Mathematics at university.

This single subject has the ability to encapsulate all types of feelings that can range from moments of brilliance and fascination to complete frustration and hatred for this very subject. However, maths is simply essential to every type of degree that you might study, it has branches across biology, finance, geography, science and so many more. Having enjoyed mathematics whilst in high school I was excited to know that my degree in Bachelor of Accounting had a math module.

The module was called quantitative techniques and covered various statistical-based subjects such as binomial, hypergeometric and Poisson distributions; z-table distribution, t- distribution, hypothesis testing, time series analysis was also covered as well as counting methods (permutations and combinations). Unfortunately, the same joy I had for mathematics at school was not present in university. The main reason for this, I believe, is that at university, the way we were taught these mathematical topics was more of a procedural method rather than an understanding process. 

These procedural based methods of doing mathematics were not working for me and I was finding it difficult to apply myself in these modules. Having used Advantage Learn in school for mathematics as well as AP Mathematics, I started to use it for my modules at university. Advantage Learn had videos on most of the topics but the few topics that they didn’t have videos on I would ask for assistance from their online tutors, who reply in under 10 minutes and are willing to take out all the time you need to understand the topic.

Not only was I using Advantage Learn to help myself, but I was using it to help others.

My friend who is studying Actuarial Science does various calculus modules that involve a lot of applied mathematics. The topics for these modules range from all types of differentiating, integrating, sums to infinity, proofs, area and volume between curves and various other function-based topics. These topics are more advanced and differ from the maths that we see in high school. It required that we spend added time trying to get a deep understanding of topics in order to be able to apply our knowledge to solve various problems.

Advantage Learn’s lessons are available 24/7 and cover a variety of these topics and no matter the time of day you are just a few clicks away from being able to watch a video that will fully show you how to tackle various types of questions. Even with more advanced mathematical topics that Advantage Learn do not yet have videos on, you can still quickly message one of their online tutors who are always more than capable of tackling these problems as their tutors share a wide variety of mathematics degrees.

Advantage Learn was created by mathematicians who have an understanding of what is needed to have a full grasp of mathematical topics. They have now created  learning paths to assist university students in making mathematics easier and more accessible as well as providing a deeper level of understanding

This article was originally published on 10 Mar 2020

About the author
Yusuf Essop

Yusuf is currently studying for a Bachelor of Accounting. His passion for mathematics started in high school, at Reddam House Umhlanga. Yusuf started using Advantage Learn in 2017 whilst he was studying AP Maths at high school. He hopes that in the future, he can use his mathematical ability with his accounting degree to make advances in the business field.

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