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As we can see by the matric results, 2017 was a tough year for matric learners across South Africa. With this in mind, we are proud to say our AP Maths learners put in the hard yards over three years resulting in some very pleasing results. Class of AP Maths 2017, we are so proud of you! You did yourselves and us proud. Thank you for all the hard work.

AP Maths is tough, there is no doubt. Every learner that journeys on this programme will lay testament to this. Our learners walk the hard road for a future benefit which is commendable and we are so proud of each and every one of our class of 2017 who completed the programme, regardless of the results they got. Helping our learners successfully complete the programme is our primary goal but we do like good results and if our students have the aptitude to perform then our teachers and course push them to do so. Our class of 2017 consisted of 71 learners who wrote the IEB AP Maths exam in 2017 out of which we got 13 As and 11 Bs. Whoop!

Once again, we are proud of all our AP Maths learners, regardless of results, however, we do like to celebrate those learners who perform exceptionally against their peers. Here are our high achievers in 2017. Congratulations to the following learners who achieved A’s on the 2017  IEB Advanced programme mathematics exam:

Our AP Math’s 2017 top achievers

Riesh Bissessur

Tyler Buxton

Dylan Callaghan

Samantha Dijkman

Juwairiyyah Haffejee

Rorke Lilford

Jonathan Ross

Chloe Royston

Raees Khan

Ethan Kraus

Daiman Somerville

Simeon van der Merwe

Nathan Hsu

Special thanks to our partners

We are extremely grateful to all our partners who helped us deliver a comprehensive 3-year programme that prepared our learners. Special mention to our host schools:

Maris Stella
Greenside High School
Westville Boys High School

Thank you!

And to our educators

And to the dedicated educators who make this all possible from the teaching to the administration:

Trish Pike (Lead Maths educator – Advantage Learn)
Heather Collis (AP Maths educator – Advantage Learn)
Roxy Lewis (AP Maths educator – Advantage Learn)
Leslie Chain ( Academic Head – Westville Boys High School)
Gillian Meier-Mattern ( HOD: Mathematics – Maris Stella)
Vivienne Helfer ( HOD: Mathematics – Greenside High School)

You are all rock stars.

This article was originally published on 08 Jan 2018

About the author
James Lees

Some of you may already know that I am Managing Director of Advantage Learning Technologies, a company which proudly owns and runs specialises in providing specialised and innovative learning solutions to secondary education level learners.

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