeks. If you don’t receive this communication please reach out to us and we will happily help you to transition onto the upgraded course.

This article was originally published on 13 Jun 2019

About the author
Crispian Lees

Cris is our Head of Education at Advantage Learn. A chemical engineer by qualification, he is passionate about Maths and Science education and is a proud South African and Durbanite.

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