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All the Independent Examination Board results are in and, at Advantage Learn, we have been just as excited as the Matrics to see how our learners did in their Advanced Programme Mathematics final exams. 

2344 learners across the country took up the challenge of the Advanced Programme Mathematics final and every single one of them should be congratulated for undertaking this challenging three-year program and seeing it through to the culminating exam. It is indeed a mark of perseverance, resilience, and determination! Well done!

Pass or fail, we have no doubt that the lessons learned through this subject, both mathematically and personally, will stand these learners in very good stead in the exciting chapter that lies ahead of them in the tertiary environment!

In 2019, we had a record number of Matrics studying Advanced Programme Mathematics through Advantage Learn! 100 learners who had enrolled in our AP Maths courses wrote the final IEB exam and, of these 100 learners, there were a notable number of post-matrics who prepared with us, which was encouraging to see. With our goal of furthering this critical program nationally, we are very proud to see that we are continuing to reach more learners with our AP Maths courses each year. This, I think, is our most notable achievement in relation to our Matric AP Maths class of 2019. We have always held the belief that genuine participation in AP Maths trumps performance as the benefits of the subject overflow into so many areas of our learner’s education.

From a performance perspective, our class of 2019 performed admirably. We achieved a 78% pass rate in AP Maths which compares handsomely against the countrywide IEB AP Maths pass rate of 67.36%

We’d like to extend notable mention and congratulations to those learners who achieved a distinction or an A (over 80%) in AP Maths in 2019. This is truly an exceptional achievement and something that you, your parents and your schools can be very proud of. In no particular order, congratulations to the following high achievers:

  • Holisha Chetty
  • Paulo Luca da Costa
  • Shaahid Ghoor
  • Chad Millard
  • Nawaal Nadvi
  • Jack Savage
  • Aidan van Rooyen
  • Laurence Walton
  • Jonas Land
  • Maryam Mahomed
  • Amy Randelhoff
  • Salmaan Suliman
  • Navin Ninan Philip
  • Matthew Pols

At the same time, I’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our committed teachers and school partners. Thank you for another successful year of Advanced Programme Mathematics.

Congratulations to our Class of 2019 for taking on the challenge of Advanced Programme Mathematics! Well done and everything of the best beyond High School!

Continue learning! Continue challenging yourselves and we would love it if you kept in touch!

Happy learning!

This article was originally published on 10 Jan 2020

About the author
Crispian Lees

Cris is our Head of Education at Advantage Learn. A chemical engineer by qualification, he is passionate about Maths and Science education and is a proud South African and Durbanite.

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