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This article has been written by one of Advantage Learns students, Isabelle Pattenden. Isabelle has been using Maths Online to help prepare her for the exams.

Your exams have now begun and by focusing on these tips, they can save you from pulling all-nighters or being underprepared.

Keep your space tidy

On exam days, make sure you make your bed and clean your room. This may sound bizarre but having a clean space makes you feel more in control and refreshed. Get rid of clutter around you and only have the essentials near you before you begin studying.

Wear something comfy

When you are studying you should feel comfortable so wear a favourite hoodie or pair of tracksuit pants. Also have a shower and make sure you feel awake, energetic and ready to tackle the work.

Study in intervals

Depending on what study method you use, it has been shown that teenagers can only concentrate for 20-30 minutes at a time. It is, therefore, recommended that you learn for 20 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. By doing this, you can remember more in short bursts.

Water and snacks

It is so important that you stay hydrated during studying as your brain cannot function otherwise. Make flavoured water with fresh fruit and health platters of nuts and fruits. (Do not reach for the unhealthy chocolate or cold drink!)

Plan your day

On your bedside table, keep a notepad and every evening or morning, write down a detailed planner of what you will be doing that day. Include times, breaks and content to be covered. Make sure you put time aside to exercise as well.

Smells and music

Certain smells can trigger the brain to remember information, so by buying a candle or oils you can make your room smell nice and improve your memory! This is the same with classical or focus music. There are many study music albums online to help with this.

Say no to your phone

It can be very tempting to go on your phone when a message pops up or when you want to check Instagram. Rather turn off your phone, delete those apps and put it away in a cupboard. Believe me it will be beneficial in the long run!

Break time ideas

Some ideas could be to do some stretching, make some snacks for your next interval, go outside and get some fresh air or even meditate. Plan all these out so you have something to work towards.

Teach someone

Simply reading your notes is not going to allow you to remember or understand the information. Teach / study aloud and try explain a concept to your parents or siblings. By doing this you can potentially see where gaps are.

Get enough sleep

Pulling all nighters, even if you finish learning all the work, will not benefit you during the exam. Your brain can only function properly if you get sufficient sleep (8-10 hours).

Want more tips about what to do before exams? Read Isabelle’s other blog on Pre-Exams Prep.

This article was originally published on 03 Oct 2018

About the author
Isabelle Pattenden

Issie is in the class of 2018 at Durban Girls College where she is Deputy Head Girl of Administration. Issie has been using Advantage Learn's Maths Online product during her preparations for her final school year.

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