Advanced programme mathematics has the power to give you a significant lead in your mathematics both in high school and at a tertiary level. We hosted our very first AP maths informational webinar not too long ago. This webinar takes you on a journey through a brief history of the subject and delves into our AP maths programme

In our AP maths class of 2019, we saw some outstanding results come through from learners who have worked hard to excel in this challenging subject. On that note, we’re confident that our AP maths programme will be beneficial for learners looking to improve their results not just in AP maths, but also in their core mathematics subject matter.  

Listen to our recording of the webinar to catch up on some information you may have missed. 

AP Maths webinar 2020 hosted by James Lees, Emily Rivett-Carnac and Fabian Palmer

Use these webinar timestamps to get you to the information you need to know. 

00:00 – Introduction to webinar.
03:35 – What we (Advantage Learn) do.
04:30 – Topics to be covered in the webinar.
12:10 – What is AP maths?
13:35 – Why is AP maths beneficial?
18:30 – Who should consider taking AP maths?
20:10 – How does the AP Maths Online course work and what is included?
24:00 – Assessment rhythm
26:35 – Syllabus
29:25 – Coaching and guiding
32:14 – Important course dates for 2020
34:00 – Insights into online learning
36:50 – The final exam in grade 12
42:00 – What to expect in the course
45:10 – Cost of our programmes.
46:27 – How to register for AP Maths Online
46:50 – Frequently asked questions.
50:25 – Question and answer session?

If you have any questions that we didn’t cover, click on the orange speech bubble to the right of the screen and chat to our support team. Alternatively, have a look at our informational AP maths page

This article was originally published on 19 Feb 2020

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