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Achieving maths excellence through our online courses

Unlocking learners’ potential in mathematics can only be done with the right educators, resources, and commitment from learners. Every learner is unique and requires a different learning environment. We enable you to pick from our tailored mathematics courses to find the right platform for you to achieve the highest rewards.

Maths Academy

Mathematics is one of the core subjects to open doors to a learner’s future career. Learners in this Academy are tested weekly and kept at the top of their game throughout the term. Designed by our Head of Academics, Trish Pike, learners receive weekly revision sheets that they complete by themselves and then a live-streamed lesson on a Friday with a spot test to push them to be at their best. These tests are unique in the way that they continuously revisit old topics to ensure learners stay at their best through spaced repetition and compound learning.

We recommend this for learners who:

  • Are in Grades 9 to 12
  • Take core mathematics
  • Want to get their best results in mathematics
  • Are available on Friday afternoons for the live sessions (Recordings of the lesson are posted afterwards for those who miss)

Advanced Programme Mathematics (AP Maths)

If a learner is excelling at mathematics in Grade 9 and wants to keep up their momentum, then AP Maths enables them to do so. Our AP Maths course begins in Grade 10 and ends in Grade 12 with the IEB AP Maths exam. However, the purpose of studying AP Maths is not for the IEB certificate. AP Maths opens doors into universities, particularly overseas, and bridges the gap between high school mathematics and first-year university, reducing the likelihood of a learner falling behind or failing first-year university.

We recommend this for learners who:

  • Are in Grade 10 – 12
  • Want to study at university and put their best foot forward to be accepted into their degree of choice
  • Achieve 70% or above in their mathematics tests
  • Want to extend themselves beyond the core mathematics syllabus

Maths Online

The first mathematics textbook was printed in 1478. Add technology and innovation to that and you get Maths Online. Maths Online is made up of a bank of mathematics video lessons, which cover all the mathematics content from Grade 8 to first-year university. Maths Online gives learners access to top educators in the country without them having to leave their homes. This makes it the perfect resource for any learner to use as an additional tuition resource, enabling learners to gain access to online tutors and work through mathematics content anytime, anywhere.

We recommend this for learners who:

  • Are committed to achieving the best results they can
  • Are in Grades 8 to first-year university
  • Want additional tutoring and practice questions
  • Want a cheaper alternative to a private tutor
  • Have access to an internet-enabled device