Our intrepid CEO, James Lees, has been chosen to visit Helsinki, Finland, on an Exposure Trip with En-novate and Investec.
James joins 16 other education entrepreneurs who leave tomorrow for the ten-day trip (read more about his trip here). The focus will be one of learning, networking and business growth, all within the education sector. Finland, well-known for its non-traditional approach to teaching, is also ranked as one of the best nations in the world for its education system.
We are all excruciatingly aware right now that South Africa is in urgent need of innovative education solutions. This trip comes at a particularly poignant time. We are so excited that James is going to be exposed to some well needed international education experience.
We pride ourselves in being South African education innovators, using some of the best online tech to provide additional education resources to students from grade 10 level upwards. James is hoping to bring back some advanced thinking and to glean new trends for the South African education sector. The learnings he gathers will be applied to the courses Advantage Learn already does, these courses have helped many South African school-leavers merge into the higher education space well-prepared.

James is going to be blogging regularly during his trip to share his thoughts and experiences. Follow along via his blog We will also be tweeting about his journey from @advantagelearn1 You can also follow the hashtag #SATreps on Facebook & Twitter.

Online learning and the technologies associated with it can increase educational productivity, this is a well-documented fact. We feel particularly passionate about capturing the invaluable resource of top-of-their-field educators and spreading their reach far wider than the classroom of a (probably elite) top private school. In our opinion, this is an integral aspect to transforming education in South Africa. The exploration of this model will be key during James’ time analysing the Finnish system. He hopes to be able to execute new strategies in the South African context that will really make a positive contribution to the South African education space. A core value of ours at Advantage Learn.

About the author
Caitlin Gevers

Managing Director of Advantage Learn from June 2016-December 2017. Caitlin is passionate about helping to build solutions that make the lives of South Africans better.

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