For lots of Grade 12’s NBTs are finished and the Matric farewell dances are over and all captured on instagram as memories which will last forever. The focus has switched onto the final full-term of school. A school student’s entire education is a build-up to these exams and this is a huge milestone in your life. Our team here at Advantage Learn has walked this journey with many students over the years and we are here to help Matrics navigate their final term of mathematics studies. Below are the different options we have available.

1. Maths Online

Location: Online

If you have not signed up for this already then we have to ask you WHY NOT!? Maths online is your full grade 10-12 syllabus, available to you anytime, anywhere. Trish Pike (Advantage Learn’s founder and head of mathematics) still teaches students privately in Durban. She shows each of them how her lessons are exactly the same as what she has produced online in our Maths Online resource. If you want to gain access to an incredible educator during the last few months of your studies then sign up now! Furthermore, its only R199 per month with a free 14 day trial – you will struggle to find a Maths tutor for cheaper than R200 per hour! You can also cancel anytime, but we are certain you won’t be cancelling until your exams are over (and some students who are going to varsity will want to keep using it for the AP Maths in their first semester).

Ps: Did we mention that there are both Maths and physics past paper video solutions within Maths Online?

2. Grade 12 Maths Revision Sessions (Weekends July/Aug)

Location: Durban

We are hosting weekend revision sessions for Grade 12’s in Durban. They are already 75% sold out (meaning there are only 8-12 seats left in each session). These 3 hour sessions cover in-depth, topic-specific revision aimed at closing knowledge gaps and preparing you for your trial exams. If you are serious about getting the best marks possible then sign up to this revision course quickly before it sells out.

3. Grade 12 Maths Revision Paper 1 and 2 Workshop (Weekends October)

Location: Durban & Johannesburg

Many students like to have long revision sessions close to their exams (boys in particular!). These focussed and intense weekends focus on the higher order and more challenging exam-level questions to prepare you for your final exams. We are running this course twice in Durban and once in Johannesburg as the demand last year was so high. It is also worth noting that many students attended both our Revision sessions and our Paper 1 and 2 workshop and found them both incredibly beneficial. With the different timing of the courses being a factor (one before trials and one before finals), this is also largely because unique content is covered in both courses and the emphasis of the courses shift from closing knowledge gaps and tackling exam-level questions in the Revision Sessions to a focus on the more challenging exam-level questions in the Paper 1 and 2 workshops.

4. Grade 12 Maths Top Up Mastery Workshop (Midweek October)

Location: Durban

This is similar to the “Grade 12 Maths Revision Paper 1 and 2 Workshop” however there are four main differences.

  1. This course is longer and is run in the mornings during the week.
  2. It has been timetabled to coincide with the week of the Grade 12 study leave.
  3. Because it is a longer workshop, there will be more questions covered and some more time available for revision as well as exam-level questions.
  4. Fresh content is covered. All the notes and worked examples in this course are different to any other course.

Which of our October workshops should students attend

We have been asked this question a few times already so we want to help advise you about which workshops are best suited for you.

  • If you can focus for a long time and enjoy fast-paced learning then the Grade 12 Maths Revision Paper 1 and 2 Workshop is the right choice for you.
  • If you prefer a course spread out over 5 days, studying during the week and more revision, then the Grade 12 Maths Top Up Mastery Workshop is the right choice for you.
  • If you like both environments of learning and want to get the maximum practice in for your final exams then you can also attend both of these workshops as the questions covered in each course will be different.

All the best!

Whatever your method of preparing for your trials and finals, we wish you the greatest success in your exams this year. Happy learning.

This article was originally published on 23 Jul 2018

About the author
Adam Kinder

Online learning manager at I help manage our systems to provide the best online learning experience for our Students. Besides that I am a passionate Mathematician and enjoy solving students questions on our site.

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