Position Summary

TitleIT Manager
Proposed monthly salaryR15’000-22’000 (depending on qualifications & experience)
Line managerTechnical Director 
Role descriptionResponsible for administrating and operating the solutions of Advantage Learn under direction from the Technical Director.
Office LocationGlenwood, Durban
Applications Close07 July 2019
Proposed start date:01 August 2019

Business Introduction

AdvantageLearn.com (initially  Advantage Maths) was founded in 2013. The business started as an AP Maths centre at Maris Stella, servicing a handful of students in the Durban Berea area. Today, AdvantageLearn.com services 1000s of students and parents across the country, offering a wide range of complementary & supplementary premium high school products (both online & in-person).

The team is currently made up of 16 full-time dynamic, motivated and hard-working individuals who are passionate about education, innovation and having a positive impact. In April 2019, the business joined one of Africa’s biggest incubators Raizcorp under their Partner Elite programme. This partnership is the start of Advantage Learn’s next journey – to become Africa’s premium online high school.  

Role introduction

The AdvantageLearn.com solution is one of the cornerstones of the business. It provides the business with a sales platform (eCommerce) as well as delivers many of the business products (eLearning). Both these tasks are made up of many integrated parts from many different areas of the business.

The solution is built and managed in-house by the Solutions team and is continuously evolving as the business grows and changes. Not only does it offer service to our customers (and visitors) on a daily basis, but it also serves our team in many day-to-day operations and tasks.

In addition to the primary solution (https://advantagelearn.com), the collective noun “solutions” refers to all the digital solutions that service the Advantage Learn team and its customers.

Up until now the management of the solutions has been taken on and shared by many different people and areas. However, capacity restrictions and increasing demands have necessitated the role of Solutions Manager.

Role Summary

The primary role of the IT Manager will be to take ownership of the day-to-day operations and processes relating directly to the digital solutions.

This would mean:

  • Supporting the other teams/divisions when they need something done relating to our digital solutions.
  • Making sure the solution related activities are efficient, effective and helpful.
  • Maintaining a strong feedback loop between the larger team and the Solutions team, ensuring that the solutions are always as effective as possible.

Some of the day-to-day operations would include:

  • Solution Release management assistance
  • Solution testing & gearing
  • Fielding & managing solution bugs, issues & feature requests
  • Representing the Solutions team at internal meetings where required
  • Product content population and management
  • Public content population (blog post) and management
  • Intercom.io communication QA
  • Survey QA
  • Learner enrollments
  • Learner insights
  • All learning content management (Imports) – paths, courses, lessons, modules, quizzes, questions)
  • Cohort (learner group) management
  • User management
  • Product content population and management
  • Front-end content population and management
  • Learning Product launch and management
  • Learning Product testing & QA

Roles & responsibilities:

Learning Content ManagementImporting and exporting learning content as required by the ProductCo team
Front-end content managementEditing and tweaking front-end (sales) content as per the SalesCo team requirements
Product content and meta-managementEditing and tweaking of products as per the SalesCo team requirements
Solution issue managementSolution issue management as required  by all teams
Solution effectiveness managementManaging internal and external feedback loops to ensure continuous improvement and effectiveness
Intercom QAIntercom (https://intercom.com) communication quality assessment in terms of attribute gearing, set-up & distribution
Solution User managementManagement of users on the solution(s)
Cohort managementManagement of cohorts on the solution(s)
Survey managementManagement of survey setup and distribution
Solution testing managerManagement of solution testing and sign-off
Solution release managerManagement of solution releases, working closely with the solution release leads
Solutions representativeA representative of SolutionCo at certain meetings and scrums etc. where it makes sense

Key requirements:

The ideal candidate should have the following:

  • Be very technically proficient and confident with modern technologies (using technologies, not coding)
  • Have a high attention to detail
  • Work well with other team members
  • Be process and efficiency driven
  • Enjoy fast-paced iteration and innovation
  • Focus on continuous improvement
  • Be eager to learn new things
  • Strong communication skills

Role opportunity

The solution is going through a massive change and maturation over the next 12-24 months as AdvantageLearn.com starts its journey towards an online high school. Being such a cornerstone of the business, the solution will require more and more management and resources as the business grows. This provides incredible personal and career growth opportunities.


You will be employed on a permanent contract, subject to a three-month probationary period. An offer of employment is dependent upon receipt of satisfactory references and personal interview.

Salary & benefits

You will be paid a competitive salary as well as agreed day-to-day work-related expenses; the exact salary depends upon your experience and will be discussed with you during the interview.

Work environment

The team works out of a small, comfortable office in the Durban Glenwood area. Many of our employees are able to work remotely (out-of-office/from home) a number of days/ week, depending on preference and work requirements.

Contact us

If you are interested in the position and would like to find out more, please send your CV and cover letter to chris@advantagelearn.com

This article was originally published on 18 Jun 2019

About the author
Chris Muller

As Director of Innovation & Technology and lead developer on AdvantageLearn.com, I'm the guy who panics the most when things go wrong with our site! Luckily this doesn't happen too often and I can spend most of my time tweaking and improving both AdvantageLearn.com and your learning experience with us :)

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