The results are in and it’s time for our annual analysis on how our Matric AP Maths class performed in the final IEB exam in 2018.

This is always an exciting time of year for us at Advantage Learn as the IEB Matric final exam represents the culmination of a 3 year programme (Grade 10 – 12) through which we have guided and journeyed with these learners with the primary aim of better preparing them for tertiary study and with the prize being that IEB AP Maths certificate that is viewed so favourably by universities and tertiary institutions at home, in South Africa, and abroad.

While we are still waiting on a couple of results from our Matric class of 2018, preliminary numbers indicate that 65 of our learners braved this challenging assessment. This is a strong showing by our Class of 2018 and an encouraging metric for us as it indicates sustained and significant impact in line with our mission to further the reach and accessibility of Advanced Programme Mathematics. We are big believers in the subject for its ability to extend learners and better prepare them for tertiary study where 1st year University Mathematics is one of the most failed subjects in Maths oriented degree programmes.

Another highlight for 2018 was the fact that our number of Matriculants who graduated through our AP Maths Online course tripled from 2017 to 2018 and it was also encouraging to see the mix of learners choosing the online learning approach. We had two post-Matric learners, learners from schools in the major Metro’s and then we had learners from more outlying areas such as Ladysmith and Schweizer-Reneke all who made use of our online course to prepare for the IEB final. Look out for a remarkable story coming up in the coming months relating to our 2018 matriculant from Ladysmith.

So how, then, did our learners do…

Our class of 2018 who wrote the final IEB exam achieved the following results:

  • 65 Advantage Learn learners wrote the final exam
  • They achieved an overall average of 63.48%
  • 13 learners achieved distinctions (>80%) in AP Maths
  • 44% of our learners achieved a mark of greater than 70%

We are really proud of the class of 2018 and these results. What’s more, we are very excited to announce that we achieved our recurring goal of beating the IEB countrywide average in Advanced Programme Mathematics for the 4th straight year. This is an important goal that we set for ourselves each year as the IEB average offers us a benchmark against which to measure our course quality and effectiveness,

2572 candidates wrote the final IEB exam in 2018 and the IEB average came out at 62.14%. Advantage Learn’s average is higher at 63.48%.

While the above represents a summary of our Class of 2018’s performance, we would like to extend our congratulations to each learner in this class for completing the AP Maths programme with us and facing the challenging IEB final exam head on. Pass or fail, we are proud of you for the fortitude and resilience that you have shown in sticking with this challenging subject. As we always say, positive participation in AP Maths is more important than the results that our learners achieve because our primary aim is to lay the foundation to setup our learners for success at University and beyond and this aim can be achieved regardless of results.

With this being said, we do want to celebrate our classes results and make special mention of our learners who remarkably achieved a distinction in AP Maths. In alphabetical order (on surname), these learners are:

Very well done on this amazing achievement.

Learners passing with a distinction

  • Khelan Bhana – Westville Boys High School
  • Tom Earle – Westville Boys High School
  • Kavidhen Kander – St Henry’s
  • Jared Lewis – Clifton
  • Nadya Meherjina – Westville Girls High School
  • Tinotenda Mudzingwa – Greenside High School
  • Ghyandra Darshan Naidoo – Westville Boys High School
  • Arushin Padayachee – Greenside High School
  • Yashik Ramlall – Westville Boys High School
  • Pranaam Reddy – Eden College
  • Jarrod Staples – Westville Boys High School
  • David Weber – Westville Boys High School
  • Arman Yetwaru – Westville Boys High School

In closing, I’d like to thank our partners at Westville Boys High School, Greenside High School, Maris Stella and St Henry’s for their support in making this all happen and then also recognize our fantastic teachers who always teach with such commitment to their classes.

I’d also like to recognize this pattern that these learners have started in their lives by rising to the challenge of Advanced Programme Mathematics and extending themselves. Well done to you all, this takes discipline, hardwork and commitment and a desire to step outside of one’s comfort zone to achieve growth. We encourage you to continue doing this beyond high school. Continuous learning and continuous personal growth coupled with hardwork and sound decisions make success inevitable.

We wish our class of 2018, everything of the best in their future endeavours!

This article was originally published on 09 Jan 2019

About the author
Crispian Lees

Cris is our Head of Education at Advantage Learn. A chemical engineer by qualification, he is passionate about Maths and Science education and is a proud South African and Durbanite.

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